How to delete or cancel your Insta account on your phone

Monday 2022/07/18

How to delete or cancel your Instagram account on your phone

Instagram accounts are free, easy, and you can create multiple accounts, but sometimes you want to delete an account you no longer need. But when you open the Insta app, there is no screen to delete.

On this page, we will show you how to completely delete your Instagram account, even from your iPhone or Android phone.

Disadvantages and cautions of deleting an account

The deletion procedure is very simple, but before deleting your Insta account, here are some of its disadvantages and cautions.

- The procedure does not immediately delete your account completely; there is a 30-day grace period.

- During the grace period, photos and other information you have posted will be hidden.

- Your account will be restored by logging in during the grace period.

- After the grace period, your data will be completely deleted.

- Once the data is completely deleted, it cannot be restored and you will not be able to use the same user name.

Downloading Insta data.

Please note that there is a 30-day grace period, after which restoration will no longer be possible.

You can download data such as photos, comments, and profile information that you have posted so far. If you have not backed up your photos and other data, we recommend that you download them before they are completely deleted.

  1. [Select Download Personal Data.
  2. The data will be sent to you via email, so enter the email address you want to send the data to and press [Request Download].
  3. You will be asked for your password to log in to Insta, please enter it.

Procedure for deleting or canceling an Instagram account

Here are the steps to delete or cancel your Instagram account. At this time, it is not possible to delete an account from the Instagram application for both iPhone and Android.

However, you can easily delete your account from your smartphone via your browser (Safari or Chrome).

  1. Access the [ Instagram Account Deletion Request Page].
  2. The login screen will appear.
  3. The screen for deleting an account will be displayed. Select the reason for deletion.
  4. Enter your password again. The date on which the account will be completely deleted will be shown, confirm it, and finally press the Delete button.
  5. The date the account will be deleted will be displayed again. If you log in to your account before this date, you will be able to restore it without being permanently deleted. (In the case of this image, the deletion operation was performed on March 1, 2022.)

*You can own multiple accounts on Insta, but deletion must be done for each account.

*Uninstalling the Insta app alone will not delete your account.

How other users see you after the deletion operation

You may be wondering how your deleted account will look to other users.

When other users access the profile page of the deleted account, they will see this screen. (What is displayed may vary depending on the specifications and environment of the installer.)

The features are that the profile icon will be the initial doll icon, the name will be "Instagram user," and posts will be hidden.

This differs from being blocked.

Characteristics are that the profile icon will be the initial doll icon, the name will be "Instagram user", and posts will be hidden.

This is different from being blocked.