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What is RaiPlay and How to Download RaiPlay Videos

Sunday 2022/07/17

The Italian national broadcaster RAI has been using the multimedia website known as RaiPlay since the 12th of September, 2016, when they discontinued the use of the television channel Rai.tv. If you wish to watch content that is available on demand on RaiPlay, you will first need to login to your account or register for free.

Access was initially required just for the application itself; however, starting on August 21, 2017, it has also been required while using the browser. Initially, access was required only for the application.

Profiles that RaiPlay maintains on the most major social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are updated often with new content and live streaming broadcasts. The website may also be viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones by utilizing a dedicated app that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, Google Play, or the App Store. This allows users to browse the website while on the go. It is the responsibility of Rai Pubblicità to manage the advertisements.

What is RaiPlay and How to Download RaiPlay Videos

What is RaiPlay

On September 12, 2016, Rai.tv was relaunched as RaiPlay, and while the update provided enhanced looks and functionality, it did not bring back the live streaming or radio material that had previously been available on the platform. RaiPlay was made available to owners of Smart TVs in December of 2016, and it has been available ever since.

Since the first of June in 2017, with the broadcasting of the second season of Non uccidere, all episodes of new seasons belonging to Rai series or purchased from other broadcasters have been made available online via the platform known as RaiPlay Anteprima. Non uccidere was the first episode of the second season to be made available online.

On the 30th of October, 2019, a substantial update was released, which made the app appear to be more equivalent to that of other providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. On November 5 of that same year, the website introduced its first original series, which was given the name Viva RaiPlay! and was made available to stream online. In addition, airings of this program continued on Rai 1 all the way up until November 8 of this year. On November 13th, it became accessible to users exclusively through the use of RaiPlay.

As long as your computer, tablet, smartphone, or smart TV is connected to the internet, you can use the free video streaming platform known as RaiPlay. This platform allows you to watch videos online.

Even if you haven't signed up for the service, you may still use RaiPlay to watch live broadcasts from any of the 14 Rai TV stations, in addition to "clip" and "extra" content that can be accessed whenever you choose.

If you sign up for RaiPlay, you'll get access to a huge library of on-demand content, including movies, documentaries, concerts, cartoons, and a wide variety of other shows and programs, including TV series, literature, films, and more. This catalog contains a large selection of different forms of media.

By using the TV Guide, you will therefore be in a position to review a wide variety of shows that have been shown on television by Rai networks throughout the course of the previous week.

What can you watch on RaiPlay

When linked in with your RaiPlay credentials, the homepage may feature breaking news or exclusive material, in addition to classified collections of programs that can be customised.

You can access the following sections through the sidebar, which can be accessed by clicking the corresponding button:

Guida TV (TV guide) / Replay, includes the list of stations and programs in chronological order that integrate the Replay function, allowing a previously broadcast program to be viewed again; Guida TV Dirette (Live TVs) is a website that allows users to view live broadcasts of Rai's television channels.

Programmi, also known as Shows, contains a list of programs ordered alphabetically and divided into sections Ultimi vissti, I miei preferiti, and Guarda dopo, which are accessible once a user has registered or logged in.

Direct Without Recording provides live access to fourteen Rai television channels, including Rai1, Rai2, Rai3, Rai4, Rai5, RaiNews24, RaiSport, RaiSport + HD, RaiMovie, RaiPremium, RaiYoyo, RaiGulp, RaiStoria, and RaiScuola.

To view live television, select TV Channels > Direct from the menu and then the desired channel.

Currently, only users connected from Italy can view live television. The lone exception is RaiNews24, which can be viewed from anywhere.

Catalog on Demand

Registering grants access to the RaiPlay archive. You can select titles to watch directly from the homepage or using the search lens.

TV Guide

By registering, you can utilize the TV Guide area to view a variety of titles that have aired in the past week and for which Rai holds the web rights.

Return to the TV Guide and locate the Network, the reference day and time, and the desired content.

The "replay" option is now unavailable for the RaiScuola, RaiNews24, and RaiSport channels. This implies that these shows may only be viewed on RaiPlay at the same time they air on television and cannot be rewatched in subsequent days.

How long do the RaiPlay titles last?

The content on RaiPlay is dependent on who has permission to use it online. These privileges are allocated as follows:

Vod Rights: titles discovered within the "Catalog" section. In this case, the titles remain in the RaiPlay catalog for an extended period of time.

Replay rights: Titles may be repeated between 7 and 14 days following their initial broadcast.

Simulcast Rights: Titles that can only be viewed on RaiPlay at the same time they are shown on television and cannot be viewed again within seven days.

Due to this, not all shows that have aired during the last week or in the past are available on RaiPlay.

What can I watch while I am not connected to the Internet?

A limited number of RaiPlay's content, such as novels, programs, documentaries, and series, can be downloaded to your device so that you can utilize it even when you're not online.

The downloaded content will be located in the "Download" section. You may reach there by going to "Other" and then "My list" or by selecting "More" and then "Download" at the bottom right of the screen.

We would like to remind you that the "Download" option is only visible on tablets and smartphones.

The content that has been downloaded and its duration.

Depending on the varied durations of the online rights, the downloaded content will be accessible offline for the same amount of time as it would be on RaiPlay.

Please be advised that content on RaiPlay is only accessible if Rai possesses the digital rights for on-demand distribution of that film. When a material is due to expire, the program sheet will indicate how many days remain for online or offline access.

If the downloaded content is no longer available on RaiPlay, "Expired" will appear in the "Download" area, and you will be unable to play it.

In the "Download" area, there are three options for permanently removing content from your device:

Move the downloaded video's thumbnail to the left and hit the "Delete" button.

Additionally, you can click "Manage" in the upper-right corner of the "Download" area, choose the title you wish to delete, and tap "Delete Selected/All."

Click the video's title, then click the three vertical dots to the right of the video and select "Delete download."

Certain titles can be re-downloaded every 30 days and played for 48 hours. This implies that once the content has been downloaded and the "Play" button has been pushed, you have 48 hours to watch it. After 48 hours, the content will become inaccessible and require re-downloading. By tapping the expired material, you can select whether to renew it ("Renew") or permanently delete it ("Delete") ("Delete").

How to download and store your films without a time limit

There is a method to retain your favorite RaiPlay films indefinitely and without expiration. BBFly's RaiPlay downloader fully satisfies your requirements. After downloading your preferred RaiPlay films to your computer, you are able to save them to any device. Consequently, you can view the film wherever you like.

What is RaiPlay and How to Download RaiPlay Videos

Download RaiPlay videos with BBFly RaiPlay downloader in 3 steps

Step 1: Download BBFly RaiPlay downloader and go to the home page.

What is RaiPlay and How to Download RaiPlay Videos

Step 2: Paste the video’s URL into the in-built engine at the top of the home page.

Step 3: Choose the M3U8 option and then click download.


In this post, you will learn what RaiPlay is, what you can watch and download from RaiPlay, how long these videos will live, and how to download and store your videos without a time limit.

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