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Simple Ways on How to Screen Record on Mac

Friday 2022/07/15

Want to help a friend solve their Mac problem or need to help guide a new Mac user? You are in luck, as we have explained in detail how to screen record on mac article. With these simple steps, you can quickly become a master of the screen record on mac methods and issues.

Usually, taking a screenshot works best for you. You can even capture the whole screen with just a single click on Mac or install extensions for how to record video on Mac. Screenshots are easy to grasp but taking screenshots is not always the answer to your problem. 

When you are listing to something vital for you, and you intend to watch them later, making your screen recording presentation, or making a tutorial of some stuff on your Mac. So, you will need the screen record, but the important question arises about how to screen record on Mac.

Things to Keep Remember During Screen Record on Mac

Floating Thumbnail

You should enable showing floating thumbnails. This thumbnail will appear on the bottom corner of your screen record on Mac. You drag a photo of other media to appear Screen recording on Mac.

Mouse Clicks

During screen record on Mac, when you use a mouse to click or drag something, it will not appear during screen record on Mac. It will be invisible for the user to see where you click. So go to the options menu and enable the "showing mouse clicks." So, a little circle will appear on the screen when you click the during the screen record on Mac


Set the timer first; the default setting will not allow you to screen record for long videos when you want to know how to screen record on Mac. So, make sure you adjust the time according to your screen record on Mac

How to Screen Record on Mac Using Screenshot Toolbar?

If you are using an updated Mac OS, this method will work fine for how to screen record on Mac. In case your Mac is outdated, then you must update it first.

  1. When you intend to record for “how to record video on mac," hit Command + Shift + 5 on the keyboard to enable the screenshot toolbar.

How to Screen Record on Mac Using Screenshot Toolbar?

  1. When your toolbar pops up, At the bottom of your window, it will show you a bunch of options to recode your video on Mac and how to record on MacBook. 
  2. Two options will be your primary concern. At the bottom, an icon will appear with a screen video having circles on them. They will allow you to screen record on Mac.

How to Screen Record on Mac Using Screenshot Toolbar?

  1. Please select any of the 2 of them; One option is for screen recording the specific part on your Mac, and the other is for screen recording the entire display of your Mac.
  2. By default, a built-in microphone is enabled, but it doesn't record your built-in audio. You can allow it from the options menu.
  3. The default save screen record on Mac method will move your recording to the desktop when you finish your recording and wondering how to stop screen recording on Mac. If you want to change your saving file location, you can do that from the settings menu of the toolbar.

 Screen Record on Mac Using Quick Time Player

We will guide you on how to screen record on Mac for free using software. After going through this guide, you will understand how to screen record on a Mac with audio. This is important for any videos or music that you are enjoying at the time, all using free software.

Most devices have already installed a QuickTime player if you want to QuickTime screen recording with audio.

  1. Now open Quick player time. Once the quick time player pops up on your screen, you have to click twice on its logo OR double click on "Quick player time" on the player. Now open the tab "File" to enter the screen record on Mac.
  2. After opening the file, go to the new screen recording. This is precisely what most users do screen record on Mac. You can screen record on Mac if you can and as long as you have space on your Mac.
  3. Once you start the screen recording on the bottom of the screen, there will be different tabs for the customization of how you want to record the screen on Mac, and you can always know how to stop screen recording on Mac.
  4. For the best result, we recommend using the "Fullscreen" tab for the Mac screen recorder. 
  5. While screen recording on Mac, right-click on the screen to enable the option.
  6. After you enable options go to the timer to set how you want to record the screen on Mac and for how long.

How to Screen Record on Mac with Audio?

Screen record on Mac is not a complex task, but if you want to use built-in audio as well as screen record on Mac, sometimes it can be challenging because it can b hard to find the right tool for this, and most importantly, it should be compatible with your Mac.

Mac does not allow any ordinary app to access its library. So far, the quick-time player we found the best for you can be your screen record on Mac, and it is compactable with your Mac and will run smoothly. This is perfect for QuickTime screen recording with audio.

  1. Star Screen record on Mac using quick playing time.
  2. When your recording starts, go to the option by clicking right on the screen for the Mac screen recorder.
  3. Once you are in the options menu search, scroll to the microphone
  4. Select the built-in microphone
  5. This will start recording the audio from your Mac.

Using Third-Party App?

Although there are many different screen recording apps on Mac, we have sought fantastic applications for how to screen record on Mac for you without the risk of hacking your data. You don't even need to install that application because it is web-based built in-app.

It is a powersoft Screen Recorder. It is the best for screen record on Mac. The best part is they don't even charge you a penny for this when doing a mac screen recorder. The application is straightforward to use, has no fancy controls, and is easy to understand and use. 

Once you open this in your browser, they will guide you from scratch on how to screen record on Mac and how to save your recording with built-in audio. This will solve your query regarding how to screen record on Mac.

How to Screen Record on Mac

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Many Mac users have trouble recording their video, particularly when they also need to capture audio, especially how to screen record on Mac. We have shared a complete guide for the Mac screen recorder with you regarding all your problems and solutions. As you know, Mac is different from other laptops and computers, so new users of Mac might find it a little bit hard to follow above mention steps and methods.

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