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Family Theater CLUB Service Ending Soon? Learn how to save videos!

Thursday 2022/11/03

Family Theater CLUB has been operating since the fall of 2017 as a service to distribute exclusive original content of "particulars" on the Internet.

Unfortunately, the Family Theater CLUB service (all free and paid services) will end on March 31, 2023.

After the service ends, all videos will no longer be available.

There are still many movies that I want to watch, but I don't think I will be able to watch them all in the short time that I have left..."

For those who have such concerns, we will introduce how to download Family Theater CLUB videos.

You can download your favorite movies before the service ends, so you can watch them anytime you want!

Please take a look at this article.

What is Family Theater CLUB?

Family Theater CLUB is a free membership service of Family Theater, a CS broadcasting station that offers a lineup of popular programs that transcends the boundaries of various genres & terrestrial affiliates & original programs that are not available on terrestrial broadcasting.

By registering as a member, you can enjoy original programs and videos on voice actors, occult, idols, animation, gourmet, etc. anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, PC, tablet, or other devices.

The service was launched in the fall of 2017 and is now in its fifth year.

Unfortunately, however, the Family Theater CLUB service (all free and paid) will end on March 31, 2023.

After the service ends, all videos will no longer be available.

Regarding refunds for annual subscriptions, customers who newly subscribed, renewed, or changed their plans between May 1, 2022 and August 5, 2022 will have "unfulfilled months" of service that are less than one year, which is the original subscription period.
The refund of the monthly fee of 979 yen (including tax) x the number of undelivered months will be made to the relevant customers according to the number of undelivered months.

How can I download Family Theater CLUB movies?

Family Theater Club is compatible with devices such as PCs and smartphones, but the service itself does not have a download function.

However, you can easily download Family Theater CLUB movies by using the method described in this text. Let's take a closer look.

Here, we recommend BBFly Downloader, which allows you to download Family Theater CLUB videos with ease.

You can download videos from Family Theater CLUB by following the following 3 steps.

1. visit BBFly's official website; download BBFly for free and install it.

2. launch BBFly. Type the Family Theater CLUB link https://club.fami-geki.com/ in the address bar and press "Enter" key. You will then be redirected to the Family Theater CLUB home page.

3. Log in. Then, select the video you wish to download and play it. When you click the play button, the following screen will appear automatically. Click "Download Now. Play the downloaded video on your computer player, or import it to your favorite device before playing it, and enjoy it to the fullest.


This is how to download videos from Family Theater Club. The BBFly downloader introduced in this article is compatible not only with Family Theater CLUB, but also with more than 100 video distribution services. If you have any Family Theater CLUB movies you want to download, why not try using BBFly Downloader?