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Everything you need to know about Joe Dirt

Tuesday 2022/06/28

Joe dirt - an American comedy movie that broadly lies in the action genre as well, was released back in 2001 but is still loved by many across the globe. The film comes across as a story of a loser and a failure named Joe, who is in pursuit of his parents. Even though he looks like a loser, he actually isn’t and possesses some of the most remarkable qualities one can ever have.

What happens next in the movie? You will have to watch yourself because we do not favor giving you spoilers. But we will make sure to excite you enough, so you go watch it directly right after reading this article!

Joe Dirt

Everything you need to know about Joe Dirt

As far as the production of this masterpiece is concerned, it was done by Adam Sandler and Robert Simonds. Spade and Fred Wolf are the writers of the film.

The plot of Joe Dirt

The story, as mentioned before as well, revolves around Joe Dirt, who by profession is a janitor at a radio station with a mullet hairdo. His acid-washed jeans are a big part of his personality. Joe’s childhood was quite saddening as he lost his parents just at the ripe age of eight at the Grand Canyon, and now it is his only dream to find them at any cost.

Another main character of the film, Zander Kelly, who hosts a discussion show at the radio station, becomes fascinated by Joe's background and begins asking him questions about his life. He is very much fascinated by Joe's search for his parents, which Joe describes in a comedic and self-deprecating manner. As these conversations are carried out on air, Zander’s audience becomes equally invested in the topic.

Where can you watch Joe Dirt online?

There are countless OTT platforms that you can tune in to watch Joe Dirt. The downloads are available on Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Microsoft Store, Redbox, and Vudu. On the other hand, if you are into renting your favorite movies and shows, we suggest you look into Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Microsoft Store, and DirectTV.

What kind of scenes to expect in Joe Dirt?

It should not come as a surprise that Joe Dirt is a humorous movie with a lot of punchlines in its script. Different people perceive it; differently, some may find the humor foolish, or some may find it rude. It’s totally up to one’s interpretation. But we find it our responsibility to tell our readers what to expect. There are dirty and disgusting scenes, like discovering a meteor full of frozen feces dropped from an airplane. Moreover, there’s an atomic bomb in the movie that turns out to be the septic tank from a recreational vehicle.

If you are under 18, we would not recommend watching this movie as it hints toward an incest relationship. Joe finds himself developing romantic feelings for a young woman who might be his sister, so it’s a total no-no for the young viewers and the people who are triggered by such scenes.

The cast of Joe Dirt

  • David Spade as Joseph "Joe" Dirt
  • Erik Per Sullivan as Young Joe Dirt
  • Brandy, portrayed here by Brittany Daniel
  • Dennis Miller as Zander Kelly
  • Adam Beach as Kickin' Wing
  • Christopher Walken as Anthony Benedetti
  • Jill, played by Jaime Pressly
  • Kid Rock in the role of Robby
  • Rosanna Arquette as Charlene
  • Joe Don Baker portrays Don, who is Brandy's father
  • Megan Harvey plays the role of Joe's younger sister
  • Caroline Aaron plays Mrs. Nunamaker
  • Mr. Nunamaker was played by Fred Ward
  • Brian Thompson plays Buffalo.
  • Farmer Fran is portrayed here by Bob Blake Clark
  • Meteor Burt, portrayed by Hamilton Camp
  • Mitzi Martin plays Miss Clipper.
  • Tyler Mane plays Bondi.
  • Officer Dougherty, played by Kevin Farley.
  • Rance Howard, in his role as a bomb squad officer
  • Steven Brill as Crime scene cop
  • Richard Riehle as a Car dealer
  • Sorority Girl Bree Turner is Bree Turner
  • Hal Fishman
  • Eddie Money
  • Carson Daly
  • Greasy's mechanic, played by Kevin Nealon

Is there any sequel to the film Joe Dirt?

As this movie was a hit at the box office, it was decided that a sequel should be produced. So on July 16, 2015, the sequel, titled Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, was released.

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In this article, we have talked about one of the most humorous films of all time, Joe Dirt, which also conveys a special message to its audience. Moreover, if you are looking for an efficient offline content downloader, we suggest you go for BBFly Netflix Downloader, which will cater to all your downloading needs.

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