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Easy! How to download FANZA videos without DRM restrictions

Monday 2022/11/21

 When you think of FANZA, is it easy to imagine one of the largest adult video sites in Japan?

As is well known, FANZA comes with an official download function.

However, there are many people who may feel inconvenienced by the shortcomings of FANZA's download function.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the disadvantages of FANZA download function and how to download it without any disadvantages.

Disadvantages of the FANZA download function

Requires installation of a dedicated player

DMM Player v2 is a player that allows you to play videos downloaded from the DMM.com website on Windows, Mac, and other computers. installation of this player is required to play dunload videos purchased on FANZA. The player can be installed from the link at the bottom of the download button of the purchased video.

Note that the player will pop up automatically when you play a FANZA-purchased video for streaming playback, so you don't need to install it.

If the device changes, you need to download it again.

Whether you are using a smartphone or a computer, you will need to re-download the content if you change devices. For example, if you have two phones, phone A and B, and you download FANZA videos on phone A and log in to the same account on phone B, the FANZA videos will not be downloaded. However, in the case of FANZA, the same account can download to multiple devices, so in this case, it is OK to download the video to Smartphone B.

Limitations of FANZA video download function due to DRM

Major paid streaming services (video distribution services) in the world and Japan usually have DRM applied to downloaded files as long as they have an official download function. This means that once you download a video locally using the official download function, the video can only be played on authorized devices and within the authorized time frame, and it is useless to share that video with others.

The same is true for FANZA. There is an official paid download function, but it comes with DRM protection, so the downloaded video product cannot be watched from the moment the sale ends, or from the moment you leave FANZA, or if you move it to another computer, you will also need to authenticate it over the Internet for playback. Not only that, but many of the video products you purchase have a limit on the number of times they can be viewed or watched.

Break the limits! BBFly FANZA Downloader is extremely popular!

BBFly FANZA Downloader has become a very popular software not only in Japan, but also in more than 20 countries including USA, Germany, and Italy.

With BBFly FANZA Downloader, you can

  • No need to install a dedicated player
  • No need to re-download if you change devices
  • No limit to the number of times you can watch the purchased video products.

For a detailed introduction, click here: Everything you need to know about BBFly Downloader.

We'll quickly walk you through the process of downloading FANZA porn videos on BBFly.

Install BBFly FANZA Downloader

  1. Go to the following URL and install the software "BBfly FANZA Downloader" on your computer.

windows:free download

Mac:Free Download

  1. Click the button marked "Free Download" to download the installer.
  2. When the file "BBFly_downloader.exe" is downloaded, click on it to open it.
  3. When the installation screen appears, click "Quick Install" to start the installation.

Wait a few moments for the installation to complete.

FANZA Video Downloader: Start!

  1. Click on "Adult Services" on the left side of the "BBFly FANZA Downloader" operation screen.
  2. Click "FANZA" on the list of supported streaming services.

  1. When the FANZA top page appears, open the menu on the right side of the screen and select "Login" to log in to FANZA.
  2. Enter your e-mail address, ID, password, etc. as appropriate to log in.
  3. Once logged in, purchase the video content you wish to download.

  1. You will then automatically be presented with a screen where you can select the video content you wish to download.

Click "Downloading" on the left side of the operation screen, and you will see the video title you selected displayed.

When you have finished selecting the videos you want to download, click "Start All" to begin downloading (downloading).

Congratulations! That completes your FANZA video download!