Di cosa si tratta la colonia

Wednesday 2022/06/01

Are you into sci-fi movies related to aliens? Well then, you must certainly watch The Colony for your next movie. For all those who aren’t familiar with The Colony, then let us tell you what this TV series is all about.

In this article, we are going to talk about this amazing sci-fi TV series, as well as The Colony cast, if there is The Colony season 4, and where you can watch this series. Plus, we’ll also tell you how you can download this TV series, along with your favorite TV shows and movies from the Netflix streaming service platform.

What is The Colony all about?

The Colony is a popular American science fiction TV drama serial, which was created by Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal. La colonia’s first episode was released on January 14, 2016, and has 3 seasons up to now and 36 episodes.

So, what is The Colony all about?

The story of The Colony revolves around an alien force that has invaded a colony in Los Angeles. Some of the families have decided to join the collaborators, while others rebel and fight against them.

Now, these opposing forces have made it difficult to live in this city, as the citizens balance staying together with surviving the struggle of the human race. Will Bowman, a former FBI agent who is also forced to collaborate with the occupational government in order to bring down the movement inside the L.A. colony. Katie Bowman, Will's wife, struggles to keep her family safe and united in occupied L.A.

Who is in the cast of The Colony?

Permettere’s now tell you about the cast of The Colony.

The main lead role of The Colony includes Josh Holloway as Will Bowman, and Sarah Wayne Callies as his wife, played by Katie Bowman.

Other supporting cast members include Peter Jacobson, Alan Snyder, Tory Kittles, Broussard, Isabella Crovetti, Wayne Bradey, Carl Weathers, Jacob Buster, Ally Wakers, and many more.

Will there be The Colony Season 4?

Earlier we mentioned that The Colony currently has only 3 seasons upto now and 36 episodes.

So, will there be The Colony season 4?

Fans eagerly waited for The Colony season 4, but, the news of the cancellation of this TV series came as a surprise to everyone.

We don’t know the reason behind the cancellation of this spectacular sci-fi TV show, but speculations say that there was either a drastic drop in the viewership or an increase in the production cost. Because of the increase in production cost, this sci-fi show moved its production and shooting to Vancouver for season three.

The Final and third season of The Colony premiered on Netflix on May 3rd, 2019, and will leave this streaming platform on May 2nd this year. The Colony is actually owned by NBC Universal, who in reality sold the streaming rights to Netflix for a specific time period. Now that the time is up, both parties had to either renew the streaming license for the show or pull it out for good.

Whatever the reason was, fans were left unsatisfied with the ending of The Colony season 3.

Is The Colony really worth watching?

Want an honest The Colony review? Well, for all those wondering whether The Colony is actually worth watching or not, let us tell you that The Colony is one captivating TV series that everyone who is into sci-fi drama content must watch.

The cast did a remarkable job, and the solid storyline had plenty of action, as well as mystery and suspense. You will certainly not regret watching The Colony.

Quindi, fatevi un favore e guarda questa epica serie TV!

C'è un film di The Colony?

Per tutti coloro che si confondono tra la serie TV Colony e il film della colonia, ti diciamo che nessuna di queste due serie e film sono collegati tra loro.

The Colony Movie è un film d'azione di fantascienza, diretto da Jeff Renfroe e prodotto da Paul Barkin. È stato rilasciato nel lontano 2013 e ruota attorno alla civiltà nel 2045, dove gli umani hanno costruito macchine meteorologiche per controllare il riscaldamento globale e i cambiamenti climatici.

La colonia è su Netflix?

Vuoi sapere dove puoi guardare la serie TV della colonia?

Bene, per fortuna, la colonia è in streaming su Netflix'piattaforma di streaming. Quindi, tutti gli utenti di Netflix possono godere di tutte e tre le stagioni della colonia su questa piattaforma di streaming.

Tuttavia, assicurati di guardare la colonia prima del 2 maggio, poiché Netflix ha informato gli utenti che questa data sarà l'ultimo giorno a godere di questo epico programma televisivo di fantascienza su Netflix.

Per guardare la colonia su Netflix, dovrai avere un account di abbonamento Netflix. Per creare un account con Netflix, vai sul sito ufficiale e crea un account fornendo le tue credenziali personali. Quindi, scegli uno dei seguenti piani di abbonamento Netflix e sei tutti ordinati:

  • Piano base di Netflix per $ 9,99 al mese
  • Piano standard Netflix per $ 15,49 al mese
  • Piano premium Netflix per $ 19,99 al mese

Quindi, accedi con le tue credenziali, cerca la colonia e inizia a guardare questa fantastica serie su Netflix!

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In this article, we told you everything about the amazing limited sci-fi TV series, The Colony. We told you everything you needed to know about this TV series, what it is all about, its cast, as well as where you can easily watch this TV show online.

Then, we introduce you to BBFly Netflix Downloader, which will help you download all your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, soaps, and so on, from the Netflix streaming platform.

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