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How to Download All 4 Videos in Easy Steps

Sunday 2022/08/28

The All 4 video-on-demand service provided by Channel Four Television Corporation is primarily free for viewers to use and is funded by advertising. In contrast to live streaming and the BBC iPlayer on-demand service, the service is accessible in both the UK and Ireland, and users in those nations are not required to have a TV license in order to access on-demand programming. On November 16, 2006, the service made its debut under the name 4oD. For "4 on Demand,"

In addition to short films, this service offers a variety of recent shows from Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, and 4Music. However, due to license limitations, some films and television programs cannot be shown.

Prior to that, users could access the service without registering, but starting at that point, they had to register for free. With the exception of live streaming, the service can be viewed under the name All 4+ without commercials as long as a monthly price is paid.

How to Download All 4 Videos in Easy Steps

There are mobile apps available, and the cable and IPTV versions can be viewed via their respective websites. The Internet version can be accessed via a set-top box and is also available online.

Channel 4 was the largest commercial UK broadcaster in the video on-demand market during the first half of 2011, with around 215 million long-form video views across all platforms where it was available. As a result, All 4 became the largest commercial UK broadcaster overall.

On March 30, 2015, 4oD was acquired by All 4 and rebranded as such. (It should be noted that references to "All 4" occuring before that date should be interpreted to include 4oD.)

On March 1, 2019, All 4 rebranded, which featured new designs for the website, app, and logo.

How to watch All 4 videos online

The service All 4 is the major destination for on-demand programs from Channel 4, E4, and More4. The archive now comprises thousands of hours of previously aired material, and the catch-up service is now available for thirty days.

As of April 2009, users of both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems with Adobe Flash Player installed could access the internet version in its entirety.

The "catch-up" service makes programming available for free for thirty days after a show's initial broadcast on Channel 4. As of 2011, Irish viewers were unable to access part of the content due to licensing restrictions, although they could view the great majority of the programs. Outside of the United Kingdom, Channel 4 and its sister channels are not available for live streaming.

On August 31, 2011, Channel 4 relaunched its 4oD service. My 4oD, which enables registered users to create playlists, schedule episodes, maintain a record of what they have watched, save their favorites in an one spot, and receive in-page alerts from Channel 4 once a new episode is ready for them to view, is at the center of the modifications. Other enhancements include a better full-page viewing experience and optimized site navigation while viewing the page.

Customers whose PCs are equipped with ad blocking software have been unable to watch movies on All 4 since 2014.

Where can I watch All 4 videos on TV

Blu-ray players and televisions

On March 22, 2013, an application for All 4 was made available through the Samsung Smart TV service.


On June 27, 2013, All 4 became accessible on Freesat as part of the second iteration of the Free Time guide. This guide gives the most recent seven days of programming that is integrated into the TV guide and allows users to access the All 4 archive through the on demand section. As of February 22nd, 2018, none of the four will be available via Freesat services.


On March 18, 2013, Sky's On Demand service received the channel "All 4" as a new addition.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media's cable television package includes all four channels. This platform makes programs available for seven days after it has been broadcast, and Virgin has a unique license to use the majority of the Channel 4 archive, which is included in the XL package at no additional cost. Virgin Media announced in 2007 that they planned to broadcast high definition programming through All 4, but no additional information has been made available as of 2012.


All 4 was one of the four services that were initially available when YouView was launched in July 2012. When it was launched, the All 4 app allowed users to resume watching recent shows and explore by most popular, genres, collections, and A-to-Z. The software, however, lacked a search function and had adverts that could not be bypassed. Because BT TV and TalkTalk Plus TV use YouView, it is also available to those two television providers' customers.

What kinds of programs can be saved on your computer?

Channel 4 has taken every effort to guarantee that users can download as much of their programming as possible. All four do not necessarily have the same rights for all of their programs, which is a big oversight. Some programs cannot be downloaded, but those that can are indicated by a symbol that resembles a download button.

How long will the programs be available for download after they have been released?

The bulk of downloadable programs will remain accessible for download for a period of thirty days after they have been broadcast.

How to download Channel 4 videos without any limits

As previously stated, some Channel 4 videos cannot be downloaded due to the appropriate restriction. Even videos that can be downloaded will have a 30-day expiration date. To answer this topic, I wholeheartedly propose BBFly Channel 4 downloader, a third-party downloader. All Channel 4 videos can be downloaded in high quality to your computer and then transferred to any of your devices in mp4 format.

BBFly Channel 4 downloader

How to download Channel 4 videos in easy steps

Step 1: Download BBFly Channel 4 downloader and click VIP Service in the left bar

Step 2: Choose Channel 4 logo from the VIP Service list

Step 3: Select the Channel 4 video you want to download and click Download Now.

After these several simple steps, your Channel 4 video will be downloaded automatically.


This post will teach you how to watch All 4 videos online, what applications can be saved on your computer, and how to download Channel 4 videos without restrictions.

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