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A Guide to Watch and Download Starz Movies

Thursday 2022/09/29

What Is Starz?

Just like Disney plus, Starz is an excellent over-the-top streaming platform that is available through its official website, app, and participating TV providers.

Starz features thousands of original movies and popular TV shows that can't be found on any other streaming service, such as Run the World and Power Book II: Ghost. Starz is also capable of streaming content in real-time, which is fantastic news for those who prefer to watch their favorite television shows in the first place.

You can simultaneously stream Starz on up to four different devices. This indicates that it is an exceptionally beneficial service for households with multiple members. You and your parents can view separate Starz movies on your respective electronic devices at the same time.

How Can I Log in to Starz?

You can log in to Starz through different channels and devices. And their login process may be slightly different.

If you want to log in to Starz with your computer, you should go to the website and click "log in" at the top of the page. Please type in your email address and set up a password. After then, you can log in to Starz and start your amazing streaming experience.

Log in to Starz

If you want to log in to Starz by its application on your smartphone, the steps are as followed:

First, launch the Starz app on your mobile device, and tap the "LOG IN" icon in the app's upper right corner.

Second, fill in the email address you used to sign up for the service and choose a password.

Third, log in with your YouTube, Hulu, cable, or satellite provider's credentials to access Starz. Just click "Log in With TV Provider," pick your provider, and enter your email and password.

Note: You can also choose "Sign in With Google" or "Sign in with Apple" if you created your account using those services.

Want to know how to download Starz movies and shows? Please keep reading.

Does Starz Have a Free Trial?

Many people want to know whether there is Starz free trial, and the answer is yes. Starz usually provides a 7-day free trial to new users.

To begin the process of registering for a Starz free trial or offer, select the "Register," "Start Free Trial," or "Claim Special Offer" button at the top right corner of the webpage. And then enter your login credentials. 

The subscription will be charged the agreed-upon price once the trial time ends. You won't find any free trials among the discounts and special deals. During the signup procedure, you will be informed if a Starz free trial is available.

In order to avoid being charged after your trial period expires, you can cancel your Starz free trial at any time. Of course, as long as your trial subscription is active, you can keep watching Starz shows and movies.

A Starz free trial can be terminated in the same way as a paid subscription is terminated, by going to the user's account settings and clicking on "Cancel Subscription” on My Subscription.

Starz free trial

Besides, you can also get Starz free trial through other streaming platforms thanks to the bundle benefits.

To begin with, members of Amazon Prime can watch Starz and other premium channels on Amazon Prime Video (for an additional monthly fee). A free week of Starz is available to Amazon Prime members through the Amazon Prime Channel. All of Starz's original series and movies are available throughout the trial period.

In addition to the free trial that is provided by Starz, FuboTV also provides a Starz free trial that lasts for seven days. During the time that you are using the free trial of FuboTV, you have access to all of the network and premium add-on channels that are currently available. This includes Starz.

That is to say, people who sign up for a free trial of FuboTV for a week will also be given a Starz free trial for the same amount of time. After the conclusion of the free trial period, you will be subject to a monthly fee of $65 unless you cancel your subscription to the program.

To sum up, you can choose the Starz free trial based on your viewing needs, and remember to cancel it if you do not want to use it anymore. And how to download Starz movies is answered in the following part.

How Can I Download Starz Movies and Shows?

Imagine when you feel bored on a bus and want to stream Starz movies, but an unstable signal makes the viewing experience terrible. Then you may think that it would be nice if I downloaded Starz movies. I had the same feelings as you. That is why I value BBFly Starz Downloader, which is a strong complementary to online streaming.

BBFly Starz Downloader makes me get rid of the inconvenience of Internet uncertainty with its awesome features:

Fast downloading speed. Unlike other downloaders, BBFly’s downloading speed is beyond your expectation. When you have stable Internet, a 2-hour movie can be downloaded in just 10 minutes. So, it is effortless to download Starz movies.

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One for all. BBFly Starz Downloader excels in downloading Starz movies. And it is beyond your expectations because you can use BBFly to download videos from more than 100 streaming platforms. Popular Netflix, Hulu, and Roku channels are all available.

How can I download Starz movies BBFly?In fact, the steps to download Starz with BBFly Starz Downloader are easy.

Step 1: Open BBFly Starz Downloaer

Step 2: Paste the URL of Starz into the search bar at the top of the home page

Step 3: Log in to your Starz account

Step 4: Choose the Starz video that you want to download and click the download button

Final Thought

This article mainly describes a practical streaming platform Starz. What you may be interested to know about Starz can be found in this article, such as how to log in to Starz, Starz free trial and download Starz movies and shows. After reading this article, you can boldly stream and watch Starz videos offline with BBFly Starz Downloader.

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