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WOWOW online viewing consumes GB each time. Download playback is recommended.

Monday 2022/07/11

Many people think of WOWOW as a pay TV service.

There is something called "WOWOW Members on Demand," and if you subscribe to WOWOW and are a web member, you can watch streaming playback using your PC or smartphone.

However, since streaming playback consumes GB each time, this article will show you how to download and playback WOWOW videos.

What is WOWOW streaming playback?

Streaming playback is a method of downloading the data (MB, GB, etc.) necessary for playback while connected to the Internet, and playing back video and audio data while downloading.

It is not a playback method in which MB or GB of video is downloaded at a time and played back once the download is complete.

YouTube, hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc. are also basically streaming playback.

Streaming playback has the following advantages

  • Since you don't have to wait until the entire download is complete to playback, you can quickly watch the video when you feel like watching it.
  • No need to save the video to a hard drive, so your computer or smartphone will not run out of space.

The disadvantage is that you need to be connected to the Internet to playback, but the good thing about streaming playback is that the playback time is short and you don't have to worry about running out of capacity.

The disadvantage is that it consumes GB each time you watch it.

If you watch a program you previously watched via the Internet and then watch it again via the Internet, it will consume GB again.

= If you watch on your smartphone when you are out and about, you may easily reach the speed limit depending on how often you use it.

WOWOWOW allows you to watch movies and dramas via streaming playback on your smartphone or tablet whenever you like by installing the "WOWOW Members on Demand" application in advance.

Below is a summary of the services available on WOWOW Members on Demand.

  • Simultaneous online streaming
  • Missed viewing," which allows you to watch programs broadcast on WOWOW over a certain period of time if you missed them
  • Library," which distributes popular past productions

Since this is a video delivery service via the Internet, some people may be concerned that there will be additional charges to watch WOWOW programs on their smartphones or tablets... You may be worried that you may have to pay an additional fee to watch WOWOW programs on your smartphone or tablet.

However, "WOWOW Members on Demand" is a VOD service for subscribers of WOWOW, a pay channel, so there are no additional fees if you are a paying member paying 2,300 yen plus tax per month.

You can enjoy WOWOW programs wherever you want.

However, as mentioned above, streaming playback consumes GB each time.

It would be nice if you can download it in advance to save GB on the go.

What are the disadvantages of WOWOW streaming playback?

The advantage of WOWOW Members on Demand streaming playback is that you can enjoy streaming programs anytime, anywhere.

In exchange for the convenience, there is a disadvantage of high communication volume because Internet communication is required each time a video is played.

This is not a problem if you use a wired Internet connection at home or visit free WiFi spots with your smartphone.

However, if you are streaming WOWOW programs in a place without a WiFi environment, the following adverse effects will occur.

  • You are more likely to use up your available communication capacity for a month and get speed limitation.
  • When the communication speed is limited, it may become difficult to even browse websites, let alone watch videos
    (In the case of a low-cost SIM or carrier plan that does not have a save mode or count-free service)
  • Purchasing additional packets to compensate for data traffic will increase your financial burden.

Watching videos is one of the most data-intensive uses of the Internet.

Therefore, the data volume for watching videos on WOWOW On Demand is also high.

This is due to the large data volume (file size) of video files.

(Conversely, text files have a smaller data volume).

Although it varies depending on the quality of the video, the approximate amount of data communication consumed when watching a video is as follows.

1024MB = 1GB.

If you are using a plan with a monthly limit of 7 GB, watching videos for an hour each day while using a smartphone SIM for data communication (if not on Wifi), you will reach the limit in a little over a week.

Therefore, please be careful when streaming WOWOW programs on your smartphone when you are out and about.

Can't I download and playback WOWOW videos?

Some of you may be wondering if it is possible to download and play videos on WOWOW Members on Demand.

If you can download and playback, you can watch videos even if you are not connected to the Internet.

You can download videos in advance on Wifi at home -> play them while commuting to work or after returning home.

Unfortunately, WOWOW Members on Demand does not support video download playback.

However, you can download WOWOW videos using BBFly, a dedicated download software.

Download WOWOW videos with BBFly

With BBFly, you can simply paste the URL of the WOWOW video and save the video without quality loss. BBFly also supports all video sharing sites such as YouTube, Nico Nico Douga,TELESA, Dailymotion, etc. BBFly can also save live streaming videos such as YouTube Live and Nico Live.

How to download WOWOW with BBFly:.

Step1: Install BBFly Downloader on your computer at the official website below.

Step2: After installing BBFly downloader on your computer, access the official website of WOWOW with your internal browser.

Step3: Play the video you wish to download and the download page will appear. Click "Download Now.

By the way, WOWOW has a feature called "Automatically download new episodes" of dramas and animations that are still available for download. It is very convenient.