DRM protection can be removed! Download NHK Plus videos in high quality!

Friday 2022/08/12

NHK Plus cannot record!

NHK Plus itself does not have a recording function.

Recording via the PC capture function is not possible.

There is a Windows PC recording function called Xbox Game Bar. This function opens the control panel by typing "Windows" + "G" and allows you to record the screen.

However, both video and still images are protected by NHK Plus, so they will appear black and cannot be recorded.

Have you experienced the above? Actually, NHK Plus videos cannot be downloaded or recorded due to DRM restrictions, but they can be downloaded if you use download software that removes the DRM restrictions.

In this article, we will show you how to download NHK Plus videos in high quality in detail.

nhk plus recordings cause blackouts

Recording and saving NHK Plus programs is difficult due to DRM protection technology, which often causes NHK Plus programs to record with audible audio but a dark screen.

Also, it is not possible to record NHK Plus videos with the "Screen Recording" function on iPhones or the "Xbox Game Bar" recording function on Windows PCs; you must use third-party software that can remove DRM protection.

What is DRM protection?

We mentioned that DRM is the ultimate way to protect video content. Here, we will explain why this is so, using the case of controlling video playback as an example.

(1) Video playback files themselves are not locked.

The video playback file is first encrypted in the form of a key, and the key to open it, or license, is stored on the license server. When the video player retrieves the media file, it accesses the license server to obtain its required license, synthesizes it into the player, opens the key, and plays it.

This can provide a high level of security, in the sense that playback is only possible if the correct procedure is followed to obtain the license (key).

Many people mistakenly believe that the file itself is locked, when in fact it is not locked, but rather the file is encrypted. DRM allows the file to be duplicated, modified, and even controlled for output, even after the key is unlocked.

DRM is handled at the device level.

The functionality to control DRM is provided as a function of the device's OS and the browser running on it. The following is an example of the flow of a JavaScript-based playback player that plays videos in a browser.

Normal video playback is performed by MSE (Media Source Extensions API (MSE, Media Source Extensions API) acquires the video file and plays it back.

If DRM is introduced, the key must be brought from the license server and decrypted, as mentioned above. Here, DRM is handled by the Content Decryption Module (CDM, provided by the DRM vendor) implemented in the device or browser; the CDM is responsible for unlocking the key and restoring the video to its original state. EME (Encrypted Media Extensions, a W3C specification that provides a communication channel between web browsers and digital rights management (DRM) software) mediates MSE with CDM.

You can remove DRM protection! The best software - BBFly

BBFly Downloader is a software that allows you to download almost any content from video sharing services. Currently, online videos are basically DRM M3U8 encrypted to prevent downloading due to copyrights, etc. BBFly Downloader supports DRM M3U8 encryption technology to enable online video downloading.

Once you download NHK videos in MP4 or MKV format to your PC, you can transfer them to various devices such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, or play them on other media players. Both individual and batch downloads are supported, as well as fast download speeds and powerful processing.

BBFly Downloader supports not only NHK Online, but also TV Tokyo,TELASA,Prime Video JP, and other video distribution services.

How to use BBFly

Step 1: Post the video link

The first step in downloading NHK Special programs is to paste the link. In this case, in addition to copying the link from the official NHK Special website, you can save yourself the trouble of searching for the video by entering the video link directly.

Step 2: Prepare to download

Open the video link and play the video, and the source video you want to download will be detected automatically. After a few seconds the video will finish loading. Once loading is complete, "Download Now" will appear below the address bar.

Step 3: Change details

Before downloading, you will automatically be prompted to set the picture and sound quality to your liking.

Step 4: Start downloading

If no changes are necessary, click the "Download" button to begin the download process

Downloading NHK with Extensions

As mentioned above, NHK Online and NHK Plus videos, including news broadcasts, NHK for school, NHK on Demand, and Olympic Games, are delivered in a special file format called HLS (Http Live Streaming) and cannot be downloaded directly.

However, in July 2018, a Google Chrome extension called "Stream Recorder" became available, allowing you to easily download and save NHK streaming videos in your browser.

How to use Stream Recorder

Step 1, add the "Stream Recorder" extension to Google Chrome. Then you will see a red circle icon on the right side of the Google Chrome address bar. When you enter the playback page of the NHK streaming video you want to download or save, the red circle will become larger.

Step 2, click on the red circle to start downloading the NHK streaming video. At the same time, another tab will open and a blue bar will extend to indicate the progress of the download. At this point, you can also change the NHK video download quality by clicking on the "Quality" section.

Step 3, when the NHK streaming video download is complete, the bar will turn green and you can click "Save" to save it to a local folder.

Some sites may not detect the stream (no index file exists). In that case, you can turn on "Capture Mode" in the upper right corner to record the NHK streaming video before saving it for download.


You cannot save videos directly from the official NHK Plus website or app, but you can download NHK Plus videos using BBFly Downloader.

If you want to download NHK Plus videos, please try it.