What is FANZA's 10 yen sale? When is it held and what has it done in the past? And how to save the videos permanently!

Friday 2022/07/29

Have you ever used an adult video site called FANZA? According to their official website.

FANZA adult is a general adult site including video and DVD shopping, adult games, live chat, and doujinshi.

One of the sales held irregularly at FANZA is

FANZA's 10 yen sale campaign is a special offer by FANZA to offer target videos and comics for a limited time only at a low price of 10 yen.

This campaign is said to be the most exciting among FANZA's many sales, and it is a big event that you should not miss as many people buy up all the target products.

FANZA 10 yen Sale Terms and Conditions

The 10 yen sale does not mean that you can buy each work for 10 yen, but it is a system that allows you to purchase many works at once at the normal selling price of one work (about 1000-2000 yen). It is not a case of "pay only 10 yen to watch a movie. Furthermore, the sale does not cover all titles, but only a limited number of them. It is a campaign, so some conditions are unavoidable, but it is attractive to be able to enjoy a lot of works at an unbeatable price.

VR works are also eligible for the 10 yen sale

VR is becoming a new way to enjoy adult videos, and there are probably many people who are not familiar with VR movies but would like to try them at least once. In fact, the 10 yen sale includes VR works. If you are not sure whether or not it fits your taste and are not sure whether or not to buy it, this might be a good opportunity to give it a try.

Past and Future of FANZA 10 yen Sale

Unfortunately, as of July 2022, the 10 yen sale for videos has not been held (for doujinshi, it will be held from July 29), but let us guess when it might be held in the future based on past results.

As for frequency, the event is held about once a year, but in 2020, a state of emergency was declared due to the effects of Corona, and the event was held three times as "home support.

As for 2022, the 10-yen sale was held three times in January, with the dates being

1st period: January 12 (Wed.) 10:00 - January 14 (Fri.) 10:00

Period 2: January 14 (Fri.) 10:00 - January 17 (Mon.) 10:00

Third period: January 17 (Monday) 10:00 - January 19 (Wednesday) 10:00

The third period: January 17 (Mon.) 10:00 - January 19 (Wed.) 10:00

This is like a New Year's sale.

Since the 3rd period has already been held this year, it may be difficult to hold the sale before the end of the year. Next year's event is also likely to be held during the New Year's or Obon period.

There are several accounts on Twitter that update information as needed, so if you are interested, please check there.

Software to download FANZA's works

The 10 yen sale allows you to purchase many works at once at a low price. However, FANZA does not sell downloads, but rather online viewing, so even works that you have spent money to purchase cannot be saved on your computer. This is good news for those who find it troublesome to log in and open the site every time they want to watch a movie.

There are download tools that allow you to safely and permanently download videos to your computer in high quality.


BBFly FANZA Downloaderis a one-stop solution to download movies and shows from over 200 websites. And what's more, there are also products dedicated to adult products such as FANZA and Pornhub.

Let's start with the installation process. First, download the product from the official website. (There is no difference in functionality between the adult and general products.)

Launch the software and select "Adult Services" from the menu on the left side.

Then you will see icons of several adult sites, select the FANZA icon.

Log in, etc., and go to the page of videos you have already purchased in the 10 yen sale. This is normal, but you cannot download videos that have not yet been purchased.

When playback starts, the download page will automatically appear.

Set the image quality, format, etc., and downloading will begin.

It is possible to manage many items at once, so you can download all the works purchased in the 10 yen sale at once.

It is very convenient because you can wait while enjoying the works.

If you are interested in this service, please take this opportunity to use it.


We hope that the basic information about FANZA's 10 yen sale, the forecast of the sale, and the method of downloading movies have been helpful to you. It is an irregular sale, so we still don't know if it will be held for the second time this year, but FANZA is always running campaigns, so please check them out as well.