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Everything You Should Know About Samsung QLED! How Is It Better Than Other TVs?

Friday 2022/07/22

You need to know a lot about Samsung QLED and Samsung Neo QLED. This article will give you all the important information on both the TVs.

Technology is enhancing with each passing day. First, it started with a heavy box of TV. Then it progressed to smart TVs. Now smart TVs are improving their features to give you an out-of-this-world experience. Samsung is a famous name when it comes to TVs. Currently, Samsung is planning on astonishing us with its Samsung QLED TV. Slight information on neo QLED vs OLED is all you need to become familiar with Samsung’s greatness.

Samsung QLED and Samsung neo QLED are advancements in the TV market. Samsung makes the best TVs with good picture quality. Samsung Neo QLED and QLED are focused on the main purpose of providing an aesthetic picture quality. Samsung QLED 75 has a big screen to give you great visual effects.

This article will give you all the required details about QLED TVs and what neo-QLED is. A good debate on QLED vs neo QLED will help you decide which one to buy. So sit tight and enjoy the show with the best TV up to date- Samsung QLED!

What Is Samsung QLED?

Samsung QLED is similar to a LED but with slight additions. QLED stands for "quantum light emitting diodes.“ This TV contains an extra layer of quantum particles among the regular layers of a LED TV. It aims at providing the best colors and brightness on your screen.

What Is Samsung QLED?

If you are in the market, you will come across Samsung QLED at every step. It has gained a great name among TVs due to its picture quality. Many other companies have also tried their best to introduce their QLEDs, but they could not meet the standards of Samsung QLED. It is because Samsung has introduced 8K resolution in their QLED and neo-QLED while other TV brands are stuck at 4K.

Special Features of Samsung QLED:

Samsung QLED and Samsung neo QLED come with great features that will earn extra points in their favor if you consider buying them.

Eye Comfort Mode:

Samsung QLED has special sunset and sunrise settings. It helps the TV to adapt to the outside light and adjust blue light accordingly. It keeps the eye hazards to a minimum.


Samsung QLED provides a very good synchronization of moving pictures and their sounds. There is no lagging effect, and the sound procession is managed at a suitable speed. Q-Symphony plays a major role in optimizing your audio experience.

What is Neo QLED?

Are you wondering what is Neo QLED? Let’s get to know about it! When QLED proved to be a success, Samsung decided to upgrade the model further. It was when Samsung Neo QLED was introduced.

Samsung neo QLED is a successor of QLED with some additions to it. The difference is the addition of a mini-LED backlight. This new model has ten times more light arrays than the previous QLED.

What changes do some extra mini-LEDS buy to Samsung neo QLED?

Samsung has taken the responsibility of giving its viewers the best visual experience. With extra arrays of mini-LEDs, brightness is enhanced, and its eye-harming effects are reduced. Viewing angles are also wider, with more display covering the screen.

Last but not the least, Samsung neo QLED comes with reduced blooming. It helps to control the direction of light in areas where it is needed.

What Is Samsung QLED?


The name "Neo QLED" has replaced QLED on a large scale. QLEDs are a big show, but when it comes to neo-QLED, you may feel the need to know what neo-QLED is and how it is comparable to QLED. So let's get to the puzzle of "QLED vs NEO QLED."

  • With QLED, Direct Full Array backlights shine from both sides of the screen. It enhances brightness and offers good light and dark control, but it is nothing compared to neo-QLED's mini-LED option.
  • Neo QLED has better light control and more resolution options. It utilizes your TV screen with a wide viewing angle and better brightness control.

Regarding neo QLED vs QLED, there is not a big difference as both models are a success. But if you are light conscious and want the unique experience of brightness and contrast, neo-QLED may be your chosen option.


After solving the neo QLED vs QLED, the next necessary comparison is neo QLED vs OLED.

OLED was an older technology but was a success in its time. It was focused mainly on preserving the true blacks in a picture. You cannot appreciate a night scene in a movie if it's not dark. Right? OLED was a

Success in this regards without using backlights.

Neo QLED improved many features and introduced new technologies to enhance picture quality and viewing angles. It also focused on preserving the dark aspects of a picture, but it could not compete with the OLED in the race. Other than that, it does give OLED good competition.

Best Size Options-Samsung QLED 75 Inch Screen:

Samsung QLED and Samsung neo are the best options for a 75-inch TV.

Samsung offers QLEDs in sizes ranging from 55" to 85". Yet, the Samsung QLED 75-inch got the best reviews on Amazon and other online stores. Seventy-five inches easily get fit to your wall by mounting accessories. 75” is also ideal for the viewing options Samsung QLED provides.

Best Size Options-Samsung QLED 75 Inch Screen

Can You Watch Movies on Samsung QLED?

With the best resolution options comes the best watching experience. You will be sitting on your couch, but the HDR of QLED will take you to the ocean of the Milky Way through your screen.

It also allows you to connect to a projector and watch your recording videos. Also, Internet connectivity to your QLED will allow you to stream online videos and movies.

How to Download Videos from Netflix and Other Streaming Apps?

Not a fan of online streaming but want to continue on Netflix? Worry not because many apps are built specifically to help you keep up with your shows.

How to watch Netflix offline on Your Samsung QLED?

If you face connectivity issues, watching Netflix online on your Samsung QLED, it can cause anxiety. Moving to offline videos might seem a better option to save the trouble of reloading. How to watch Netflix offline is not a question of concern if you know about BBFly.

BBFly Netflix Downloader:

BBFly Netflix downloader is a unique app built for the fans of offline streaming. It is linked to all streaming platforms like Netflix, AMC plus, Amazon, and others.

BBFly offers a variety of subtitles and dubbing downloads. It is also supported on all of your devices. Besides using this amazing downloader on your Samsung QLED, you can also use it to download content on other devices, including mobile phones, and laptops. BBFly has no regional restrictions, and you can stream videos on it sitting in any part of the world.

You need to search for the BBFly website or app. once you open your BBFly, choose a streaming network, e.g., Netflix, search for your show, and start your download.

Summing It Up:

Samsung QLED and neo-QLED might be all you need to enjoy your shows with your family. The selection of a TV is not a problem for you if you know the answer to "what is neo QLED?”. Samsung QLED models come with the best screen sizes. They can give worthy competition to other marketing companies. Good research on QLED vs neo QLED will help make the big decision.

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