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What is PlayOn Pluto TV? How to Fix Recording Errors

Wednesday 2022/09/14

Pluto Tv is a free but ad-supported streaming service. It is fun to watch Pluto tv across different platforms, but it does not allow saving the videos.


Playon and Pluto tv are two platform that come together to offer endless streaming of shows and save them to watch later. However, if you experience playon Pluto tv freezing, crashing, blank screen, or other issues, no need to worry! Pluto tv playon issues can be resolved easily without professional assistance.

It is often claimed that Pluto tv only sound works on playon desktop, but it is not true. Playon tv Pluto is for all devices.

How to Record Pluto TV Videos with Playon?

Pluto Tv is a famous streaming service offering great features for all users. It is said that Pluto tv only sound works on playon desktop, but it is not true. Unfortunately, recording and downloading did makeup up the list of its features.

Pluto Tv does not allow you to record video as it lacks Cloud DVR options. Here comes Playon in hand. It is a highly functional and pioneer of all cloud DVRs. Playon and Pluto tv lets the user record and download videos with a few clicks.

1. Record Pluto with the PlayOn Cloud Mobile DVR App

This application is compatible with all iOS and Android mobiles. Follow these simple steps to initiate recording.


  1. Download the Playon Cloud application on your device through the play store. Create a free account and start the free trial. It facilitates the user with free first 5 recordings.
  2. Find your favorite streaming show or movie you want to download.
  3. Once you have found it, click the title and hit the record button.
  4. Playon Pluto tv records the videos in real-time. Once the video is recorded, it will be available in the Recording tab. You can download it on any device, including a desktop, as Pluto tv only sound works on playon desktop.

2. Download Free Pluto Tv Movies and Show with PlayOn Desktop

It is said that Pluto tv only sound works on playon desktop. It is because it is one of the few streaming services available for desktops. Follow these simple steps to download playon Pluto tv videos.

  1. Download the Playon desktop version. Complete the installation by following the instruction, and you will be ready to record streaming videos in a few seconds.
  2. Find your favorite show from the navigation bar.
  3. Once you have found your favorite show, hit the Recording button.
  4. Once the video recording has been completed, the video will automatically be downloaded to your device. Now you watch a high-quality video anytime without the internet.

Playon Pluto tv is Not Working?

Playon and Pluto tv are seamless services that do not bother the user or operator, but sometimes technical issues and other Pluto tv PlayOn issues can result in crashing and distortion.

pluto tv

Here are some common reasons why your playon tv Pluto does not work properly.

  1. The Playon needs an update.
  2. Due to too much cache, the Roku needs to be reset.
  3. The Pluto service is facing some bugs or technical issues.
  4. The playon needs to have an update run manually or to have its memory expanded.
  5. Either the internet connection is drastically low or connects on multiple devices, causing unstable speed.

How to Fix When Playon Pluto TV Not Working?

When the playon tv Pluto stops working on mobile and causes troubleshooting; many people think it is because Pluto tv only sound works on playon desktop. It is not true! Many other reasons can cause Pluto tv playon issues.

If you are facing playon Pluto tv troubleshooting, there can be many reasons behind it. To help you get out of this chaos, here we have listed solutions to some common PlayOn and Pluto TV issues.

1. Create New Account

The best solution to every technical problem is to restart it. Even after applying this method, the troubleshooting does not resolve. Maybe malfunctioning is associated with errors within your Pluto TV account. Follow these steps to make a new account:

  1. Navigate to the official website of Pluto TV and tap on Sign up.
  2. Once the page is loaded, add new credentials to the account and activate it by confirming through email.
  3. Once the account has been activated, go to Pluto Tv from the PlayOn application. Click on the sign-out button and wait for the login screen.
  4. Add your new username and password to log in.

2. Reinstall Pluto TV

Sometimes due to viruses and bugs, Pluto tv only sound works on playon desktop, and even sometimes, it gives on the desktop. In this situation, reinstallation is the best solution. If there is data corrupted, especially in the Pluto TV application. Then it can behave weirdly or may not work at all.

  1. If you are unfamiliar with reinstalling an application, follow these simple steps.
  2. Navigate to the storage section of your PlayOn by pressing the options button.
  3. Then find Pluto TV.
  4. Click the Uninstall button to delete it and wait for several seconds.
  5. Go to the PlayOn store and download Pluto Tv again.

Once the downloading is completed, simply re-enter your account credential and check if the issue has been resolved. If your show is not downloading again, try different shows to ensure the issue is resolved for still causing errors.

3. Turn Off VPN

Sometimes VPN and location alerting applications cause issues regarding PlayOn Pluto tv downloading. So, check for any VPN or other server interrupting services. Turn them OFF and try again.

Playon Alternative: BBFly Pluto tv Downloader

PlayOn Pluto tv is an effective service offering a wide range of benefits. However, there is one aspect that it often lags, and it is recording. Sometimes, it cancels the recording entirely and causes troubleshooting. In this case, you need a third-party video downloader to resolve the issue.

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BBFly video downloader is designed for beginners and professionals because it has an interactive and intuitive interface. You can download HD quality Pluto TV shows. Regarding quality, it is hard to beat BBFly, because it supports the MP4 format with up to 4K resolution.

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It is helpful for Pluto Tv, but it is also functional for Netflix and Tvision if you know how to activate Tvision and Netflix.com tv8 code.


PlayOn is one of the oldest cloud DVRs but has been updated constantly. It is functional but sometimes causes issues. Playon and Pluto tv are two services that come together to offer an outstanding user experience. Some people claims that Pluto tv only sound works on playon desktop, it is not true! PlayOn Pluto TV works seamlessly on mobiles as well.

However, PlayOn Pluto TV troubleshooting makes it a hectic platform. Therefore, it is time to switch to new video downloaders such as BBFly Pluto Downloader. It is an efficient downloader that downloads the video in a matter of seconds.