Amazon Prime Video Watch Party: O que é e como usá -lo

Thursday 2022/05/26

Amazon Prime Video View Party is a feature that allows subscribers of Amazon Prime or Prime Video to watch movies together in a social setting. This article will explain what the Watch Party feature on Amazon Prime Video is and how to host a watch party using Amazon Prime.

What Is a Watch Party on Amazon, and How Does It Work?

With the help of Amazon Prime Video's Watch Party function, subscribers to Prime or members of Prime Video may create a group movie experience for themselves and their friends or family, even if they are located in completely different parts of the world. There is one individual who acts as the host and is responsible for inviting additional viewers as well as controlling the movie from their own computer.

Others need to be subscribed to Amazon Prime or Prime Video before you can share a movie or TV program with them. Both services provide a free trial period of thirty days, which you can take advantage of even if the person you wish to share with does not have a subscription. If your buddy does not want to continue using the service after the trial period, it is important that they remember to cancel their subscription before the end of the period.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting a Watch Party on Amazon Prime

It is simple to organize a viewing party using Amazon Prime. After a brief period of time, you will be able to begin watching and speaking with pals regardless of where they are physically located.

  • The first step in throwing a Watch Party is for the individual who wishes to host it to select a movie that they are interested in seeing with other people. After you have located the movie, select the Watch Party icon from the menu.

If you want to watch a series episode with friends, the Watch Party icon may be situated at the bottom of an episode description or it may be located next to the icons labeled"Reboque"e"+Watchlist."

  • Simply type in the name you wish to be known as when you're talking to other people who are participating. After that, select the Create Watch Party option.

  • A link that allows you to share the video with other people who want to view it with you appears in the sidebar on the right. Click the Copy Link button.

Vocês'll also note that the number of persons who have joined your Watch Party is displayed in the sidebar to the right of this screen.

  • You also have the option of clicking the Sharing button, which will open up the share settings and allow you to either send the link using the email client of your choice or publish it as a social post on Facebook or Twitter.
  • You are free to start playing the movie whenever you are ready to do so. The right sidebar will continue to be visible, and if you click the Chat tab at the top of the screen, you'll be able to have a conversation with the other people who are watching the same thing as you.

Vocês'll also notice several buttons at the very top of the page. These controls give you the ability to control the subtitles, the settings for the video, the volume, and whether or not the movie will appear in full-screen mode on your personal computer. The content that your friends who are watching see will be subject to some degree of control on their end.

What Kinds of Videos Are Included in an Amazon Prime Video Streaming Party?

It is only possible to show a movie or episode of a TV show to your friends if it is available on Amazon Prime. Movies that can be rented or purchased cannot be shared with friends, nor can premium channels be shared by many users on a single device.

Originais da Amazon, como minha espiã, Tropa Zero, Jack Ryan, Lore e Carnival Row, são apenas alguns dos filmes que você e seus amigos podem assistir juntos. Existem muitos outros títulos disponíveis. Você também pode discutir outros trabalhos conhecidos, como Downton Abbey, Vikings, Chicago P.D., Hotel Artemis, Dirty Dancing, Takers, The Spy Who me largou e muito mais.

Quais eletrônicos posso empregar para realizar uma festa de visualização de vídeo do Amazon Prime?

A função de festa do relógio na Amazon é acessível através da maioria dos navegadores on -line, com exceção do Safari e do Internet Explorer. O Watch Party é suportado apenas no Fire TVs e pode ser acessado usando o aplicativo Amazon; Essa funcionalidade não está disponível em outras TVs inteligentes. O aplicativo Prime Video para dispositivos móveis também permite assistir a festa da festa, permitindo que você se comunique com outros usuários no seu telefone enquanto assistia conteúdo no computador ao mesmo tempo.

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