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Is it Possible to View Instagram Without Account?

Wednesday 2022/07/20

If you do not have an active user Instagram profile but wish to view Instagram without account, we can help you make your wish come true. Using the methods described in this guide, you can search anyone's Instagram profile. Furthermore, we will also guide you on how to run an Instagram search without an account. You must use third-party apps/sites like picuki in the following methods. There are also several other apps and sites like picuki, which we will discuss later in this guide.

Things Required to View Instagram Without Account

Here are a few things you need to set up so you can view Instagram without Account and avoid hurdles using picuki.


You must use a mobile device or a computer to view Instagram without Account using picukiIf you are using mobile, make sure your mobile supports the latest version of Instagram. Even though you're using Instagram on the web, you might experience some hurdles.


As you are going to view someone's Instagram profile anonymously, you should have a good internet connection because using a private or incognito web browser requires a high-speed connection, especially for picuki Instagram.


Unfortunately, in some regions, Instagram is prohibited from using. Even though you're trying to view Instagram without Account using picukiyou still don't have any access to their servers. 

To use picuki Instagram, you should run VPN first. Please select the fast serves VPN. Choosing low-end serves will keep you waiting and take a long time to open the URL.

How You Can View Instagram Without Account?

Although you can view Instagram without account using picukithere are still a few restrictions on Instagram. You can view anyone's Instagram profile stories and posts under conditions. Suppose their account is not private or blocked you. Suppose you're blocked and prohibited from viewing their stories and posts.

If the Instagram profile, you are trying to view is a private account. Unfortunately, you cannot view their activities or perform any action from your side on their Instagram profile.

If the Instagram profile is public of the person/business, you desire to view Instagram without account using picukiFollow these simple steps then.


To view the Instagram profile, you should know the username of that profile if your storiesdown. Without a username, you cannot search for anything if you want to view Instagram without account. Please remember to learn the correct username of the specific account you are trying to view; sadly, it's Instagram, not the Google search engine that can guess your search keyword for storiesdown.

How You Can View Instagram Without Account?


To view Instagram without account, you must use a secure web browser. This method only works on the web browser; you cannot use the Instagram app to view someone's Instagram profile anonymously for stories down.

You can use any web browser which makes you comfortable to use. You can use a computer to use a web browser, or you can open Google Chrome on your mobile device.

Search the Profile

After opening the browser on your preferred device, hit the URL. Type www.instagram.com/username the profile username you wish to view. This will redirect you to your searched profile when you do Instagram search without account, and now you can view their posts and stories anonymously.

Search the Profile

View Profile

Now you have searched profile and have access to their entire profile. You can view photos and stories on their Instagram for stories down.

Access to Instagram Posts

After getting access to the profile, now you can view images, posts, and even comments on every single post. You can also access bio links and other external links on their post.

You cannot view comments directly just by clicking on a post; Instagram will require your login for such action.

Access to Instagram Comments

Indeed, you cannot view posts' comments just by clicking on their post but don't panic if storiesdown. We sought a way for you to overcome this problem as well. 

Right-click on any post you wish to view comments anonymously, then open that post in the new tab. You will be able to see bio links and comments.

Access to Instagram Comments

How to View Instagram Without an Account Using – ImgInn?

You can also use third-party websites to view Instagram without account. This can also be handy in terms of searching Instagram profiles. Imagine is a mainly used website if you want to view Instagram without account.

  1. Open your web browser and search for imginn.
  2. Open imginn and click on the white search bar for stories down.
  3. In the search bar, type what you intend to seek on Instagram.
  4. Once the imginn has researched, all the results will appear related to your keyword for storiesdown.
  5. Now click on the profile and open a new tab.
  6. You can now scroll through searched person's Instagram profile with Instagram search without account.

How to View Instagram Without Account Using – Instafullsize?

Instafullsize is one the best website to view Instagram without account. Using this website, you can view both verified and unverified profiles, you can view Instagram pictures in HD resolution, you can also download those pictures, and you can view their stories as well.

  1. Go to instafullsize.
  2. Open the link in the new tab.
  3. Go to the search bar, type username, OR you can copy the URL of the precise account when exploring Instagram search without account.
  4. Hit the search icon, and it will start retrieving the data.
  5. Once the related search list is open, you can click the profile and open that in a new tab.

Things You Can Do on Instagram Without an Account

View Instagram Profile

You need to have the Instagram username of the person/business you want to see on their Instagram. And you can view their posting without Instagram account.

View Images and Comments

You can also use a third-party website for this purpose, but if you want to see their account directly from Instagram servers, right-click on any image and open it in the new tab.

View Stories

Sometimes you cannot view stories directly by entering the username in the URL. So, the best option is to visit instafullsize using your browser, and there you can stalk Instagram profiles without Instagram account.

Browse Anonymously

When you use Instagram while your account is logged in, they track your activity, but when you view Instagram without account, they have no trace to follow your account.

Inside Features

Unfortunately, so far, what we have discovered is that you can only view your profile or can see their comments and bio links anonymously. You cannot like, share or save posts without logging in to your account.

How to Download Instagram Video?

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We show you the path to how you can view Instagram without account. We have discussed how you can watch posts, stories, and comments anonymously without leaving a trace, and lastly, we have solved your problem of downloading the Instagram video.

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