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The meaning and effects of the HDR function, how to set it up, etc. are all introduced!

Tuesday 2022/07/12

Have you ever used the "HDR" function on your smartphone camera? At first glance, this is a difficult technical term, but what does HDR mean in the first place? If you want to learn more about using your camera, want to know more about photographic technology, or have any other questions like these, we will explain in detail what HDR means, how to use it, and how it works. My question is for everyone who has a smartphone. Have you ever seen the term "HDR" when using the camera function of your smartphone? I am sure that there are many of you out there who have used the term "HDR" without knowing what it means, although "HD" is a term for high image quality.

In this article, we will explain in detail the meaning of HDR, its uses, differences from SDR, and effects, etc. Please check it out if you want to get more out of your camera functions.

What is HDR?

What does HDR stand for?

It is actually an abbreviation for "High Dynamic Range," which is a "high dynamic range synthesis function" that combines multiple images with different brightness to create an image with more natural brightness. By doing so, it is possible to take beautiful pictures even in backlit or dark areas.

SDR, on the other hand, refers to "Standard Dynamic Range" and has a narrower range of brightness than HDR. In layman's terms, the level of brightness expression in a photograph is different.

Effects of HDR

It is common knowledge that photos are more beautiful when taken in bright places than in dark places, but in fact, too much brightness can also cause problems. For example, let's say you take a picture in a place with strong sunlight.

In this case, bright areas such as the sky may turn out too white. This is called "white-out" in technical terms. Conversely, shadowy areas will be obscured by the phenomenon known as "blackout" and will not look good.

With HDR, however, the difference between brightness and darkness on the screen is well adjusted and both brightness and darkness are suppressed.

How to turn on the HDR function of the iPhone camera

In this example, we will use the iPhone as an example. In fact, if you have an iPhone 8 or later, the HDR function is automatically turned on. You can check this by going to Settings > Camera.

For models prior to iPhone 7, you can select it from the menu at the top of the camera screen.

Difference between HDR in camera and TV

In fact, HDR functionality is also available on televisions, which are indispensable in the average home. However, unlike photographs, televisions are not still screens, and HDR in television refers to the video format used for discs, video distribution, and broadcasting. It is designed to reproduce video streams with richer luminance information than conventional video. Standards include "HDR10" and "HLG," and compatible hardware is required to display them.

In other words, if the TV itself does not support HDR, an external video player is required.

HDR Methods for 4K Broadcasting

Unlike PCs, game consoles, etc., 4K broadcasts, which are not uncommon today, use the "HLG" system, which is compatible with SDR and HDR. If the product is not compatible, it will be labeled as SDR.

If you want to enjoy images in HDR, be sure to check this j function when purchasing a TV.

How to play HDR video on a PC

Actually, if your Windows PC has a display optimized for HDR video and the Play HDR Video Streaming option is turned on in the HDR settings, you can play back streaming HDR video.

Not all displays are supported, please refer to Windows Help for detailed settings and requirements.

Windows Help

Download 4K-quality video as is

HDR video support is not yet widespread, but if you can save 4K-quality videos from video sites to your computer, you will still be able to enjoy high-quality video.

Here we introduce you to a download tool with excellent functions for downloading videos from more than 100 video sites.

BBFly Downloader

BBFly Downloader is a PC software that allows you to download videos with just one click by pasting the video URL. You can set detailed image quality and even format when downloading, and even manage multiple items at once.

Even if your TV at home does not support HDR, you can easily save high quality videos from the Internet and enjoy them in high quality. We hope you will take advantage of this software and experience high quality as good as movie theaters.