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Backdoor way to record your online classes at TAC, the school of credentials!

Friday 2022/08/19

The backdoor way to record online classes at TAC, the School of Certifications!

I think there are online classes of TAC, the school of qualification, but there is a viewing deadline (open period) and it is difficult to study slowly, isn't it? You wish you could watch them slowly, and when you check online, you find that there is no software to save TAC's videos?

No problem! (laugh) This article allows you to download and save TAC videos, which is recommended for those who are aiming to become a licensed tax accountant, certified public accountant, IT passport, civil servant, etc.

What is the School of Qualification TAC?

TAC is a school for obtaining qualifications such as civil service courses and teacher employment examinations TAC has school buildings all over Japan.

In addition to taking courses at school buildings, we also offer correspondence courses that can be taken via DVD or TAC Web School. Students can choose the learning method that best suits their lifestyle. The company is well known and has a large number of students.

About recording and saving TAC lecture videos

TAC, the School of Qualification, provides materials created by professional instructors and a lean and efficient curriculum to help students reach "Goal = Pass" in the most effective way in over 40 qualification exam preparation courses.

When TAC Web School users take courses via web-based correspondence course videos, they naturally need to save the videos. Unfortunately, it is not possible to download or save the video data as it is because TAC's lectures are streaming, i.e., they use a technical method that allows subscribers to receive the video data while simultaneously playing it back.

TAC provides a lecture video download function on the official "TAC WEB SCHOOL" application, but downloaded videos can usually be played back for two weeks after downloading, after which they will no longer be playable.

For those who are always worried about the expiration date, this article introduces a secret trick to record and save the lecture videos from "TAC WEB SCHOOL" forever.

How to record and save TAC lecture videos

TAC's website implements encryption technology such as M3U8 for many Web School lecture videos, and ordinary web video recording tools are not compatible.

Since m3u8 is a format used for online screening playback, it does not allow for recording and playback per se, and it is common to record a video thinking it can be played back as is and then lose track of what it is. Many of them are not designed to be saved, so they are not designed to be recorded in the first place. I think it is easier to understand if you understand it as a file that is a collection of video links.

For this reason, we would like to recommend the BBFly downloader, which is the latest technology and can handle m3u8.

TAC Web School lecture files recorded with BBFly downloader can be saved in formats such as MP4 and MKV. If you wish to use the lecture content as a memory aid, you can save only the audio as an MP3 file. Recorded lectures can also be backed up as Blu-ray or ISO files. For long-term storage of lectures, recorded MP4 or MKV videos can be burned to Blu-ray disc, hard disk or cloud using appropriate software.

BBFly Downloader in order of use: 1.

  1. Download the software

Click the button below or visit the official website: https://birdbirdfly.com/ja/でソフトウェアをダウンロードします.

  1. Install the software

Double-click the recorded installation file (BBFly_Online_exe) to launch the installer. Follow the on-screen instructions and the software will usually install successfully.

  1. Launching the Software

When you start the installed software, the following screen will be displayed.

  1. Recording TAC lecture videos

If you access the TAC website with the appropriate software's built-in browser, the site's screen will be displayed.

As you would normally do with a browser, log in with your TAC account. Play your TAC Web School lecture in the built-in browser, and click "DRM M3U8" at the top to display the "DRM Video Downloader" screen, where you can set the picture quality and You can set the picture quality, audio, and other settings. Click the "Download Now" button to start recording.

If you want to download multiple lectures at the same time, click the "Add to Queue" button. If you click on "Downloading" in the left panel, you will see the items under implementation and the download queue. You can also "Start All," "Pause," and "Delete."

You can also set the action to be taken when the recording of an item is complete. Before going to bed, add all the lectures you want to record to the task queue, click "Start All," and set "Shut Down Computer" when the task is complete, so you can record your favorite lecture videos while you sleep in peace.

BBFly Downloader can also record videos about TAC from youtube.


Start BBFly Downloader → Click the YouTube icon → Search for (TAC Web School) → Play the video → Press the "Download" button


With TAC, you can create your own learning style. You can take lectures online anytime, anywhere, as many times as you want! Study at home with the same lectures and materials as in the classroom Study anytime, anywhere Study efficiently with split study and high-speed playback functions!

With the BBFly downloader, you can record this wealth of great TAC lecture videos.

And you can get it for only 2,700 yen (by the way, the special annual plan is even more affordable at 8,000 yen!) ). You don't have to be a member to try it out, so give it a try!