All You Need to Know About HBO Max Student Discount

Monday 2022/09/19

HBO Max is an online service that allows users to stream numerous numbers of titles. It rivals other entertainment services like Paramount Plus and Universal Studios. Since many students can’t afford the high monthly streaming fees, HBO max gives out HBO max student discount.

This discount on HBO max for students helps the financially weak students to enjoy their service. If you want to know more about how the discount on HBO max for students works, read this article till the end as we will be explaining everything you need to know about HBOmax student discount and HBO max discount for students.


Does HBO Max Have a Student Discount?

The target audience of HBO max is mainly teenagers and young adults, most of which are students. This is why many people have a question; does HBO max have a student discount? Since most students are financially burdened and can't afford the full fee, they previously introduced an HBO max student discount or, as some people say, HBO max discount for students.

This HBO max discount for student reduced the original price, which was $14.99, and reduced HBO max price student to $9.99. This really helped the students to get cheap entertainment. Unfortunately, HBOmax student discount is no longer available.

If you had the HBOmax student discount enabled before the discount on HBO for students ended, you would continue to pay the price that was set on HBO max for students. Many people get confused between HBO and HBO max; if you are also one of them, refer to this article.

What is The Benefit of This Account?

If you availed the HBO max student discount when it was available and haven't canceled the subscription since you will continue to pay the price that was set by HBO for students. If you have the HBO max student discount subscription account still available, you can enjoy some perks.

First of all, the main perk of HBO max student discount is, obviously, the discount. With your HBO max student discount enabled, you won’t have to pay the full price; instead, you can pay the HBO max price student have to pay, which is $9.99.

This price will continue as long as you are a verified student and don’t cancel the subscription. You can also use his account side by side, as HBO allows multiple users to use HBO max at once. If you want to know how many people can watch HBO max at the same time, read this article.

How Can I Apply for HBO Max Student Discount?

Many people still have the question; does HBO max have a student discount? And if there is, how to get HBO max student discount? Well, sad news for you people as HBO max student discount is no longer available. But if you had the HBO max student discount enabled before its discontinuation, you will still be able to enjoy the perks that you had before with HBO max discount for students.

If you still want some discounts and offers to reduce your monthly expense, you should watch out for the limited-time promotional offers that HBO max deploys from time to time. Some of these offers are surprisingly good and can have a significant impact on your subscription expenses. Earlier this year, HBO max released a promotional offer that allowed people to sign up for as low as $7.99.

Another way to avail some discount on the subscription cost is by purchasing the annual plan of HBO max. If you opt for the annual plan, you will only have to pay a yearly sum of $104.99 a year for the ads-free plan. If you go for the cheaper plan with ads included, you can pay $69.99, which turns out to be around $5.83 a month, which is even less than the student discount.

You can also avail the HBO max price student pays if you manage to buy an account with the HBO max student discount already enabled. You can find a friend or colleague willing to sell his account and buy it from him and continue to watch your favorite shows at a discounted price.

the HBO max price

How to Download HBO Max Videos with BBFly Downloader?

Do max is a great streaming service, and people across the globe love it due to the sheer number of shows it allows you to watch exclusively on HBO max. In order to watch your favorite shows and movies on HBO max, you need a stable high-speed internet connection. This has always been a bottleneck, and people are often found complaining about it.

If you also want to watch your favorite shows offline, go ahead and download BBFly, as it is one of the best choices if you want to download movies and shows from over 100 websites. BBFly also offers a host of other perks and advantages alongside offline viewing of your favorite shows. Let's discuss all of these merits in detail.

the HBO max

Download From All Regions

BBFly allows you to download movies and series from regional accessible websites like Germany, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, etc.

High-speed Downloads with Batch Feature

Say goodbye to slow internet speeds while downloading content, as BBFly allows you to download movies and series at insanely fast speed, thanks to their top-notch software alterations and updates.

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HD Quality Downloads

When viewing content on a small phone screen, the resolution does not matter that much as pixels are crammed in a small space and look good even when not in HD quality. Since BBFly allows you to download your content across platforms, low resolution might become a problem when you are viewing low-resolution content on a 50-inch TV screen.

This is why BBFly has taken care of this problem, as they allow you to download HD quality content with a high frame rate. This allows you to easily stream good-looking content across all devices and not worry about pixels exploding.

Watch On All Devices

As mentioned earlier, you can watch all your downloaded content across devices. BBFly downloads all your content in MP4 format, which allows you to combat format incompatibility. With the help of BBFly downloader, you can also convert different formats into MP4 and view your content at any place, any time.

No Ads

We can all agree that advertisements are one of the most irritating and annoying things you can encounter while watching your favorite movie and shows. Taking this into consideration, BBFly has countered this problem. You can easily download your favorite movies and enjoy them without any interruptions.


HBO max is a great streaming platform as it streams some of the finest content. This article covers all you need to know about HBO max student discount and other discounts by HBO for student they provide.

Since you can't watch any kind of content without the internet, it has always been a bottleneck. BBFly counters all these problems and provides a great video downloading platform for people to enjoy great content even without a stable internet connection.