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How to Download SonyLiv Videos Without Many Efforts

Monday 2022/09/19

If you are a fan of sports shows and Indian movies, then you must not miss the amazing streaming platform SonyLiv. After reading this article, you will know how to watch videos with SonyLiv and download SonyLiv videos easily. First, let's take a look at the basic information about SonyLiv.

What Is SonyLiv?

SonyLiv is the first streaming platform in India, and since its launch in 2013, the company has experienced tremendous expansion and accomplished remarkable success. And the coverage of SonyLiv is growing across the country. At the same time, during the past few years, SonyLiv has put plenty of effort into the production of its original content, which has resulted in an enhanced experience for users.


SonyLiv provides users with access to a vast library of video content, including a variety of popular tv shows, series, and films. And recent releases from Hollywood are also available to users.

One important factor that differentiates SonyLiv from other streaming media is the fact that it offers professional and diversified sports films, with the majority of its material focusing on football, cricket, and WWE. It is expected that a large number of people would use it to watch significant sports either live or televised.

Therefore, SonyLiv is one of the best Indian streaming platforms that you can trust.

How Can I Watch SonyLiv Videos?

If you want to watch SonyLiv Videos, the first thing you should know is that downloading SonyLiv is free, as are some of its videos. But if you want to watch all of its content, you have to pay for a subscription.

If you are an Apple mobile phone user, search for its name directly in the App Store, and the software page will appear, click to download. Android users can go to Google Play to download in the same way.

SonyLiv has two subscription tiers available: One is mobile only at 599 rupees for 12 months. The other is LIV Premium at 999 for a year.

SonyLiv Price

As the name suggests, the biggest feature of Mobile Only is that it only supports use on mobile phones. If you don't often use a computer or TV to watch SonyLiv videos, then this subscription plan is more suitable for you because you can use a relatively cheap price, which is just Rs 599 for a year, to watch the exclusive content as many as possible.

Monthly subscriptions to SonyLiv Premium cost Rs 299, while 6-month and annual subscriptions cost Rs 699 and Rs 999, respectively.

If you become a paying member of Songliv, you'll get access to features like a library of great films and coverage of major sports events. There is a slight distinction between the three plans: a monthly SonyLiv Premium subscription only supports one device, whereas a six-month or yearly membership plan allows for the support of two devices.

It is recommended that you decide whether to purchase a membership and which type of membership to purchase after evaluating your video needs.

The good news is that even if you are not in India, you can watch Songliv content and download Songliv videos in other countries or regions. The downside is that the content may be somewhat delayed compared to viewing it in India, which is understandable.

You might ask if SonyLiv has a free trial. The answer to your question is yes! But it is worth noting that this kind of free trial is typically provided in collaboration with its partners, and it is primarily directed toward the local market in India. For instance, if you use Paytm, you can receive Sony LIV for free for a period of six months.

When it comes to device compatibility, SonyLiv works with a wide range of gadgets, including iOS devices, Android systems, Sony smart TVs, and many browsers like Microsoft Edge. Basically, your smartphone or other devices can use the SonyLiv platform. So you do not have to worry that you cannot watch or download SonyLiv videos.

How Can I Download SonyLiv Videos Without Many Efforts?

After applying for an account and purchasing a membership, you can easily watch videos with an internet connection. But the problem is that sometimes the network signal is unstable, and it is easy to freeze when playing videos online. Or when you want to watch on the subway without WIFI, you are worried about spending too much data and choose to give up.

If you have this concern, you might ask: how can I download SonyLiv videos in easy steps? BBFly SonyLiv Downloader can be the most efficient and reliable choice for you, which provides a one-stop service and high-speed downloading.

BBFly Downloader

The advantages of using BBFly SonyLiv Downloader to download SonyLiv videos are as follows:

To begin, BBFly SonyLiv Downloader features a rapid download speed, which will enhance the quality of your whole downloading experience. A movie that is two hours long can be downloaded in roughly ten minutes if your WIFI speed is fast enough. After that, you are free to see it whenever suits your schedule.

In addition, BBFly SonyLiv Downloader can assist you in downloading videos in bunches, which not only saves you time but possibly your traffic costs.

Second, the video that you download will maintain its clarity and be capable of playing in high definition at 1080p. BBFly is committed to keeping the high definition during the downloading process in contrast to other downloaders, which reduce the picture quality in exchange for a faster download speed. This enables viewers to become completely immersed in the video they are watching.

Third, because BBFly SonyLiv Downloader offers a wide variety of audio tracks for you to select from, like EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, and AAC 2.0, the sound quality will be superior to that of any other option. You will no longer have to put up with the muddy sound quality that is characteristic of downloaders of lower grades. The audio and video experience provided by BBFly is among the best thanks to its high quality.

The compatibility of the BBFly SonyLiv Downloader is extremely robust, which brings us to our last point. This is evidenced by the fact that BBFly is possible to download SonyLiv videos in a short amount of time using an Android phone, a computer made by Apple, or regardless of whatever device you are using. There will not be the tiniest possibility of a device thanks to the advanced technology of SonyLiv.

4 simple steps to download SonyLiv videos with BBFly:

Step 1: Install and open your BBFly SonyLiv Downloader

Step 2: Click “Sign in” so as to get access to BBFly SonyLiv Downloader

Step 3: Go to the website of SonyLiv and copy the URL of a SonyLiv video that you want to download

Step 4: Paste the URL into the BBFly’s search bar and select the download button

Note: the actual speed of downloading SonyLiv videos may differ from different Internet connections.


SonyLiv is a streaming media platform with rich resources for the Indian market, this article mainly introduces how to watch and download its SonyLiv. With BBFly, you can easily download the SonyLiv videos you want to watch. Allows you to watch your favorite movies or sports even without the Internet!

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