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Everything you need to know about Tubi

Friday 2022/03/25

Nowadays, watching movies and series online is becoming easier and easier. All this is thanks to the variety of streaming services available. All you need is a digital device, an internet connection and that's it. You will be able to watch your favorite content.

In other articles, we have talked about very good alternatives to view video content online. For example Hulu and Amazon Prime. Today we come to talk a little about our opinions of Tubi. A video content platform that works very hard to get to the level of the Streaming Kings like Netflix and Disney Plus.

Tubi reviews: What is it, and how does this new platform work?

Currently, there are many streaming platforms available. However, many of them require paid subscriptions. Very few official platforms are available for free.

Tubi TV is a free and legal streaming platform owned by Fox Corporation. It has a fairly large catalog of movies and series from all over the world.

Find the best movies on Tubi

On Tubi, you can find a wide catalog of movies. All of them are from popular production companies like Lionsgate, Starz, Paramount among 200 other companies. You can find your favorite movies of all time. There are many genres you can find: Comedy, action, horror, documentaries, anime, and foreign language films.

Shows on Tubi: An option to watch TV shows from your PC

Nowadays, you no longer need a TV set or a cable subscription to enjoy your favorite TV shows whenever you want. Although there are thousands of websites where you can watch them, it is in Tubi where you will find a wide variety of TV programs including the most popular ones.

Download Tubi TV for pc and access multiple options within the platform

Tubi TV is not only available for mobile devices. You also have the option of accessing it from your computer. This will undoubtedly guarantee you maximum playback quality.

With Tubi TV for pc, you will be able to navigate between different genres, categories. You can also apply search filters, and you will get to enjoy your favorite series or movies in the language you want.

As for its player, it is important to highlight that it works very smoothly. All this regardless of the device from which you are connecting. Besides this, you will have the option to go back, forward, turn subtitles on and off. When watching a movie or series you will also have access to descriptions of each content or trailer.

To do so, it will be necessary to open an account on the platform. This can be done easily via email, or you can also do it directly from Google or Facebook to speed up the registration.

Find Tubi on Roku

Tubi on Roku! For all Roku users, there is good news. They can access all Tubi programming for free through the Tubi app on each of their Roku devices.

Is it safe to enjoy the best movies on Tubi? Of course, it is!

Believe it or not, Tubi is safe. In these Tubi reviews, it is important to highlight that this platform is a free and legal streaming service. When you enter the site you will not receive any kind of redirection to malicious sites or pop-ups.

Both the application and all the available content are free of charge. The platform never asks for credit card information. Therefore, there is no way you can make any kind of charge.

So if it's a free platform, how does it keep up? Easy, it keeps showing small advertising breaks.

The downside of Tubi:

No matter how popular the streaming platform is, it has negative aspects. In the case of Tubi reviews, there is one detail that many users don't seem to like.

The main disadvantage of the Tubi platform is that you cannot download any content. For this, you will need the help of an external tool. This is a bad thing since offline downloading is a must for all streaming platforms.

BBFly is an easy and simple way to download videos from Tubi TV.

As we mentioned before, to enjoy your favorite movies, series, or Tubi shows offline you need an extra tool. Well, today we come to recommend one and that is BBFly.

If you need to download videos in a fast and effective way, this download platform is the one you need. With it, you will have access to more than 100 popular websites and streaming platforms including, of course, Tubi TV.

About BBFly:

BBfly is an OTT video download platform. Through it, users who access the platform will be able to download all the videos of their choice in an easy, simple, and fast way.

Be it movies, documentaries, or series. With this tool, you will be able to access all your favorite content offline. Download any content and save it in the memory of your mobile devices.

How can I download videos from Tubi with BBFly?

Step 1

To start downloading any video from the tubi TV platform you must run the BBFly application. If you don't have it yet, you can download it → here.

Step 2

Once the application is already downloaded, proceed to install it. It is a very easy and simple process. It will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Once the installation is finished, you will be able to open the program and have access to all the platforms where you can download your content. As it is a Tubi download, you must click on its logo.

Step 3

When you are already inside the Tubi platform. Now you can start looking for the content you want to download. You can either open your account or start searching for it directly.

Step 4

Once you have the video you want to download, just click on it and a small window will automatically pop up. In it, you can set the download parameters. Once ready, you can start downloading.

What better way to enjoy movies and series than from a free platform? Nowadays, many platforms are free, but they lead you to many suspicious links and pop-ups. Be careful.

These Tubi reviews will give you an idea of how great this platform is. Enjoy your favorite content either from your PC or from Tubi on Roku.

We hope this information has been helpful. If you want other reviews of popular streaming platforms you can stop by our blog section. There you will find articles that might interest you. → How to record videos from Amazon Prime? How to record the screen on Hulu?