Learn Why Is Your Netflix Not Working On Roku And How To Fix It

Thursday 2022/08/25

Everyone loves watching their favorite shows on Netflix after an exhausting day or week. Sometimes, you face uncertain Netflix issues on Roku TVs. At that time, you might wonder why is Netflix not working on my Roku TV or what are the other common Roku Netflix issues.

We have your back and compiled everything you need to know if you see Netflix not working on Roku TV. We'll discuss the Netflix Roku issues, why they occur, and how we can fix them. You can use these easy ways to fix your Roku Netflix issues.

Learn Why Is Your Netflix Not Working On Roku And How To Fix It

What is Netflix Not Working On Roku?

Netflix is the most popular streaming site worldwide for watching movies and shows. Most students are subscribers of Netflix. Users expect Netflix to be a perfect site and wonder why Netflix is not working on my Roku TV upon facing a minor issue. Though it provides thrilling shows from every region, it might sometimes pop up with Netflix Roku problems resulting in Netflix not working on Roku TV.

If you see problems with Netflix on Roku TV, it can be a black screen, a named error, glitching in the screen, or slow loading. Some of the common Netflix Roku problems are:

  • Your screen is frozen on the Netflix logo.
  • The app isn't responding when you are clicking the icon.
  • You see a black screen only when you open Netflix.

Don't worry if you face any of the above-mentioned Netflix issues on Roku; we've got here some easy ways to deal with your Netflix not working on Roku devices.

Why is Netflix Not Working On My Roku TV?

Before hopping toward the solution to the problem, we must analyze the issue and know its cause. If you see your Netflix not working on Roku TV, there can be several causes, and the most common of them are:

  • There can be connectivity issues causing Netflix on Roku not working. Your Roku device might have lost its connection with your TV.
  • The poor internet connection might cause your Netflix not to work on Roku TV.
  • If you're clear with your Roku device, there can be a problem with the service of Netflix itself.
  • It is possible that your Roku TV remote is not functioning well, causing Roku TV Netflix not to work.

After knowing the cause, we can now easily move toward the tips and tricks to solve these issues.

Why is Netflix Not Working On My Roku TV?

How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Roku? 6 Easy Ways

Your Roku Netflix not working can irritate you and ruin your favorite show time. To quickly cope with minor Netflix issues on Roku on your own, we've gathered some of the applicable fixes. Stick to us for a few minutes and learn how you can fix Netflix not working on Roku.

Ensure Your Roku TV Connection:

Make sure that your Roku device is perfectly connected to your TV. Try to double-check the connection by launching another streaming service. If the same issue pops up with the other streaming service, your Roku device is causing Netflix to not work on Roku. If the service is functioning normally, it means that the Netflix app itself is causing Netflix not to work on Roku TV.

Replace Your Power Cable:

If you see Netflix on Roku not working, try to unplug your TV. Wait for a few minutes, and then replug your device again. You need to replace your power cable if it still doesn't work. It is possible that the cable or port might be outdated or has a default in it. Getting a new power port and cable will sort out the issue.

Confirm Your Internet Connection:

Netflix might not be working properly due to the poor internet connection. Check out your modem or router's Wi-Fi connection and ensure the service is available. To sort out such a Netflix issue on Roku, you can disconnect your router, disconnect your device, wait for a few minutes and then connect your router again with your Roku TV.

Try the New Update Of the Roku App:

It might be possible that your Roku App is outdated, and the new version has updated features. Get your Roku App updated and use the advanced features available. This issue will pop up if you try to use Netflix through your Roku App on your mobile phone. You can get the new update on your mobile device, whether Android or iOS. If you face the same Netflix Roku issues, you should uninstall your Roku app. Please wait a few minutes after deleting the app and then reinstall it on your mobile.

Double-check the Roku TV Remote:

If you have issues like your Netflix not working on Roku, the Roku remote might be the culprit. You must reset the remote and ensure it is paired with your Roku TV. You can unpair the device, wait for a few minutes, and then pair it again after resetting. Moreover, if the Roku remote fails to work, you can also launch Netflix with your Roku app.

Restart Your Roku Device:

After trying all the above-mentioned fixes, you can finally come to restart your Roku device completely. It requires you to reset your Roku TV and will eradicate all the previous settings of your device. You have to restart your Roku device and add all the channels again. Along with adding channels, you have to remake all the custom settings of your Roku device.

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If you love watching movies and spend much of your leisure time on Netflix, you must know the most common Netflix Roku issues. You should know how to fix such issues on your own if you see your Netflix not working on Roku. Moreover, you can download videos offline from Netflix using BBFly Netflix Downloader easily. By downloading the movies, you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere without worrying about the internet connection.

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