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How to Watch and Download IVI Videos?

Thursday 2022/09/01

Nowadays, numerous well-known streaming apps and websites have competed against each other to win users. It is easy to name a list of platforms, such as Netflix, HBO and Hulu. They are all targeted at the English market.

However, many other excellent streaming platforms are also worth noting. And this article introduces IVI, a Russia-oriented streaming platform and the processes of watching and downloading videos from IVI streaming.

What Is IVI Streaming?

IVI, one of the leading streaming platforms in Russia, is worth a try. With more than 300 IVI content partners, it offers more than 15000 movies, documentaries, cartoons and its originals and delivers new content with weekly updates. Rich content always meets your needs.

Exclusive Russian content absolutely helps it attract many Russian users and turn it into the leading streaming platform in the Russian market. Total viewing hours of IVI streaming in 2019 reached 1 billion and the monthly unique visitors exceeded 40 million.

Of course, the resources of IVI streaming are not limited to Russian movies or videos. IVI streaming has also established cooperation with all 6 Hollywood majors, which means you can also watch classic movies and the latest series.

Specifically, IVI Online Cinema remains to be the industry leader in terms of subscription content. IVI is now the only operator in the Russian VoD market to include the majority of films from major Hollywood studios.

Moreover, it has advanced technologies to achieve compatibility among many devices, including LG, Samsung and Philips TV and recommends what you may be interested in based on your prior watching habits. Therefore, you can save the time of searching for videos that you would like to immerse yourself in.

How Can I Watch Online Videos from IVI?

You may want to ask: how can I watch online videos from IVI? Actually, the using steps of IVI streaming are effortless and quick to learn.

An account is a prerequisite for watching and downloading IVI diverse content. You can select the “my profile” button in the upper right corner and create your own account with your email or phone number. This process takes just around 1 minute.

And before searching for a movie to watch, you’d better subscribe to this website for unlimited viewing, especially those high-quality movies and exclusive originals. The subscription to IVI is attractive since it has a 14-day trial for $1, which allows 5 devices to watch movies at the same time.

1 dollar satisfies multiple using scenarios. For example, when you are commuting, you can use your phone to watch the video on IVI streaming. At the same time, your family members can use your account at home. When you get home, you can switch to your LG TV with your IVI service and continue to watch what you didn't finish in the morning.

However, you should note that this subscription will have automatic renewal. After 14 days, it will cost $4.99 per month, which is also acceptable. Of course, you can cancel this service at any time.

With a subscription, you can get access to all contents. Just try to search what you like in the search bar, and play it! However, IVI streaming is not flawless. For example, you have to endure some ads before you watch a movie.

How Can I Download IVI Videos with BBFly Downloader?

Are you still worried about the interruption of pop-up ads during watching its Russian originals? Have you ever given up watching the movies you like because of a poor Internet connection? Looking to learn more about where can download IVI videos and watch them later?

BBFly Downloader, a game changer, is your ideal option to dispel the above worries and safely download IVI videos.

BBFly Downloader not only enables you to download IVI videos, but also supports the downloading of more than 100 websites, including Netflix, HBO, and Disney Plus. It makes watching your favorite movies anytime a reality. Internet speed will not limit you anymore once you download IVI videos with BBFly Downloader.

Unique Features of BBFly Downloader

  • BBFly Downloader works well with various devices because it ensures MP4 format. Have you ever encountered a circumstance when your device fails to play a video? The reason may be the incompatibility between the format and the device.
  • But don't worry. The BBFly Downloader can quickly convert different formats to the common MP4 format, which almost works well with all mobile and desktop devices. Then, you can watch your downloads whenever you want thanks to this powerful downloader.       
  • BBFly Downloader can remove ads for your offline watching. No matter how appealing the video content, frequent advertisements make you lose your appetite. BBFly Downloader can remove all annoying ads without sacrificing the top quality of the image.
  • BBFly Downloader delivers the 1080P definition of the image. The feelings of watching a video in 1080P are absolutely better than that in 720p. The advanced technologies of BBFly can keep the top quality of definition during downloading and bring you unparallel vision pleasure.
  • BBFly Downloader also enables you to save subtitles in the format that best suits your requirements. For many people, this is an appealing choice. Subtitles can be saved as separate SRT files or embedded in videos.

Steps to Download IVI Videos with BBFly Downloader

The question is: how to download IVI videos with BBFly Downloader? After reading the following simple steps carefully, you can easily download IVI videos and enjoy all the movies on IVI anytime and anywhere.

Step1: install BBFly Downloader with windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit) system

Step2: create and sign in to your BBFly account

Step3: on the home page of BBFly Downloader, search for IVI or just paste IVI URL.

Step4: login to your IVI credentials

Step5: select the videos you like to watch and click “download”

Note: the operation of BBFly needs at least 4GB of RAM and 40GB of free hard disk space or above.

Final Thoughts

In this article, the streaming platform IVI is introduced. With abundant content, especially Russian series and movies, and top quality, IVI is a good option for watching videos. Users can enjoy its content by simply signing in and subscribing to it. In order to undermine the interruption of online watching, BBFly downloader can help you download IVI videos with top quality, thus bringing you an excellent viewing experience.

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