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How to Download videos from myCANAL in Easy Steps

Friday 2022/07/22

sports, variety, films, and TV shows. If you want to access content from a number of sources in one place, myCANAL is a great option for you to consider. This platform has evolved into a fantastic resource for using its substantial library of entertaining content.

Users have access to at least 150 different channels on the myCANAL platform. These include, among others, well-known channels like TNT and EUROSPORT.

You also get access to a huge collection of children's-oriented documentaries and animation programs in addition to a wide range of films and television shows. The majority of this content is under your control, including crucial elements like the language, and you may change both the audio and the subtitles.

How to Download videos from myCANAL in Easy Steps

What is myCANAL

It is an application that Canal+ in France formally supports. We shall be able to access everything from our Android cellphones with the aid of this app. Naturally, we will need to subscribe and pay the monthly price in order for this to function.

Customers that subscribe to Canal Plus utilize the myCANAL app, which has swiftly gained popularity among them. It shouldn't be surprising that people can now access all of the information from the comfort of their Android phones.

For a long time, the only decoder that provided access to all of the French channels was Canal+. This situation persisted for a while. However, this device stayed in the foreground until the year 2020.

concurrently with the opening of the official website and the myCANAL app. This platform has developed into the hub of the Canal+ streaming universe, in addition to the other services and channels associated with this organization.

The myCANAL website and app, which are both accessible on all platforms, have evolved into the genuine entrance to the Canal+ universes as well as to the many services and channels that the firm combines.

A variety of subscriptions to meet everyone's needs.

With the product it has now made available to its clients, Canal+ has unquestionably perfected it. There is a well balanced variety of subscriptions. This ignores the fact that one of its subscriptions will grant customers access to content on other well-known platforms like Disney+ or Netflix.


Canal+ cinema series

Canal+ Sports

The best site to watch the best athletic events is on myCANAL.

One of the things that makes the site one of the most alluring features overall is its coverage of different sports. Thanks to the Canal+ live service, we can watch a wide variety of live sporting events, including boxing, tennis, and soccer.

Additionally, we will be able to watch the statistics being compiled in real-time. In other words, we can view statistics for the same event in a separate tab while simultaneously watching a live game. This is made possible through the app.

Are all nations able to access myCANAL?

Currently, users can access their myCANAL accounts in Poland, France, and other African countries. In 2021 and 2022, myCANAL plans to increase its activities while focusing on a number of European countries. In the case that you are now in a country where the platform cannot be used. You can achieve this by utilizing a virtual private network or VPN.

It will not cost you anything to download the myCANAL app!

Even though some of the official myCANAL app's material can be downloaded for free, you must first have a subscription to myCANAL in order to access the great bulk of that content.

The application offers an intuitive user interface that is also visually appealing. You can use it to browse through any of the live or streaming channels to which you are already a subscriber.

Furthermore, you will be able to:

  • Play all of the Canal+ live programming; gain access to a collection of more than 15,000 shows.
  • After downloading movies, TV shows, or entire series, you can watch them.
  • Make a list of your favorite programs so you can quickly access them.
  • Get recommendations based on the shows you've already watched that are especially suited to your preferences.

What steps do I need to take in order to download videos from myCANAL using BBFly?

Step 1

You must first launch the BBFly app in order to start downloading any videos from the myCANAL platform.

Step 2

You can begin installing the application after it has been downloaded to your computer. This process moves along very quickly. This task will just require a brief amount of your time.

You can launch the application once the installation is complete, at which point you will have access to all of the platforms and be able to download your content. You must choose the CANAL+ icon from your toolbar in order to continue.

How to Download videos from myCANAL in Easy Steps

Step 3

You will proceed after you have accessed the CANAL+ platform. Now that the download procedure has begun, you can look for the content you want to download. You will need to log into your account in order to do this.

How to Download videos from myCANAL in Easy Steps

Step 4

Once you have the video you want to download in your hands, just click on it, and a new window with download choices will open. You can adjust the download's settings using the options included in it. When all is ready, you can start the download.

You can only find such a wide choice of programming on myCANAL. either through the official website or the app that is connected to it. You are free to access and use the content wherever you like. Even better, you can download an infinite amount of video with the BBFly program.

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed and learned something from this content. You can find several here that you might find fascinating to read if you're looking for more articles like this one.


The purpose of this post is to explain what myCANAL is and how to use BBFly myCANAL downloader, an all-in-one download tool, to download videos from myCANAL.

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