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10 Best Movies on Peacock: Which Movies Are on Peacock Worth Watching

Sunday 2022/04/17

Launched in July 2020, soon the new OTT video streaming platform, Peacock has become the favorite destination of all the cinephiles all over the USA. To watch good movies on Peacock, one just needs to sign up for free and can enjoy watching iconic TV shows, WWE, News, Current NBC hits, and many more. The list of top movies on Peacock is endless but we have handpicked some of the best ones that you never regret investing your time in. Here we go!

After Netflix and Amazon Prime like platforms, video streaming goes to the next level with the launch of NBC Universal's Peacock. The catalog of this new OTT is so huge that you might be confused about which movies are on peacock worth watching and which are not. To help you out in getting started below is the Best Peacock movies list with all the necessary details you need to know.

Peacock is owned and operated by none other than NBCUniversal. Explore the best movies on Peacock that keep you hooked for hours. It offers a mega library of binge-watching exclusive originals and blockbuster T.V series hits worldwide.

#1 The Big Lebowski

Release Date

In 1998


Ethan Coen, and

Joel Coen

Music By

Carter Burwell

Production Company

Working Title Films


Jeff Bridges

John Goodman

Julianne Moore

Steve Buscemi

David Huddleston

John Turturro

Philip Seymour Hoffman

This is one of the free movies on Peacock, written, produced, and directed by the Coen brothers, and has got quite positive reviews over time. This movie was loved for its comedy sequence, idiosyncratic dialogues, and beautiful soundtrack. The story revolves around the central character who is Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski. This role was played fabulously by Jeff Bridges. The film by the Coen brothers was a classic hit based on Nihilistic philosophy. In this movie, Jeff played a common man who is the victim of mistaken identity. The story was all about him seeking justice for a stranger urinating on his living room carpet.

#2 Vertigo

Release Date

May 9, 1958


Alfred Hitchcock

Music By

Bernard Herrmann

Production Company

Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions


James Stewart

Kim Novak

Barbara Bel Geddes

Tom Helmore

Henry Jones

Vertigo is one of the best movies on peacock right now to binge-watch. It is a psychological thriller. The plot of the movie is that of a detective played by James Stewart who falls for a woman who he has to follow. The direction of the movie is next level and Hitchcock has worked commendably. It is being said about this movie that Hitch has portrayed reality in imagery. For making fantabulous suspense movies, Alfred Hitchcock has been called a 'Master of Suspense'.

#3 The Hurt Locker

Release Date

June 26, 2009


Kathryn Bigelow

Producers :

Mark Boal

Nicolas Chartier

Greg Shapiro

Music By

Marco Beltrami

Buck Sanders

Production Company

Voltage Pictures

Grosvenor Park Media

Film Capital Europe Funds

First Light Productions

Kingsgate Films


Jeremy Renner

Anthony Mackie

Brian Geraghty

Evangeline Lilly

Ralph Fiennes

David Morse

Guy Pearce

This film is historical for the reason that Kathryn Bigelow is the one and only director so far in the history of Hollywood who is acclaimed for Best Director for this movie. It is one of the best movies on peacock free to watch. The film is all about an Iraq war explosive disposal team. The tense world during the war is showcased quite creatively and Jeremy Renner does outstanding work that viewers can't take their eyes off of him.

#4 Bernie

Release Date

April 27, 2012


Richard Linklater

And multiple producers including Richard Linklater

Music By

Graham Reynolds

Production Company

Mandalay Vision

Wind Dancer Films

Detour Filmproduction

Collins House Productions

Horsethief Pictures


Jack Black

Shirley MacLaine

Matthew McConaughey

This is a comedy movie which is based on the true story of Bernie Tiede, played by Jack Black. In this movie, Bernie befriended an elder lady from Texas and then murdered her. Black has done his best performance in this movie. Although the movie is a comedy, the crime scenes are as real as true crime tales. The role of the old lady is played by Shirley MacLaine.

#5 Black Christmas

Release Date

December 13, 2019


Sophia Takal,

Producers :

Jason Blum

Ben Cosgrove

Adam Hendricks

Music By

Will Blair

Brooke Blair

Production Company

Blumhouse Productions



Imogen Poots

Lily Donoghue

Aleyse Shannon

Brittany O'Grady

Caleb Eberhardt

Cary Elwes

This movie was released in 2019 which is the remake of the original movie released in 1974 with a twist. The movie revolves around a Christmas party and holiday enjoyment but suddenly things change when a stalker with a mask on his face starts killing girls. With the tough fight back, what happens at the end is interesting to watch on Peacock.

#6 Dazed And Confused

Release Date

September 24, 1993


Richard Linklater

Producers :

Richard Linklater

Sean Daniel

James Jacks

Production Company


Detour Filmproduction


Jason London, Ben Affleck, Milla Jovovich, Cole Hauser, Parker Posey, Adam Goldberg, Matthew McConaughey, Nicky Katt, Joey Lauren Adams, Renée, Zellweger, and Rory Cochrane.

Dazed and Confused is a comical and quirky story of school days, hangouts, and freedom in life. The movie plots the final day of high school in the year 1976 with fun and laughter. You will surely go into flashbacks of your school days. All the actors performed exceptionally well, some of them are superstars today.

#7 The Descent

Release Date

4 August 2006


Neil Marshall and produced by Christian Colson

Music By

David Julyan

Production Company

Celador Films

Northmen Productions


Shauna Macdonald

Natalie Mendoza

Alex Reid

Saskia Mulder

Nora-Jane Noone

MyAnna Buring

The direction of Neil Marshall is unbelievable in this movie. You will be terrified after watching this horror movie. It is the story of 6 women who decided to adopt the cave system and left their homes. The movie shows the terrible physical situations that ladies have to face. The movie creates the perfect horrifying environment of living in the dark.

#8 Hot Fuzz

Release Date

20 April 2007


Ed,r Wright,

Producers :

Simon Pegg

Produced by

Nira Park

Tim Bevan

Eric Fellner

Music By

David Arnold

Production Company.


Working Title

Big Talk Productions


Simon Pegg

Nick Frost

Jim Broadbent

Timothy Dalton

Hot Fuzz is a hilarious buddy action-comedy film. It is all about a cop named Nicholas Angel who faced various challenges after being transferred to a remote village. His jealous seniors conspire against him to let him down and transfer him to a village. Simon Pegg performs well for the audience to keep them entertained and engaged throughout.

#9 Night of the Living Dead

Release Date

October 1, 1968


George A. Romero,

Producers :

Russell W. Streiner

Karl Hardman

Production Company

Image Ten


Duane Jones

Judith O'Dea

Marilyn Eastman

Karl Hardman

Judith Ridley

Keith Wayne

'Night of the living dead' adds value to the collection of horror movies on Peacock. The story of the movie revolves around 7 people who are trapped in a farmhouse. The farmhouse is haunted by undead ghouls, Cannibalistic. The direction of George A. Romero is worth watching in this movie, which fills you with terror.

#10 Seven

Release Date

September 22, 1995


David Fincher

Producers :

Arnold Kopelson

Phyllis Carlyle

Music By

Howard Shore

Production Company

Arnold Kopelson Productions


Brad Pitt

Morgan Freeman

Gwyneth Paltrow

John C. McGinley

The list of best movies on Peacock TV is incomplete without the mention of the Seven. Seven is a crime thriller that conveys the message of fighting with inner demons to win the soul. The movie shows 2 detectives, played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, who hunt a serial killer. The killer has committed crimes based on seven deadly sins. It is counted among the masterpieces of thriller movies.

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Peacock is an increasingly loved video streaming platform these days not only in the United States but across the world. NBCUniversal's franchise has a lot to offer its audiences including exclusive original series, TV series, and much more. We have tried to put together the best Peacock movies list which will for sure entertain you for hours.

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