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What is Twitch Prime and How to Download Live Streams?

Friday 2022/03/25

Do you like video games? Now you can enjoy the best of live broadcasts of your favorite games through twitch prime. And for those who still don't know what twitch prime is. It's a kind of paid Twitch subscription that allows you to get twitch prime rewards, prime loot, and more.

Twitch Prime, also known as Prime Gaming, is dedicated to the transmission of re-recorded or live video games. It is important to note that with this new paid alternative, users will be able to enjoy the twitch prime rewards and the numerous benefits that the platform offers.

You may be wondering how to get to Twitch Prime? It's simple. This service is part of the Amazon Prime family, so if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber you can enjoy Twitch Prime.

It is also integrated with Amazon Games, where you can access the Amazon Games store and buy games for your PC. With Twitch Prime you can also get free games through the Twitch Prime rewards and Twitch Prime loot programs.

Benefits of using Twitch Prime

Users who make their corresponding payment to opt for Twitch's paid option can count on some advantages that will enhance their experience as video game fans.

These benefits include Twitch Prime rewards, extra content, free games every month, content such as emoticons, badges, and colors to show off in Twitch chats; prime loot including weapons, skins, or premium coins; free subscription, extra storage, and much more.

To obtain all twitch prime rewards you must follow the steps below.

Step 1

Log in to the platform and sign in to Amazon Prime, for this step you can use the following link gaming.amazon.com , by logging in you can link your Twitch account with Amazon.

Step 2

When you log in you can see the prime rewards that you can get for free. From here you need to scroll down to the Prime Games section where you will see a button that says "request game", next to that button you will see important information about the offer. You will have until the deadline described there to get your video game for free.

Step 3

At the top, you will see the Twitch Prime loot category, where you can get more games and starter packs. To enter the prime loot you must click on "more info", there you will see the different prime rewards available.

Step 4

Once there, you can press the "request now" button and enjoy the prime loot twitch available for the date of your login in the rewards section. Once you have completed these simple steps, you will have to download the Amazon Games app, where you must log in with your Amazon data and you will be able to access the games and the prime loot you got on Twitch Prime.

Learn more about Twitch Prime

Now you know what twitch prime is and how to get to twitch prime. It is important to know that users who want to get the advantages described above must pay an extra fee. The platform will reward you for this by offering you free games and extra storage.

So, how much storage time can you get? Generally, the website allows you 14 days to store videos of your favorite games. With twitch prime, you can have 60 days of storage time. After that time you will no longer have those recordings.

Enjoy your favorite video recordings wherever you are without an internet connection.

If your desire is to treasure your video games for longer and without a deadline to be deleted. Our recommendation is to visit the best video download sites available. You will be able to enjoy your favorite content from anywhere, at any time, and without an internet connection.

Twitch Prime is an Amazon Prime service that allows you to watch video games and get benefits such as rewards, extra games, and prime loot. To access the free video games you must download the Amazon Games app and if you want to have unlimited storage of Twitch Prime content, you can use alternative tools to download the live streams.

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We hope this information has been really useful for you and has clarified some of your doubts. If you want other topics similar to this one. Maybe this might interest you. You might be interested in How to download Netflix videos.