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How to Download Videos from Hotstar in Easy Steps

Friday 2022/07/01

Hotstar was initially launched as a streaming service in India and quickly gained popularity there. Recently, the Walt Disney Company acquired it, and as a result, the name was changed to Disney+ Hotstar. Is it possible to download videos using the Hotstar app?

How to Download Videos from Hotstar in Easy Steps

Videos can be downloaded by subscribers for offline viewing, although there are restrictions on the number of videos that can be downloaded at one time. In addition, there are limitations placed on those who wish to download live feeds from Hotstar. According to Hotstar, users have the ability to download premium shows or movies five times. The videos that you download from Hotstar have a time limit of seven days from the time you download them, and another 48 hours from the time you start watching them.

Due to contracts or agreements made with the content owners, the download limitations are only applicable to a select number of episodes. Because users must use the in-app download feature, they cannot save videos from Hotstar to their personal computers or any other device. Because the download is saved on the Hotstar app, users are unable to share or watch content on other devices.

How do I download videos from Hotstar to my device?

You need to be connected to the internet in order to watch movies on Disney+ Hotstar. Even more WiFi or mobile data is utilized than necessary by it. If you watch your favorite show over and over again, you could quickly use up all of your mobile data. Downloading videos from Hotstar is hence an excellent choice to consider. This can make watching and rewatching your favorite movies or television episodes much more enjoyable without requiring the use of any data. How exactly does one go about downloading videos from Hotstar?

Official application for Hotstar

You can download content from Hotstar if you use the official app, although the app does have some restrictions. Only subscribers who have paid for the service are able to use the download-inbuilt capability. Only select episodes and movies are available for download so that they can be viewed offline. The content that you have downloaded is stored within the program itself, not on your smartphone.

As a result, you will not be able to move it to another device in order to watch it offline.

You are in luck since you can download content from Hotstar using a third-party downloader.

How do I use the BBFly Disney+ Downloader to download videos from Hotstar?

The BBFly Disney+ downloader is accessible for download from Hotstar without any restrictions based on geographic location. Using the BBFly software, users in any nation are able to download videos from the Hotstar platform.

BBFly Disney+ Downloader

Check out BBFly's website for more information. From the Product menu, select BBFly for Disney+ as your streaming choice.

  • You may get it for free as a download, and then install it on your computer.
  • Start the software, then go to the "Streaming Services" menu option.
  • Simply navigate to the Disney+ icon on your home screen, and then sign in to your account using the built-in browser.
  • Find the movies and television series that you wish to download so that you can watch them when you are not connected to the internet.
  • Start playing the content, then locate the icon labeled "Download." You will get a message that instructs you to personalize the audio tracks and subtitles after that.
  • When you select the icon button labeled "Download Now," the download will begin automatically.

How do I use the BBFly Hotstar Downloader to download videos from Hotstar?

The BBFly Hotstar Downloader is the finest alternative to consider using if you want to download videos from Hotstar in a good resolution. BBFly gives you the ability to download videos from Hotstar in 1080p at the highest resolution that is currently available, ensuring that you have the best possible viewing experience possible.

BBFly Hotstar Downloader

How do I save videos from Hotstar to my computer running Windows 10 or 11?

People will even utilize Disney+ Hotstar on their personal laptops or desktop computers so that they may view movies on a much larger screen. On Windows, you can make use of the internet download manager in order to download videos from Hotstar.

  • You may get a free copy of the Internet Download Manager (IDM) here.
  • Install it, then launch it.
  • In the area that asks about file types, type TS. The content on Hotstar is delivered in the TS file format.
  • Select the movies or television shows that you want to watch on Hotstar, and then download them.
  • When you watch a movie online, a prompt that says "Download this video" will appear periodically.
  • You can even choose a portion of the video to download and save to your computer.
  • The Internet Download Manager has the capability of downloading many movies all at once.

How do I save videos from Hotstar using the official app on my iPhone or iPad?

Premium customers to Hotstar have access to a feature that allows them to download an endless amount of content. Downloads are not available to those who sign up for the free membership level.

  • Get the Hotstar app from the App Store for your iOS device or the Play Store for your Android device.
  • The Hotstar app can be obtained by downloading, installing, and starting it up.
  • You can select your preferred movie or television show directly from within the application.
  • To watch the movie, select it. You will see a download button; to download videos from Hotstar, you will need to tap on that icon.

The content that you have downloaded will not be stored on your Android device or iPhone; rather, it will be saved within the Hotstar app itself. This prevents you from sharing the movie that you downloaded with anybody else or moving it to another device so that you can watch it offline. Utilizing a tool provided by a third-party online and saving it to your personal computer is the solution to this problem.


Downloads from Hotstar can be made for offline viewing with the official Hotstar app, however, only premium users have access to this feature. The built-in download tool has some restrictions attached to it. How do I save videos from Hotstar to my device? There are numerous additional methods available for downloading videos from the Hotstar platform. You can use online downloaders, downloaders provided by third parties, or the official Hotstar video downloaders in order to download videos utilizing the instructions that were provided above.

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