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I put together a list of how to save insta-stories that will disappear in 24 hours.

Friday 2022/07/15

Have you ever used the Instagram Story feature? In this article, I would like to start by explaining what the InstaStory function is.

What is InstaStory?

InstaStory (also called Stories) is a feature that allows users to post images and videos in a slideshow-like format, separate from regular posts. The display time switches in 3 seconds. While feed posts are square, Stories are displayed in full-screen mode, with the most significant feature being that they disappear automatically after 24 hours.

Stories appear at the top of the user's feed screen. From there, selecting an account will start the Stories playback. It is important to note, however, that the contributor will be able to see a list of accounts that have viewed it, a record of their footprint.

How to save an Insta-Story

To repeat what was said earlier, Insta-Stories will automatically disappear if you don't view them within 24 hours. The only way to save them is to save them yourself if you want to view them over and over again. The screen recording function on your phone is the easiest way to do this, but some people may be concerned about the quality of the image or the fact that notifications, etc., may show up on the screen. So in this article, we will show you how to save your InstaStory using a download tool.

Saving Insta-Stories using download software

Although InstaStory is more like a slideshow than a video, there are actually products that can properly handle some video download software.

BBFly Downloader

BBFly is a video-focused download tool that supports over 200 sites, but it can actually download InstaStory as well. You will need to install the software itself, but you can enjoy high quality images that far exceed screen recordings. Let us explain the actual procedure for downloading InstaStory.

First, install BBFly from the official website. There are many products available depending on the site you use, but they all function in the same way.

Open the Insta-story you want to save, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, and select "Copy Link" to copy the URL.

Launch BBFly and click "Paste Link" in the upper right corner.

Paste the copied URL here and the settings screen will appear.

Make the relevant settings here and the download will start automatically.

Your favorite InstaStory will now be downloaded and you can view it at any time.

Saving Insta-Stories using a web download tool

In addition to download software that requires installation, there are other convenient sites online where you can simply paste a URL and download it.

For example, this site, StoriesIG, allows you to download not only InstaStories but also images and videos by copying and pasting the link using the same procedure as before.

And by using the Viewer feature, you can even browse Insta-Stories without leaving a footprint. This is a convenient site that can be used in several ways at once. Detailed usage instructions can be found on the official page, so if you are interested, please check it out.

Saving Insta-Stories using browser extensions

If you are viewing InstaStory on your computer, you can also download it by utilizing your browser's extension function. There are many video downloaders that support this feature, although there are a few that are dedicated to InstaStory.

Using Chrome as an example, you can use the "Video Getter " extension, which automatically detects and downloads videos.

Add the extension and play the InstaStory you want to download in your browser.

Click on "Video Getter" from the extension in the upper right corner. Once a downloadable file is detected, a new window will open automatically.

Further click on the "Download" button and the InstaStory will be saved.

It is almost the same as downloading any other video, so even first-time users will be able to use it quickly.


Now that we have shown you how to save an Insta-story with a time limit, you will never have to worry about missing it or having it disappear again. If you are a beginner, this article will help you to enjoy and use Instagram.