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no url extraction required! Download and save streaming+ live the easy way!

Friday 2022/08/05

There's been a lot of excitement lately about live streaming of events on streaming+! And we all think that if we could save the live streaming... because there are some inconveniences such as missing the live streaming or not being able to view the archive if it is a time-limited streaming.

What is Streaming+? Streaming+ is a ticket-based streaming service operated by e-plus. It is scheduled to deliver content in a variety of genres, including live music, stage performances, classical music, events, talk shows, and art exhibitions.

You often hear people say, "When saving or downloading live streaming, you need to extract the URL of the live streaming video in advance." You may often hear the phrase, "You need to extract the URL of the live video before you save and download it.

In this article, we will show you how to save streaming+ live by extracting the URL. We would like to recommend a download software that automatically extracts the URL with the latest technology.

What is live streaming in the first place?

First, it is important to know what a live streaming is.

Live streaming is a method of distributing video and audio in real time from online streaming services and other sources, similar to live TV or radio broadcasts.

Traditionally treated as a subclass of regular live events, large-scale events such as music concerts, product launches, plays, and school graduation and entrance ceremonies are now being replaced by audience-free live streaming events in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

As for live-streaming services, most of them were made in foreign countries, but recently, more and more Japanese companies have started to operate live-streaming services, creating an environment where Japanese people can enjoy live-streaming more and more.

Why do I need to extract the URL of e-plus streaming+ live?

I understand that URLs are required when downloading or saving videos, but what does it mean to extract the URL of a live streaming?

When downloading a regular video, you just use the URL where the video plays, but when saving an ePlus streaming+ live video, you need to extract the embedded m3u8 URL, not the URL of the live viewing screen. With that m3u8 URL, you can watch the live streaming or save it as a regular video.

Here are some tools and methods (detailed instructions) for extracting the URL of a live stream.

How to get the URL of e-plus streaming+ live streaming on your computer

Method 1: Use Video DownloadHelper

Install and add Video DownloadHelper to the browser you are using.

❷ While the streaming video is playing, click the "Video DownloadHelper" icon from the extensions at the top right of the screen.

❸ Once the ePlus streaming+ video is recognized by "Video DownloadHelper," click the button to the right of the format you wish to save.

❹ Finally, click "Copy URL" to extract the URL of the live streaming.


Method 2: Using the "F12" key

Besides adding extensions, you can also extract the m3u8 URL of the live stream by clicking the "F12" key. You can retrieve the m3u8 URL of the live streaming by pressing the "F12" key and searching for "m3u8" while playing a past streaming video or live streaming.

❶Press the "F12" key while an ePlus streaming+ live streaming or past streaming video is playing.

❷"Developer Tools" will appear, click "Network" at the top, and enter "m3u8" in the SEARCH field to search. The URL of the detected m3u8 will appear in the list.

(Note) If the search field does not appear, press the "F" key while holding down the "Ctrl" key.

❸Click the m3u8 url detected in the "name" field, and when "Headers" appears on the right screen, simply copy the m3u8 url (http://.... .m3u8).

Downloader that automatically extracts m3u8 URL: BBFly

'Unable to extract m3u8'

I'm looking up the URL of Idol's (JO1) online live show in HTML, but I can't find the m3u8. I would like to know how to extract m3u8."

Currently, BBFly downloader with new technology can automatically extract streaming+live URLs.

I see these questions on Yahoo Chiebukuro.

So there. I would like to recommend BBFly downloader which is equipped with new technology.

BBFly can extract streaming+live URLs automatically.

Features of BBFly downloader

  • Download function to easily save live streaming videos from SHOWROOM, MixChannel LIVE, streaming+, etc. for free; and
  • Change the resolution of live streaming videos in the settings;
  • Convert live streaming video to compatible video/audio formats such as MP4, WEBM, FLV, 3GP, M4A, MP3;
  • Built-in ability to record and save videos (live broadcasts can be scheduled and recorded); and
  • Download videos efficiently in a short time.

How to use: 1.

Step 1: Download BBFly Downloader from the official website and launch it.

Step 2: Access the official streaming+ website ( https://eplus.jp/sf/streamingplus) with BBFly Downloader's built-in browser.

Step 3: Log in to streaming+ and play your purchased live.

FYI: How to watch/participate in streaming+ streaming

1Access the viewing page

Access the viewing page with the device you wish to view! (You can use a device other than the one you applied for!)

The viewing page can be found at the following link.

○Information e-mail (after confirmation of payment/one day before the open day)


To access the viewing page from the application status inquiry, select the performance you have applied for from the list and click "View Viewing Details" on the details page.

2Log in

Please log in with the member ID and password you used when you applied.


3When the show starts, start the show!

Please note that the start of the show may be delayed.

You cannot watch from multiple devices, browsers, or tabs at the same time.


Step 4: BBFly downloader will automatically analyze the m3u8URL of the live show and save the live show just by clicking the "Download" button.