Why doesn't HBO Max work on Samsung TVs?

Friday 2022/04/08

HBO Max app is not working on your smart TV? Here you can find out the reasons why HBO Max is not working on Samsung TV and how to fix it efficiently.

Are you tired of the HBO Max app not working on Samsung TV? It is possible that the HBO Max Tv login is not working. We know this can be a headache for many. But don't worry, here we will show you how to restart the HBO Max app when HBO Max won't load.

Reasons why HBO Max doesn’t load or the HBO Max application doesn’t work.

There are several reasons why HBO Max doesn’t load or the HBO Max app doesn’t work. Among them, it may be because HBO Max Tv login is not working due to internet connection issues or incompatibility reasons caused by an older Samsung TV model.

The HBO Max application does not work on Samsung TVs when the TV's release year is lower than 2016. You can check the model compatibility on the bottom back of the TV, where the Model Code is shown in capital letters. Also, you can check it in the TV settings, in the about tv section.

These are the models that are compatible with HBO Max:

A when the TV launch was in 2021, T in the year 2020, R in 2019, N in 2018, M in 2017, and finally, K in 2016.

When the HBO Max application doesn’t work, it may also be because the streaming software is outdated and the user must manually activate the update. In this case, the user will have to follow simple steps to solve the problem.

How to update HBO Max when Samsung TV applications are not working

Either for an update or to restart the HBO Max application to ensure its correct operation. It is necessary to take into account certain parameters. When updating the video streaming program you can follow the following order:

1. With the Smart TV turned on, verify a stable internet connection.

2. Launch Smart on the tv and select the applications option.

3. Identify the settings icon, located at the top right side of the screen.

4. Choose the updates option.

5. Search for HBO Max and click on update.

How can I restart the HBO Max application on Samsung Tv?

If HBO Max doesn’t load, a solution that can be very convenient is to know how to restart the HBO Max application. To do this, it is necessary to log out, disconnect the Samsung TV, wait about a minute, restart the TV, and once turned on, open HBO Max and log in again.

On the other hand, if despite restarting the application the problems are not solved, you can try to delete and reinstall the HBO Max application that does not work. Just follow the steps described below.

How to remove the HBO Max program that does not work on Samsung TV?

  1. You must open Smart Hub
  2. Select HBO Max
  3. And you can do one of these two alternatives: Hold down the "Enter" key, and after that, choose "Delete" and confirm the operation OR select "Remove" and confirm again.

How to reinstall HBO Max?

  1. Search for HBO Max on your smart TV.
  2. Select HBO Max from the applications and reinstall it.
  3. When it is downloaded click "Run" and log in again.

What to do if HBO Max does not work on Samsung TV due to storage problems?

Now that you know how to restart the HBO Max app on Samsung Tv, and how to update, delete and reinstall HBO Max, there should be no more issues.

However, if despite this HBO Max doesn’t work on Samsung tv because Samsung TV apps do not work, perhaps we would be dealing with a storage issue.

When HBO Max doesn't work on Samsung TVs due to low hard disk storage, updates are interrupted and simultaneously cause Samsung TV applications to not work.

This problem may be caused by updates to the HBO Max streaming program becoming larger and taking up more space. This leads to problems with installation and the HBO Max login not working.

So, the solution is to free up hard disk space by deleting unused apps. This will optimize the HBO Max update.

HBO Max does not work on Samsung TVs due to incompatibility issues

When there are complications due to incompatibility and HBO Max doesn't work on Samsung TVs. You can view the content that HBO Max offers through the connection of a compatible device (phone, tablet, computer) via HDMI.

You can also do this by downloading the content and then watching your favorite videos on your Samsung TV. Generally, there are numerous alternatives and platforms to download from a streaming program such as HBO Max. One of them is BBFly.

About BBFly.

Download all your content quickly and effectively with BBFly. This video downloading platform is associated with more than 100 websites, including popular streaming platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, Disney, and of course HBO Max.

It is through this platform that each user will have the possibility to choose the language, subtitles, quality, and resolution of the video. Being able to obtain unlimited downloads in record time.

Steps to download series and movies from HBO Max

You can log in through BBFly and follow the simple steps to download.

1. Download the BBFly app and install it on your device or computer.

2. Once inside, choose HBO Max from the streaming services.

3. Launch your account and select the video you wish to download.

4. Click on "download now", configure the video settings and you are done.

Once the download is done you can watch your favorite movies and series without an internet connection and without worrying about HBO Max not working on your Samsung TV.

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