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Avatar Roku – 10 must-known facts to know in 2022!

Thursday 2022/04/28

Part 1: Introduction

Anime is a Japanese animation technique. The founding of Mushi Productions by Osamu Tezuka, a prominent character in modern manga, the intense, novelist comic publication from Japan, that contributed substantially to the aesthetic of Anime, began in 1956 and reached enduring popularity in 1961. Early anime pictures were largely aimed at the Japanese audience, and as a result, many artistic considerations specific to Japan were used.

The love for Anime can be expressed just by saying, "It's different". Anime and American cartoons like Spiderman, Batman, Tom & Jerry etc., are way too different. On the one hand, the American cartoons depict everyday newspaper comics. On the other hand, Anime defines different types of artwork, their storytelling is very unusual, and the characters display even cultural refinement.

One of such amazing characters available in Anime is Avatar Roku. Roku Avatar was a fire nation-born Avatar who was born in 82 BG. He died in 12 BG at the age of 70 years. A male, having a white skin tone with glistening white hair, whose eyes were amber brown, was sharp enough to see the rival and onslaught it with his amazing fire bending fighting style and other techniques.

Roku | Avatar

Part 2: Avatar Roku – The Emergence!

What is Roku Avatar? When Kyoshi's long life ended, the Fire Nation's next Avatar, Roku, was born. Roku's identity was revealed as an Avatar at the age of 16. Before that, his childhood was generally easygoing, growing along with Sozin, his best friend and heir to the kingdom.

1: Avatar Roku Age

The era of Avatar Roku was the era of 100 years BA. Born in 82 BG, Roku Avatar was 70 years old. At the age of 16, he was revealed as an avatar. This is what shows the importance of Avatar Roku age. Now the question is, does Roku have Avatar?

2: Avatar Roku Young

As we continue to know the journey of Roku Avatar, the question also asks why does Roku have Avatar?

Member of the honorable Fire-Nation household, Avatar Roku young was a peaceful, focused, and pleasant child who never lacked anything in life. The entire world was at extreme peace when Roku was in his early childhood. This was because his predecessor Avatar Kyoshi had a long life and was on the brim of an industrial upheaval thanks to a phenomenal affiliation between business and academics to address the world's most urgent challenges, in the name of advancement, scholars, educators, and inventors who formed direct links with one another.

Avatar Roku young spent most of his youth at the palace; since Roku and Prince Sozin were great friends, they spent a lot of time together at the palace and practiced fire bending with Sozin. Their friendship grew in such a deep manner that Sozin was able to recognize Roku's crush on Ta Mi Right away and encouraged him to communicate with her. They also had the same birthday, which they commemorated together.

3: Roku with Avatar – The Connection!

In 55 BG, Roku mastered the art of Earth bending. Roku began his quest to know the other three bending techniques after discovering his personality as the Avatar. He had to follow the cycle, for which he traveled to the Southern Air Templeto master the art of Air bending.

He sought to urge himself into the Avatar State using the winter solstice sun after ceasing to function to master it through meditation. After that, he wanted to master the Avatar Statue, for which he spent five months in retreat at the Crescent Island Fire Temple. This endeavor to master the Avatar Statue was under the guidance of Fire Sage Kaja.

4: Avatar Roku Costume

Typical fire bender ensemble is what an Avatar Roku costume looks like. He wore a full-sleeved robe which was wrapped around all over his body. The robe had huge collars with a fire symbol displayed at the center. His robe was dark red which complemented the fire symbol very adequately.

The belt of the robe was tied very loosely, almost reaching his knees. The Avatar Roku costume wore the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation's headgear, given by Sozin, his childhood friend.

5: Avatar Roku Voice

James Garrett is the person behind the Avatar Roku voice. He is an American actor and voice actor who gave Avatar Roku voice in several episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and also recited the "Previously on Avatar" introductory section after the opening series.

6: Avatar Roku Video

The videos of Avatar Roku depict classic Japanese Anime. Anime shares both genres of Japanese and Western films. Classic Western cinematography techniques coexist with Japanese techniques that pay respect to previous masterpieces in animation. This is why the Avatar Roku video has become so popular in today's times.

7: Avatar Roku Dragon

Avatar Roku dragon, who was very well trained, and an animal guide, Fang, escorted him from birth to death.

8: Avatar Roku Death

When Roku Avatar returned to his home island, there he saw a massive volcanic eruption and thousands of people were affected because of this. Avatar Roku tried to save them all and, most importantly, tried to save his home, but he failed to do so, which resulted in Avatar Roku's death.

Part 3: Uses of Roku Avatar – Understanding Its Abilities!

By the time Avatar Roku was 29 years old, he had mastered all four elements. These elements were: Firebending, Air bending, Waterbending and Earth bending.


Roku was a skilled fire bender who used to practice with his former closest mate, Sozin because it was his natural element. Roku could also build and retain large gusts of fire and bending the other three elements without the help of the Avatar State. Roku was able to scatter and overpower the fire invasions of four Fire Sages and Commander Zhao.


Roku could bend air. He employed it in a variety of situations, including protecting himself from the volcano's deadly gasses, which ultimately killed him. With his breath, he could also utilize airbending to chill lava.


Roku Avatar had some difficulty in learning waterbending at first, but when he learned it, he became a master of it. He finally became such a talented waterbender that he was able to overthrow his master in combat with just one trick, unleashing a gigantic wave influential enough to break the glacier into numerous pieces.


This was Avatar Roku's last element, and he mastered this as well. He was so good at this that during the race with his mate Sud, he won with such huge timing that he was able to make a cup of tea for both of them. Earth bending also helped Roku during the time of volcanic eruption when his home island was burning down.

Part 4: Best Voice of Avatar Roku!

James Garrett, who gave the voice behind Avatar Roku, is an American actor and voice actor. His career highlights the times when he gave voice to several episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. This actor is also known for Time After Time (1979), Titanic (1997) and Badman: Bad Blood (2016).

James Garrett's Godlike tone has such grandeur that the discourse never feels tedious. Garrett gets a well-deserved opportunity to flex his dramatic muscle alongside Ron Perlman as Fire Lord Sozin in "The Avatar & The Fire Lord," which delves into Avatar Roku's childhood and his history with Sozin as best companions.

Part 5: Avatar Roku – The Death!

Roku Avatar's home island was burning when a violent volcanic eruption eroded the island. The heat was so tremendous that Fire Lord Sozin could also feel it a hundred miles away from his place. By constructing an air sphere around himself, he was able to buy time for the other island residents, including his wife, to go.

Roku tried to calm the volcanic destruction by using his bending abilities. Sozin arrived and tried to help Roku during that time, but they both fled the mountainside because the gasses were so dangerous. Sozin left Roku there to die, Roku was in a state of shock seeing Sozin this way, and he knew that now his death was unavoidable.

Poor Fang curled his wings with Roku, and they both burned together. Amidst the loss, a question arises: how is Avatar Roku Zuko's grandfather? Roku was Zuko's maternal great grandfather, and Sozin was Zoku's paternal great grandfather.

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Part 7: Conclusion!

Avatar Roku tells us the true meaning of life. The difficulty one encounters during the entire journey of existence. Roku Avatar mastered all the elements and became the Avatar State, telling us how hardworking and courageous Roku was, who used to think about his people before himself.