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What is "Shikoshiko Video?" Five of the best tools for downloading "Shikoshiko Video!"

Thursday 2022/08/11

Shikoshiko Video," which we will introduce here, is a very popular site because it offers a large number of Japanese erotic video contents and is available for free.

Many people think of XVIDEOS or Pornhub when they think of free erotic video sites, but I will introduce in detail what kind of site Shikoshiko Video is. We will also recommend tools for downloading videos from Shikoshiko Video.

What is Shikoshiko Video?

Shikoshiko Video is an erotic video site where you can watch erotic videos for free and has been in operation since March 2018. Although it has only been in operation for a short period of time, it can be said that the site has a lot of access and is growing very quickly.

The site has a high frequency of video updates, and new erotic videos are posted daily, so if masturbation is a daily routine for you, this is a site you will want to take a look at.

Site information of Shikoshiko Video

Here is as much information about the site as I can find. If there is anything you are interested in, please check it carefully.

There was also an official Twitter account, but it has been frozen because it is an account for a site like this.

Surprisingly, the number of accesses seems to have stagnated at about 100 accesses per month, which should be enough for a site of this size and name recognition to have about 5 million accesses.

Users should also be aware that when the number of accesses is declining, there is a tendency to run risky advertisements in an attempt to force a profit.

Are there many uncensored erotic videos?

Although Sikoshiko Video is popular for having many uncensored erotic videos, it is not really true that there are many uncensored erotic videos. According to our research, there are about 6,000 uncensored erotic videos, which is about one-tenth of the total number.

Whether you think this is a lot or a little is up to each person, but in terms of the overall number of videos, it is certainly less than Mustabe and TokyoPornTube.

In addition, some of the videos that have been posted have already been deleted, so the number is probably much lower than this, considering the fact that some of those videos have already been deleted.

User-submitted erotic video sites

The Shikoshiko Video site had a self-introductory statement, which I would like to quote.

This is a site where masters of erotic video searching post videos they find day and night and compete for popular video rankings.

Simply put, users can post URLs of videos by registering, but many people may be hesitant to register on an adult and illegal site.

As shown in the photo, registration does not require an e-mail address, only a "user ID and password. This is probably a feature added to increase repeat visitors.

However, the operator is certainly the one posting the video link. It is only pretending to be a user-submitted type, so do not post it.

All videos are external erotic video sites.

Erotic videos posted on Shikoshiko Video are links to external sites such as XVIDEOS and Pornhub. Please be careful when clicking the play button, as you will be viewing videos with external links embedded in the page.

Although unlikely, if there is an advertisement embedded in the link, it may open in a separate tab.

Safety of Shikoshiko Video

The image is a screenshot of the top page of Shikoshiko Video, with ads on the left, right, and bottom.

When we look at reviews of free erotic video sites, we often feel that there are many advertisements and that they are annoying, but this is only natural since we can view for free what is originally a paid service.

To begin with, free erotic video sites generate revenue by posting advertisements.

This is true not only for Shikoshiko Video but also for other free video sites. Server fees and personnel expenses are covered by the revenue from advertisements.

For these sites, ads will always be dangerous for them at some point. That is what Avgle and other illegal video sites are doing.

From what I saw, there were no dangerous ads on Sikoshiko Video, but you should always be vigilant because you never know when dangerous ads will appear, such as when they want to make more money or their ad budget is reduced due to a decrease in traffic.

Download Tools for Shikoshiko Videos

Below is a list of shikoshiko video download tools in the form of a ranking.

No. 1: BBFly

BBFly downloader is a video downloader that is particularly popular in Europe and the United States, but is recently making inroads into the Japanese market.

With BBFly Downloader, you can download about 80% of the videos available on the Internet.

Here are the steps for downloading Sikoshiko video clips: 1.

1. download and install BBFly Adult Downloader.

2. start BBFly Adult Downloader and copy the URL of the shikoshiko video.

3. Paste the copied URL in the Paste URL field.

4. Press the Download button.

No. 2: StreamGaGa

As many of you know, it is loved by many people for its excellent desktops. Especially now, we are offering a free trial opportunity as part of our campaign.

StreamGaGa is the top over-the-top platform for Pornhub, XNXX, XVIDEOS, xHamster, PORN.COM, YouPorn, FANZA, Redtube, EPORNER, Porntube, R18.com, Sikoshiko Video Your one-stop solution for offline video downloads. Of course, you can also download ThisAV with streamgaga.

Step 1: First, download and install StreamGaGa from its official website. Then launch the application.

Step 2: Use the search tool at the top to access the Shikosho video site and play your favorite video.

Step 3: Then you will see the download installation screen and press [Download Now].

Third: GetFLV

offers the perfect solution for you. GetFLV is the best shikko-video downloader & recorder chosen by millions of people.

Video download speed is 10 times faster than normal speed!

How to download shikoshiko videos, as follows: 1.

1. download and install the latest free trial version of GetFLV.

2. Run GetFLV and open the Shikoshiko Videos website.

Open the video you are trying to download, GetFLV will automatically check the video address and insert it into the "URL list". Select the appropriate URL from the "List of URLs" and click "Download" to create a download task.

No. 4: Mystream

MyStream downloader offers more than 50 adult-oriented services, including Pronhub, Shikoshiko Video, r18.com, FANZA, VJAV, and Javsaga.

The download process is quite convenient for beginners.

Most importantly, MyStream downloader is 100% safe.


  • Install Mystream downloader on your PC.
  • Launch MyStream downloader and enter the URL of the sissy video at the top of the home page.
  • Play the erotic video you like and you will see the download installation screen. (There is an ad even, but please close it.)

Press [Download Now] to start downloading the Shikoshiko Video erotic video.

Fifth: Y2Mate

Here is how to download the movies available on Shikoshiko Video with the Y2Mate DRM downloader.

Y2Mate has the ability to download Shikoshiko Video titles directly by URL!

1. go to "Home" and click on "Paste URL".

2. paste the URL of the video you want to download in the "URL" field.

Set the format (audio or video) and quality you want to download. 4.

Click "Download.