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All You Need to Know about Verizon Discovery Plus

Tuesday 2022/11/01

Verizon Discovery Plus is an online streaming service where you can enjoy entertainment shows that are real-life experiences from your favorite celebrities. Discovery plus Verizon also presents TV brand shows for its customers, including their exclusive originals, all in one place.

We will tell you in this blog how to get Discovery plus with Verizon and whether Discovery plus free with Verizon is for you. We will also tell you about different payment packages and how much they will cost you. Before we start, are you wondering is Discovery plus free with Verizon or not? Let’s begin this article and find out.

Discovery plus

How to Get Discovery Plus with Verizon

Verizon discovery plus customers can quickly get Discovery Plus if they have selected Unlimited plans, and then they can watch stream all Discovery plus Verizon shows on Verizon. With their latest promotion, if you are a new or existing discovery plus Verizon customer, and you have either Play More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited, Verizon discovery plus gives you 12 months of Discovery plus Verizon for free. Isn’t that amazing?

This way, you can enjoy new shows and originals from incredible channels such as Food Network, TLC, HGTV, Animal Planet, and so much more with Verizon discovery plus.

There are 55,000 episodes from 2,500 shows among these channels that you can watch to your heart’s content when you get Discovery plus Verizon. Let’s see the essential steps to get Verizon Discovery Plus and see if you can get the answer to ‘how to get discovery plus with Verizon.'

Steps to get Verizon Discovery Plus

Following are some essential steps on how to get Discovery plus with Verizon

  • The first step is to confirm if you are eligible for the Verizon discovery plus offer or not; you can go to the official website and learn if you are eligible.

Steps to Get Verizon Discovery Plus

  • In the next step to check whether "is Discovery plus free with Verizon" or not, you need to sign up for your Discovery plus account with the help of My Verizon

Steps to Get Verizon Discovery Plus

  • To do that, open your My Verizon app and press the “More” menu to select the “Addons & Apps” option
  • The next step for Discovery Plus for Verizon customers eligibility is to tap the "Entertainment," where you can select "Learn More."
  • You will find this “Learn More” option under the Discovery Plus for Verizon customers tab
  • Here you can see all the details for Discovery plus for Verizon customers
  • Read all the terms and conditions and tap the "Confirm" option to finish the setup
  • The app will now take you to enter your credentials like email and password, after which you can see if you can avail Verizon discovery plus offer or not
  • You need to press the "Agree to Continue" after you have reviewed the agreement to start using Verizon discovery plus and enjoy finally
  • Download the Discovery plus Verizon app and enjoy the best live streaming and over 55,000 episodes on any device

Steps to Get Verizon Discovery Plus

Benefits and costs

Following are some great benefits to getting Verizon discovery plus:

  • Verizon gives out regular promotions to make the app free for you if you have a specific subscription already installed with Discovery Plus Verizon
  • This offer is sometimes valid for different phone and 5g Home plans for Discovery plus Verizon customers
  • Discovery Plus gives you Home entertainment with True Crime and Nature plus Food and lifestyle channels as well
  • Over 60,000 episodes to watch from different channels
  • Verizon discovery plus has something for everyone with this huge assortment of channels and episodes
  • More channels are adding New Originals and adding seasons to their Classic Favorites to enhance the entertainment lifestyle of their customers

Following are some plans and costs that you need to bear to watch this fantastic streaming service

  • You need to pay $5 a month for their subscription with commercials
  • If you want your streaming without ads, you need to pay an additional $2 per month
  • If you are a new user, they are providing $2 per month for new users for a limited time for the without ads plan
  • You can get a discount if you are a student in one of the accredited universities for only $3 a month

How to Download Discovery Plus Videos with BBFly

Now that we have told you how to get Discovery plus with Verizon in detail and you are aware of the question ‘is discovery plus free with Verizon,' let's discuss another aspect of Discovery Plus.

Imagine if you have already availed Verizon discovery plus offer but don't have time sometimes to watch these fantastic shows. What do you do then?

Gone are the days when we could use our VCR devices to record, and this is the Digital age giving us a fantastic solution in the shape of BBFly. BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader is a video and streaming downloader that you can use to download your favorite episodes from the Discovery Plus streaming service without any hassle.

BBFly helps you in many unique ways, some of which are as follows:

  • BBFly allows you to download videos from any region supported by Discovery Plus, such as Japan, France, the US, etc. The best thing about regional download is that you can get some fantastic shows that might not be available in other regions.
  • Now you can download Real Life entertainment videos in HD quality up to 1080p from any channel and any of your favorite shows.
  • You have the choice to download the videos to MP4 format, which you can use to play on any device in your home. MP4 provides compatibility in all your devices.
  • The best thing about BBFly Downloader is that all the episodes you download will be free from Ads.
  • The Batch mode enhances your speed and downloads multiple seasons after you have selected them in a single go. You will download all these episodes at blazing fast speeds.

Besiders, the intuitive interface and help menu provides the best solution for you to deal with Playon not recording Hulu.

If you also use BBFly Downloader for your TLC streaming services, you can easily activate TLC your service with their help.

Let's see how you can download amazing videos with the help of BBFly:

  • Download and install this fantastic downloader app.
  • You can download BBFly from their official website.
  • Sign into your Discovery Plus account on the BBFly app and select the videos you like.


  • You can choose the audio language and subtitle options if you want before downloading.


  • After your selection, simply press download, and your videos will start downloading.


  • If you have chosen the MP4 option, you can use this file to download on any of your devices.


Discovery Plus is a fantastic service from Verizon that supports a massive library of shows and episodes from their many popular channels. We believe there is so much to watch that anyone who subscribes to their services will have enough to watch for a lifetime.

Discovery Plus is an excellent investment for entertainment if you plan on using BBFly to download and record your favorite shows. Their intuitive and excellent UI helps users watch their favorite shows easily and on any device.