FOD has no download function! Recommend a tool to download videos from FOD.

Friday 2022/07/08

Fuji TV On Demand (FOD) is a video delivery service operated by Fuji Television Network, a well-known TV network, offering Fuji TV's classic dramas, variety, anime, movies, latest broadcasts, and original programs that can be seen only on FOD. You can enjoy not only Japanese dramas, variety shows, and animations, but also Asian dramas, foreign films, and foreign movies.

However, FOD does not have a download function.

So, in this article, we will show you how to download FOD videos.

Can I download FOD Premium videos?

Well, today's topic is about downloading videos, animations, and dramas from FOD Premium for offline viewing. There are quite a few users who want to download and save videos.

FOD Premium does not have a download function.

Unfortunately, FOD Premium does not support downloading, so you have to stream to watch. However, it is not too early to give up. In fact, it is possible to download and save FOD Premium videos using recording software. Below is an introduction to recording software and how to download and save FOD Premium streaming videos using recording software.

1. overview of FOD Premium (fees, how to cancel, etc.)

Let's take a closer look at FOD Premium's fees, benefits, how to sign up, and how to cancel.

Overview of FOD Premium

Monthly fee: 976 yen (2-week free trial available)

Monthly benefit: 1,300 points awarded each month (can be used as points for manga and magazine rentals)

Payment Method Credit card payment, Amazon Pay, docomo sp-mode payment, au (kantan settlement, WALLET, TV pack plan), UQ mobile, My SoftBank authentication, iTunes Store payment

Account Up to 1 adult and 4 children

Simultaneous viewing Not available

Not available for download

Supported models PC, smartphone, tablet, TV, set-top box

Original Movies: Available

Number of Movies: Over 50,000 videos, over 500,000 comics and magazines

Overview of FOD Free Version

Only missed delivery is available

Can be viewed without membership registration

FOD Premium gives you 1,300 points every month, and you can use these points to watch about 3 comics for free every month. (Points can also be purchased separately.)

As for the free version of FOD, it is limited to use only for "missed episodes," so you may want to think of it as something to use when you miss real-time content.

How to enjoy FOD video content after canceling FOD Premium

FOD does not have a download function, and streaming is also unavailable once you cancel your subscription, so you will not be able to enjoy FOD after cancellation. Therefore, we will show you how to enjoy FOD unlimitedly by using a separate download tool.

Download FOD with BBFly FOD Downloader

Here is how to download FOD video content using BBFly FOD Downloader.

Installing BBFly FOD Downloader

Installation Requirements

Supported OS Windows 7 (32/64bit) or later11 ・Mac OS 10.10 or later

CPU: Intel Corei3 or later ・Mac Core2Quad or later

RAM: 4GB or more

HDD: 40GB or more free space

Other Internet environment

Official website ( Windows and Mac compatible)

1. access the official website and download the software from "Free Download". 2.

2. After downloading, double-click "bbfly_online.exe" to start the installer.

3. Click "Install" and wait for the download to complete.

4. When the installation is complete, click "Start Now" to launch BBFly FOD Downloader.

Downloading videos with BBFly FOD Downloader

1. after launching BBFly FOD Downloader, click "VIP Services" on the left side of the screen and select "FOD".

2. Select FOD and you will see "FOD Premium" in a new tab. Click "Login" at the top of the screen to log in.

Once logged in, navigate to the page of the video you wish to download. The download menu will appear automatically. Check the titles you wish to download and click "Download Now.

*If you want to batch download later, select "Add to Queue". 4.

4. the titles to be downloaded will appear in the window on the right. For batch downloads, you must click "Start All" at the bottom right.

*For server stability, it is safer not to perform any extra operations while downloading. Multiple operations may cause the download to fail. 5.

When the download is complete, the destination folder will automatically open. Double-click the video or click "Open in Program" to play the video. If the video plays without any problems, the download was successful.

What should I do if the video does not download with BBFly FOD Downloader?

If you are unable to download videos with BBFly FOD Downloader, please refer to the following solutions.

Install BBFly Downloader with "Run as administrator

Most troubles can be handled by "Run as administrator". Please be sure to start the software with administrator privileges. (Right-click -> "Run as administrator" from the proverty)

Do not close other software or perform other PC operations while downloading.

Operation may become slow during downloading because the server is being accessed. In addition, because it uses a large amount of Internet bandwidth, the download may be interrupted if the operation becomes unstable. Do not perform any unnecessary operations while downloading.


In this article, we explained how to use FOD Premium and how to download after cancellation. FOD Premium is a VOD service that can be used by both adults and children. It concentrates on popular dramas from the past to the present, and you can also enjoy unlimited magazine reading and a wide variety of manga.

You can not only watch but also download your favorite videos and enjoy them unlimitedly.