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How to Download DAZN Videos: A Recommendation for BBFly Downloader

Wednesday 2024/05/15

DAZN, a global streaming service, has revolutionized the way sports enthusiasts consume their favorite games and events. With its extensive coverage of various sports leagues and tournaments, DAZN has become a popular platform for sports fans worldwide.

However, one feature that DAZN currently lacks is the ability to download videos for offline viewing. This can be frustrating for users who want to download DAZN videos.

What is DAZN?

Luckily, there are third-party software solutions that can help you download DAZN videos and enjoy them offline. One such tool is BBFly Downloader, a powerful downloader that specifically caters to DAZN videos.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to download DAZN videos and check the features and functionalities of BBFly Downloader.

What is DAZN?

DAZN, an acronym for "DA Zone," is a subscription-based streaming service that offers live sports content. Launched in 2016, DAZN has quickly gained popularity, particularly among soccer fans, due to its extensive coverage of major European leagues like Serie A, La Liga, and the English Premier League.

The platform also features other sports, including basketball, baseball, American football, and combat sports.

Is DAZN Free to Watch?

DAZN is not entirely free to watch. The platform offers a free trial period, typically lasting one month, which allows users to access all DAZN videos without restrictions. However, after the trial period ends, a subscription is required to continue enjoying DAZN's offerings.

Subscription Plans of DAZN Videos

DAZN offers various subscription plans to cater to different user needs. The most common plan is the monthly subscription, which provides unlimited access to all DAZN content for a fixed price per month.

Additionally, DAZN offers annual subscriptions that often come with discounted rates compared to the monthly plan.

Subscription Plans of DAZN Videos

Can you Download DAZN Videos for Offline Watching?

Officially, DAZN does not allow users to download videos for offline viewing. This restriction is likely due to copyright and licensing agreements with sports leagues and broadcasters.

However, there are third-party software solutions like BBFly Downloader that can bypass these restrictions and enable DAZN video downloads.

BBFly Downloader

How to Download DAZN Videos?

Features of BBFly Downloader

Support for Multiple Platforms

BBFly Downloader can download videos from various streaming platforms, including DAZN, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

High-Speed Downloading

The software utilizes advanced download technologies to ensure fast and efficient video downloads, even for high-definition and 4K content.

Multiple Format and Quality Options

BBFly Downloader provides a wide range of video formats and quality options to suit your needs and preferences. You can choose from MP4, MKV, AVI, and more, and select the desired resolution and bitrate.

Batch Downloading

Save time by downloading multiple DAZN videos simultaneously. BBFly Downloader supports batch downloading, allowing you to select multiple videos and download them

Steps to Download DAZN Videos with BBFly

Downloading DAZN videos using BBFly Downloader is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Visit the official BBFly website and download the latest version of the software for your operating system.

Visit the official BBFly website

Navigate to the DAZN website with BBFly Downloader and find the video you want to download.

Navigate to the DAZN website

Sign in your DAZN account and click the video you want to download. The software will analyze the video and identify the available video formats and qualities.

Select the desired video format and quality from the options provided and click the Download button. BBFly Downloader will start downloading the DAZN video.


DAZN has is a sport streaming service, attracting sports enthusiasts worldwide with its extensive coverage of major leagues and tournaments.

However, the lack of an official offline viewing feature has left users yearning for a solution. BBFly Downloader steps into the breach, offering a powerful and user-friendly tool for downloading DAZN videos and enjoying them offline.

With its support for multiple platforms, high-speed downloading capabilities, and diverse format and quality options, BBFly Downloader stands out as the go-to tool to solve how to download DAZN videos. You can also read how to download Mediaset Infinity, download Vix videos and download movies from archive.org for more information.