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Everything you need to know about Resident Evil

Tuesday 2022/05/31

If you are a lover of the adventure/SciFi genre, you must anticipate the release of the new Resident Evil Netflix series. Let us look into what to expect in this informative article.

In July of 2022, there is a high chance that Netflix will debut a live-action adaptation of the Resident Evil video game series.

The video game inspiration is initially taken from Capcom with the same name i-e Resident Evil. The video game was released back in 1996, and since then, the video game has generated not only a number of video game sequels and novels but also a successful film franchise.

It looks like Netflix is putting all of its eggs in the Resident Evil basket by producing this live-action series and two other animated projects. The first of these two animated projects was known as Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. It was made available on Netflix back in July 2021.

Season 2 of Resident Evil is expected to be released on the 14th of July in 2022, precisely after a year of the first series. This information was made public on 17th March.

What do we know about the plot of the new Resident Evil TV show so far?

Netflix initially announced the series in August of 2020, and it was stated that it would take place across two different timelines, the reason why the younger versions of these characters have been included in the series as well.

In the first timeline, we will see how Jade and Billie Wesker, two fourteen-year-olds at the time, are relocated to New Raccoon City.

It is a human-made fake corporate town that they are made to live in just as they enter their teenage years. This decision is taken solely against their will, but they later realize what is happening behind closed doors. However, the more time they spend there, the more they begin to understand that the town is a lot more than it appears to be at a surface level, certain events spike up their curiosity levels, and they start doubting their father. They believe he holds some vicious dark truths which could ultimately bring about the end of the world.

Now looking into the second timeline, where both of these teenagers have become fully grown adults, we see that there are fewer than fifteen million humans left to be living on Earth. It is quite a small number of people considering how vast our Earth is. Still, the more triggering feature is that although there are fifteen million humans, there are approximately six billion monsters, which are both humans and non-human creatures that have contracted the deadly T-virus.

The story then revolves around Jade and how she is fighting for her life in this new, devastated world while the secrets of her past continue to torment her mental peace.

We also learned how the father of these kids is the recurring antagonist of the Resident Evil video game franchise. His name is Albert Wesker, and he has been an essential character since the beginning of the series.

To know more about how the story unveils, we suggest you watch it yourself as July is literally around the corner, and we are sure the Resident Evil upcoming series would be worth all the wait.

The cast of the Resident Evil

Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker. He plays the character of an iconic antagonist. Moreover, we will see Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, Paola Nuñez, Ahad Raza Mir, Connor Gossatti, and Turlough Convery. Some of the characters are unknown and yet to be announced, so we either have to wait or watch the Resident Evil series ourselves to find out.

Is there a trailer for the new Resident Evil TV show?

There is a trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil TV series, but It is quite a brief one.

The only purpose of this trailer is to make the people anticipate what is coming up. Despite the fact that it is a brief one, the trailer provides a glimpse of one of the most recognizable enemies (the fans would definitely know) from the Resident Evil series, known as the Cerberus hound.

If you have not watched the previous Resident Evil Productions, at first glance, it appears to be an average dog, but as the creature turns its head, a horrific decaying skull is seen.

People consider this brief teaser to be a leak because the official Instagram account of this series had an image up for a brief period of time before it was removed. But we believe it to be an intentional marketing tactic as the producers of Resident Evil knew that nothing ever completely disappears from the internet.

Are there any posters released for the upcoming Resident Evil TV show?

Yes, some official posters are released to keep the audience hooked and excited. One of them depicts a blood sample that was found to be positive for the deadly T-virus. At the same time, there are no posters with the official characters available as of yet.

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We are glad that you have made it to the end of this article. We have tried our best to cover everything related to the upcoming Resident Evil series that you must be looking forward to.

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