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What Is Kodi Firestick and How To Install It On Your Fire TV Stick?

Tuesday 2022/08/30

The great success in technology has led to a world of unlimited entertainment. Kodi firestick has also emerged as a famous software offering multimedia services. Kodi can play your favorite files on any TV device you like through a firestick. It also offers some streaming channels in the form of add-ons. All this is possible when you know the compatibility of Kodi for firesticks.

"How to install Kodi on firestick" and "how to download Kodi on firestick" remain the greatest concerns for new users. But worry not because only one reading of the following context will teach you all the steps of downloading and installing your Kodi for firesticks in minutes!

What Is Kodi Firestick?

Kodi may look exhausting to some beginners, but it is very easy to use once you know its features. It is more like a multimedia player but with additional options.

Kodi firestick is a media player that can organize your files scattered throughout your device on one platform. You can play your personal Movies, TV shows, pictures, and even audio with a Kodi firestick.

XBMC launched Kodi in 2002; back then, it was only available for Xbox. But now, its compatibility has reached a higher level, including OS platforms, Android, Apple devices, Amazon Firestick, Windows mobiles, and many more.

What Does Kodi Firestick Have to Offer?

Kodi is now famous as an online media player because it has broadened its horizon and included the option of add-ons. This option lets you stream some online channels through Kodi firestick. You can stream many documentaries, sports channels, live TV, and news for free.


How to Get Kodi Working on Your Device?

Kodi is officially supported on many devices. The list includes Amazon Firestick and Fire TV, Windows, Android phones and tablets, Mac OS, iOS, and various smart TVs.

Most users prefer Kodi for Firesticks because you can also use a firestick on your regular TV. Kodi firestick surely has many benefits but installing Kodi on firestick seems a headache to some people. You can consider yourself equipped to enjoy all the perks of Kodi firestick once you get to know how to install Kodi on firestick and other major firestick tricks.

How To Install Kodi on Firestick?

Installing Kodi on firestick can be very easy if you have been a firestick user for some time. Carefully read all the following steps if you want an answer to how to install Kodi on firestick easily and quickly.

There is more than one method to answer the query of how to perform a “Kodi download firestick” operation. Some of the best and easy ones are mentioned here:

  • Installing Kodi on firestick using a downloader App
  • ES File Explorer for downloading Kodi for firestick
  • Kodi download firestick using the ADB link

How to Install Kodi on Firestick Through a Downloader App?

It is the most popular answer to how to download Kodi on firestick. You can get the App from the Amazon App store for free.

Get The Downloader App For Your Firestick

  • Go to your firestick home page and select the search option.
  • Type in “Downloader” and download the App on your firestick.


Setting Up Firestick Using Some Firestick Tricks as a Prerequisite for Kodi Install Firestick

The following steps are necessary before installing Kodi on firestick. You can type "firesticktricks" in your browser search to get the hang of all the important settings at once.

  • Click the Settings Icon from your firestick home screen.

Click the Settings Icon from your firestick home screen

  • Pick your device from the next window (My Fire TV/Firestick will be the option depending upon your device) and click on “Developer Options.”

click on “Developer Options”

  • Click the option of ADB debugging on the next window and turn it on.

Click the option of ADB debugging

  • Now go to the "Install unknown apps" option and turn it on for the "Downloader."

Now go to the Install unknown apps option and turn it on for the Downloader

  • An additional step of going to privacy settings and turning off “Device Usage Data” and “Collect App usage data” options is one of the important firestick tricks to ensure your privacy.

Use Downloader for Kodi Install Firestick Process

  • Open the Downloader App on your firestick and click on the URL box you see on its home page.

Open the Downloader App on your firestick and click on the URL box you see on its home page

  • Enter the link for Kodi’s preferred version here. For Kodi Matrix 19.4, type “firesticktricks.com/kapk” and click Go. For Kodi 18.9 Leia, type "firesticktricks.com/old."

type firesticktricks.com/old

  • Clicking "Go" will automatically begin the downloading process. Once complete, click "Install."

click Install

  • When the installation process is complete, go to settings, then Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Kodi > Launch, and you are all set to use Kodi firestick for whatever you like.

How To Download Kodi on Firestick Using ES File Explorer

  • Download ES File Explorer on your firestick from the App store just as you downloaded the Downloader.
  • Go to settings > Device > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps > ES File Explorer and turn it ON.
  • Go to “downloader” from ES File Explorer’s main window.

How To Download Kodi on Firestick Using ES File Explorer

  • Select the " New " icon on the bottom and click on "Path."

Select the  New  icon on the bottom and click on Path

  • Type in the correct URL for Kodi firestick and wait for the download process to begin. When complete, click on “Open File” and follow the steps that appear next till the installation of Kodi.

Several other ways can also help you in the Kodi download firestick process, but the above two are the easiest and most popular.

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Kodi firestick is the best companion for people who prefer multimedia with online streaming through a firestick. It compiles all your movies, pictures, and audio and makes them available in one click.

Kodi is officially supported on firestick, and you can enjoy all the Kodi privileges after properly downloading and installing the software on your firestick.

Kodi install firestick procedure may seem a little headache for beginners, but many third-party applications make this process a cup of tea. Downloader app and ES file explorer are among those heroes.

Just connect your firestick with your device, download the apps mentioned earlier, take important privacy measures and download Kodi on your firestick without any trouble.

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