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A Complete Guide - Twitter Viewer without Twitter Account

Friday 2022/07/29

Twitter is a well-known social networking website where people upload links, pictures, videos, and text to interact with others. Much like Facebook and Instagram. Those who don’t own free Twitter accounts must be curious about how to view Twitter without account.

Good news! Twitter Viewer allows checking twitter in public without logging in! Sit back as we educate you about how to view Twitter without an account, how to unlock Twitter’s hidden gems through Tweettunnel, and how to download Twitter archives before deleting the bird app for good.

How Does Twitter Work?

Before using Twitter without account via Twitter Viewer, we must learn how Twitter works. After completing the process of creating new free Twitter accounts, users can choose to protect their profiles or make them public. That being said, it must be noted that Twitter Viewer without account can only be used for checking Twitter in public profiles.

You may be out of luck if you wish to view protected tweets without account. The only way to access private content is by making it to their followers' list. Unfortunately, you must sign in to a Twitter account to send a follow request.

How Does Twitter Work?

Can You View Twitter Without Account?

The answer is yes! There may be times when you desire to view a tweet or Twitter profile without the hassle of signing up or logging in. In these cases, Twitter Viewer comes in handy. Before embarking on the quest of checking Twitter in public, remember! The trick to view Twitter profiles without account works only through the web browser.

The Twitter app on IOS or Android devices doesn't let you enter the app without logging in first. Once twitter.com is launched on your phone's browser application, a request to sign in is the first display that shows up. Then how to view Twitter without account? Keep scrolling to find out.

How to View Twitter without an Account?

We have listed various quick and easy methods for checking Twitter in a public mode without account. Each of these generates a different outcome. Make sure to go through each one to accomplish what you’re looking for.

Access the Explore Page of Twitter

Twitter is the hub of the latest hashtags, trending news, juicy celebrity gossip, and other info. It is the perfect platform to remain relevant by loading up on information about the most popular topics. Be it entertainment, sports, breaking news, COVID-19, etc. Twitter displays all this on the Explore Page.

Access the Explore Page of Twitter

Simply look up Twitter Explore Page on your mobile phone or PC browser to access a virtual world of info.

Twitter Search without Account

The second thing you can do to view Twitter profile without account is to utilize its search feature. Once you enter the Explore page, spot the search box at the top. When browsing for something on Twitter, you can enter any keyword (such as a username or topic) in the search field.

After typing the user's Twitter handle, press enter. The search results will show up immediately. Once you enter a profile, you may store their pictures without account through the computer by double-clicking them.

Twitter Search without Account

For a long time, advanced Twitter search without account was accessible to everyone. However, the app has discontinued this property. You will be required to log in to filter the results by setting particular words, phrases, dates, etc., via the advanced search.

Twitter Search without Account

Using Third Party Twitter Viewer Software

The limited access to checking Twitter in public without account may be unsatisfactory for some. That’s where external Twitter Viewer applications jump in.

Trend24 is a free Twitter Viewer that lists everything, from the latest top hashtags to the most popular news. Users can click on the topic of interest with the region and time frame. From here, either choose to see more Tweets or add one yourself!

A Twitter timeline holds a capacity for 3200 tweets. Finding your or others' old tweets can be tiresome. However, it can become relatively easy by using a Twitter Viewer app.

The main draw of another convenient website, "Tweettunnel," is that it allows you to see earlier posts of your friends without logging in to Twitter. Apart from that, this fantastic Twitter Viewer contains additional features that users can use by logging in.

You can send direct messages to followers and non-followers, like, reply, or retweet, upload tweets greater than 140 characters, view background photos, and more.

Twitter Search without Account

Store Twitter Archive before Deleting Free Twitter Accounts

Suppose you're a power Twitter user and want to leave it permanently. In that case, it can be hard to bid farewell mainly because you fear the possibility of losing every single tweet you’ve posted till now, including witty tweets, sarcastic jokes, GIFs, images, or videos.

You would be glad to know that Twitter allows installing a complete Twitter archive of your account’s activities. All you need to know is how to request it, depending on your device.

Through PC

  • Launch the official Twitter website. Go to “More.”
  • Select “Settings and privacy." From here, choose "Your account.”
  • Lastly, you must type in your password before tapping "Request archive.”

Through Cellular Device

  • Go to the Twitter app.
  • Tap on the profile icon at the screen’s top-left corner to open a menu bar.
  • Navigate your way to “Settings and privacy” and select it.
  • Choose “Your account.” Now, “Download an archive of your data.”

This will take you to the Twitter site. Enter your account credentials to log in and select "Request archive.”

Through Cellular Device

You can download Twitter archives on any device by going through these steps.

Can You Download Videos from Twitter?

Definitely! We have guided you on downloading the Twitter archive before deleting the app. Now, it's time to stock up on those funny, super cute pet videos or Twitter age-restricted content without account. All you need is the right tool to do it.

We will introduce you to a website that is the best in the marketplace. BBFly Netflix Downloader will be your go-to for downloading Twitter videos. This versatile service supports many OTT platforms, including Twitter, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, etc. It is packed with convenient features that make it so loveable.


  • All downloads are saved in the most compatible format, MP4. Share these videos with your friends outside the Twitter bubble without compatibility issues.
  • Save your time as BBFly Downloader downloads a batch of videos simultaneously at high speed.
  • Get access to Netflix shows from any region-specific Netflix website without restrictions.
  • Enjoy your favorite movies in only the best resolution, 1080 p.
  • Choose audio dubs or subtitles in any language of your understanding.

How to Download Videos from Twitter

BBFly Downloader is extremely easy to use. The procedure is quite similar whether you wish to download Netflix movies or Twitter content. Follow the steps below to begin downloading Twitter content, including Twitter age-restricted content without account.

Step 1: Launch the BBFly Downloader. Visit "VIP Services." Open Twitter from a list of streaming services.

Step 2: Select the video you’d like to download.

Step 3: Lastly, click “Download Now.”

Those are the proper instruction on how to download Twitter videos, including Twitter age-restricted content without account.


We have introduced you to various ways to check Twitter in public without account. Using these procedures, people can do a range of stuff, like view twitter profile and access twitter search without account. You may even utilize third-party Twitter Viewer apps like tweettunnel for checking twitter in public without limit.

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