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How to update HBO on Samsung Smart TV?

Friday 2022/04/29

Do you want to know how to update Hbo Max on Samsung Smart tv, but you don't get accurate information? Don't worry, here we will show you the steps to follow to enjoy Hbo Max on your Samsung Smart tv.

Technology is booming in the latest era, with the advent of the internet and technological reform that includes electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and televisions. There are numerous possibilities to make the most out of today's technologies. In fact, programs designed for these devices are of great prestige and offer great content in entertainment.

For example, you can now have HBO Max on your Samsung TV, where you can enjoy the multimedia content that HBO Max offers you on Samsung smart tv. In the next post, we will tell you a little bit about how to have HBO Max on Smart Tv and how to upgrade HBO Max on Samsung Smart Tv.

You can't miss the best content on HBO Max!

Here's what you need to know if you want to get a Samsung HBO Max TV.

The most recognized video programs on smart TV screens are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and currently HBO Max. The latter was launched in 2020 and is a very popular video program, due to this the designers make constant updates so that they are added and the user experience is improved.

Many times, such updates are not performed automatically and must be installed manually. This is why many users may wonder how to update HBO Max on Samsung Smart Tv.

That is why, if you have a Samsung HBO Max TV, here we will show you step by step how to download HBO max on Samsung Smart tv and how to update the HBO max app on Samsung tv.

HBO Max compatibility on smart TVs

Before explaining how to update HBO Max on Samsung Smart Tv it is important to check if the HBO Max video program is compatible with the Smart TV. To do this, you can observe on the back of the TV a label showing Model Code that reveals the year of release, whose identification is represented in capital letters K for 2016, M for 2017, N for 2018, R for 2019, T for 2020, A for 2021.

The HBO Max program on Smart TV is compatible with the models described above. In addition, you can verify the code from the menu, by going to settings, technical support and finally, about the TV.

In this section, you will also find important information to identify in detail the HBO Max on your Samsung smartphone and how to update HBO Max on Samsung.

If your Smartphone TV is not compatible with the HBO Max program do not worry, you can learn how to have HBO Max on Samsung Smart Tv below. You just need to connect a compatible device via HDMI.

Steps to follow to update HBO Max on Samsung Smart Tv

Downloading HBO max on Samsung Smart tv is easy to do. Likewise, updating hbo max on Samsung Smart tv. To do so, you need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1 Turn on your HBO max Samsung TV and verify the internet connection. Remember that this is a process that requires the TV to be connected to a stable Wifi network in order to perform the update without interruptions.

Step 2 You must open Smart on your Samsung TV HBO max and click on the "Apps" option, search for HBO Max.

Step 3 Proceed to select the settings icon, located in the upper right corner of the screen. Once there, look for the "update" icon.

Step 4 Next, scroll down and select HBO Max. Generally, at this step, an option should appear that says "update" you should click there.

Step 5 Once these steps are completed, the HBO max update will be installed on the Samsung Smart tv.

Keep this in mind:

You may encounter some setbacks when updating, and it is likely that you can assume that uninstalling the application and downloading it again would be the solution. Maybe it will work on some occasions, but on others, it won't, so what should you do? It's simple, you should check the hard disk storage.

Because the upgrades are created to add information or features to the HBO Max program, it is very likely to take up more storage space. Therefore, the hard drive of your Samsung Smart TV does not have enough space for the installation of the HBO Max upgrade on the Smart TV.

So how to have HBO Max on Samsung Smart Tv if I do not have enough storage space on the hard drive? Faced with such a problem, the only solution is to delete programs that you are not using, this will free up space and you will be able to upgrade HBO Max on Samsung Smart Tv.

How to download exclusive HBO Max content on Samsung Smart Tv?

It is now possible to download the multimedia content shown on HBO Max through download applications such as BBFly. Where you can enjoy HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV without internet connection and in the best quality.

BBfly allows you to download original movies and series in 1080 pixels. All you have to do is use the BBFly HBO downloader. With HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV, you can watch multimedia content with no time limit, no internet connection, no ads, and the best resolution.

The BBFly application allows you to set the language and subtitles in the movies or series offered by HBO Max. In addition, you can achieve downloading at an optimal and convenient speed for users.

Downloading videos through BBFly is easy, just follow a series of steps:

Step 1 To access all HBO MAX offline content. You will need to first download the BBFly app on your device or computer. If you don't already have it you can access their website and download it →BBFly Downloader.

Step 2 Once you have installed the application you can open it. Once inside you must locate HBO Max in the list of Streaming channels. Log in to your Amazon Max account and select the video you want to download, configure aspects related to video quality and resolution and that's it.

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