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HBO Max on LG TV - Complete Guide with Step-By-Step Instructions

Wednesday 2022/05/11

The HBO Max App is available on all LG TVs. It is easy to set up. HBO Max is available from LG’s channel shop on TVs that run the company’s webOS software. Still many people are now aware of how to get HBO Max on LG smart TV. Here in this Informative guide, we shall talk about HBO Max on LG TV, how to download HBO Max on LG smart TV, how to get HBO Max on smart TV, and more.

Comprehensive guide about getting HBO Max on LG TV:

Before getting to the HBO Max LG TV topic, let’s talk a little about HBO Max. It is one of the best platforms for streaming great video content. You can view various movies, episodes, and web series in HDR, 4K UHD, and Dolby Atmos. These features are not available on all devices or titles. You will love to watch the contents of HBO Max on LG TV.

HBO Max, a relatively newer streaming service, but it has received a lot of attention. One reason for all the attention is the abundance of content WarnerMedia, the owner of HBO Max, has available.

HBO Max is the WarnerMedia streaming service. It includes all HBO content and content from other brands and networks that are now parts of the WarnerMedia umbrella, like Cartoon Network, DC, and TNT.

It is also an excellent alternative for anyone who wants high-resolution movies from the past and HBO programming. This platform is also available on virtually every device except LG TVs.So how to add HBO Max to LG smart TV?

Don't be alarmed if you cannot get HBO Max on LG TV. We will show you how to watch HBO Max on LG TV and other Smart TVs, how to download HBO Max on LG smart TV, and more.

How to get HBO Max on LG smart TV

How to download HBO Max on LG smart TV? Select models of LG Smart TV 4K equipped with webOS 4.0 or higher were released in 2018 and will later support HBO Max. You can now download HBO Mac to your compatible LG Smart TV. Follow the steps below for getting HBO Max on LG TV.

  1. To get HBO Max on LG TV, turn on your LG TV to check if it's connected to the Internet.
  2. To access the Home screen, press the Home button and select the LG content store.
  3. Navigate to the Search Box in the Content Store—type HBO Max.
  4. Select the Max tile in the apps category.
  5. Now, click on the Install button. To download the app,
  6. After the installation of the HBO Max app LG TV is completed, you can launch it.
  7. Enter your HBO Max login information, or register for an account.
  8. Select any title to stream HBO Max LG TV.

That’s all about how to get HBO Max on LG smart TV

How to get HBO Max for an older LG Smart TV:

How to add HBO Max to LG smart TV older models. Older models of LG Smart TVs cannot be used for downloading HBO Max. You can stream HBO Max on older models of LG Smart TVs, but you should try other ways for HBO Max LG TV.

  • HBO Max on YouTube TV
  • LG smart TV HBO Max by screen Mirroring with the Android phone
  • Screen Mirroring with a PC
  • LG smart TV HBO Max with Mac OS

How to Watch HBO Max on LG Smart TV – Screen mirroring with AirPlay 2:

AirPlay 2 is supported by LG's OLED 2019 TVs, NanoCell LG TVs SM9X, and SM8X series TVs. LG UHD TVs UM7XX TVs are the only ones that support it.

  • Step 1: Connect your LG TV and your iPhone or iPad to the very same WiFi network.
  • Step 2: AirPlay icons can be found in the top menu bar of your Mac, and press the button to activate them.
  • Step 3: Start your iPhone or iPad and launch HBO Max app, and then you will need to tap the AirPlay icon.
  • Step 4: Select the LG TV from your list.
  • Step 5: Your TV will display your iPhone or Mac screen.
  • Step 6: Open HBO Max on your Mac in a web browser

It is all there is to using AirPlay for getting HBO Max on LG TV. Start listening or watching your favorite HBO Max LG TV.

How to Watch HBO Max On LG Smart TVs Through YouTube TV:

The YouTube app is a well-known video-sharing platform that offers live TV and a wide range of videos. We have exciting news: HBO Max can now appear on your YouTube channel! It will be worth it, even though it might be expensive. How to use YouTube to view all your HBO Max episodes.

  • Step 1: From the LG TV's main screen, go to the LG content shop.
  • Step 2: Next, use the search icon to find 'YouTube TV'
  • Step 3: Click the Download button on the download page.
  • Step 4: Use your computer or smartphone to open the HBO Max website.
  • Step 5: Next, you will need to decide if you want to sign-up through a TV or mobile service provider.
  • Step 6: Scroll down to select YouTube TV from a drop-down menu. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the LG TV HBO Max setup.
  • Step 7: Sign in to YouTube with the YouTube account you signed up for HBO Max. That will help you get HBO Max LG TV.

How to Screen Mirror HBO Max On LG Smart TV - Android Devices:

As mentioned earlier, screen mirroring via Miracast is supported by LG Smart TV. The screen sharing option can be found on the home screen, and the Play store has the HBO Max app. It is the best solution if you don’t have HBO Max LG TV compatibility.

  1. For LG TV HBO Max screen mirroring connect your LG smart TV and Android phone to a single WiFi Network.
  2. Open Settings on your Android smartphone/tablet and select Cast (or Screencast)
  3. Choose your LG TV from the available devices.
  4. Open Screen. Share with your LG TV. You must give the permissions.
  5. Your TV will mirror your phone's screen.
  6. Launch the HBO Max App. Now you can start streaming HBO Max LG TV.

You can watch HBO Max on LG smart television using an iOS device:

These Are the Steps to View HBO Max On Your LG Smart TV:

  • Step 1: For LG TV HBO Max, you first need to open App Store on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Step 2: Next, install HBO Max on your iOS device.
  • Step 3: Start watching the content that interests you by opening the HBO Max app for iOS.
  • Step 4: Select the Airplay option in the media player.
  • Step 5: Next, check to ensure your LG smart television and iOS smartphone are connected to a single WiFi network.
  • Step 6: Select your LG SmartTV from the available options.

This is it. Your content from iOS devices will still play on your LG Smart TV.

How to Screen Mirror HBO Max On LG Smart TV - Windows PC:

  1. On your LG TV remote, press the Home button. Hover over More.
  2. Choose Device Connection >> from the TV's home screen. Choose Screen Sharing.
  3. Now, choose Miracast from the left panel. Next, choose Start, and the PIN appears. Take a note.
  4. - Connect your computer and LG TV to the identical WiFi network.
  5. On your computer, click the Notifications icon. Next, choose Connect.
  6. Choose your LG SmartTV from the available options.
  7. Enter the PIN on your TV screen. Click Next.
  8. Open a web browser to access the HBO Max website from your computer and begin streaming video and audio content.
  9. The HBO Max video content is available on your LG TV. That is all about how to get HBO Max on LG smart TV with a mirroring option.

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We hope you found our guide on how to get HBO Max on LG smart TV helpful. Setting up HBO Max on LG TV is easy. To access HBO Max LG TV or from your smart device, you will first need an HBO Max subscription. Happy streaming and good luck!