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HBO Max Not Working: How to Fix HBO Max Service Code

Friday 2022/02/11

If your HBO Max App not working then this post is for you!

Over the years the way of watching television has changed. Nowadays, we can enjoy a new way of watching the programming of our preference: streaming. This allows us to enjoy wide and varied programming for all ages in one place.

HBO Max is the streaming service offered by Warner Media where you will get the best movies and series, the best content from HBO, Warner Bros, Max Originals, DC, and Cartoon Network at any time of the day available for you to enjoy.

But even with the novelty of streaming, different errors can occur that can prevent you from enjoying the programming lineup to the fullest. If you are here, it is because you desperately want to know how to fix the HBO Max service code.

Don't worry, we are going to help you. Here are some solutions in case the HBO Max app not working:

Causes of HBO Max Service Code Malfunction

Yes, we know. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to watch your favorite HBO Max series or movies after a long, stressful, and exhausting day at work. When the phrase "Oops something went wrong" pops up on our screens. A big headache is sure to follow thanks to HBO Max App not working.

When an HBO Max service code error appears. There are many reasons that may be causing such problems. It could either be a limited internet connection or an error in the HBO Max application.

How to Fix the HBO Max Service Code?

In case you experience any inconvenience in terms of playing your favorite content on HBO, it is very likely that you will be able to fix it unless it is a problem in HBO's servers.

Only in this case, it will be necessary to wait for the company to solve the problem so that you can watch the content normally. Otherwise, HBO Max will inform you through various codes of the specific problem your account or streaming device has.

Don't stop having fun just because you don't know why HBO Max App is not working. Here are the most common causes and solutions to HBO Max service code.

Code 420:

This code appears if your server is saturated or if you have not updated your HBO Max, it is a common cause why HBO Max App is not working.

The solution to this code is to wait, but if after a few hours it is not solved, the problem is in the HBO Max server, and you must wait for it to be solved.

Code 100:

This HBO Max service code usually occurs when you use a VPN to watch HBO Max, it also occurs because of a bad Internet connection. If HBO Max App is not working consider it

The solution is to close the Proxy or VPN server and not use it to stream. HBO Max will block the account when it finds a VPN or Proxy server connected. And if it is a bad connection just turn the router off and on again or relocate it to a place where you can have higher signal strength.

Code 102:

This code is generated by incompatibility with the Smart TV. It is solved by restarting the router to verify the compatibility of the Smart TV adapter. This is an easy error to fix when HBO Max App not working

Code 205.4:

This is HBO Max service code generated by problems with the application login, usually on Apple devices.

To solve it, you must check the Apple TV configuration, enter users and accounts, log out and check the details in the channel application, it is a process that will take time but it is the only way to solve it.

Code 201:

This is a code generated by problems with registration, for this reason your HBO Max App is not working. It is solved by logging in again.

Code 321:

This is a bad network connection. You fix it by first checking the router connectivity, rebooting, and waiting a few minutes to turn it back on.

Code 103 & Eli-1020:

These are codes generated by problems with the cache or cookies. To solve these codes turn off and unplug the device for about 3 minutes, then delete the browsing data, cookies, and cache of the app and uninstall the application, then reinstall and register again in the app.

With these tips you already know what to do if your HBO Max App not working

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Currently, there are many streaming platforms that are battling to position themselves as the favorite of users. However, their popularity does not exempt them from giving headaches to more than one user.

Giants such as Netflix, Disney plus even HBO MAX, can throw errors in their service codes. Fortunately, there are many users who have detected such errors, as in the case of HBO MAX, and they have discovered solutions for each of them.

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See you there!


If at any time your HBO Max app not working, you already have an idea of how to quickly solve these most common errors. In the same way, you have the option to continue enjoying extraordinary content with the download options like HBO Max download option of BBFly HBO Downloader.