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How to Delete Amazon Order History

Wednesday 2022/06/01

This article covers various workarounds that can be used to hide Amazon orders and purchases from other persons who use the same account or computer so that surprises are not spoiled. These instructions are for using Amazon.com on a desktop or laptop computer.

You can conceal your Amazon orders by using a Household Account

An Amazon Household Account, which is a means to share Amazon Prime among family members, is the most foolproof method for keeping your family from finding out about your online shopping habits. This option is exclusively available to Prime members and enables you to enjoy Prime benefits with one additional adult in your household, in addition to the teens and children living there.

You'll be able to keep your purchasing history, recommendations, and lists secret and apart from your children and teenagers if you sign up for a Household Account. Both adults can still take advantage of the Family Library feature of Amazon Prime to enjoy a selection of the service's features as well as digital content. In accordance with the following requirements, an Amazon Household can have a maximum of ten members:

  • Two people who are adults, at least 18 years old, and who each have their own Amazon account.
  • Up to four profiles for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17.
  • up to four child profiles, defined as those under the age of 12

How to Keep Your Amazon Orders Secret If You Don't Have Prime

There is no need for concern if you do not already have a membership to Amazon Prime. There are still some choices available to you that can assist you in giving the actions you take on Amazon an additional degree of discretion. Among these include storing past orders in an archive, covering your browsing history, modifying your shipping address, and making use of an Amazon Locker for package delivery.

Keep a Record of Your Past Amazon Orders

When you archive an order, the item will not be deleted entirely; nevertheless, it will be hidden from the order page that is displayed by default. However, if you conduct a search for archived items on the page where orders are placed, you will still find results for those things.

  • After you have logged in to your Amazon account, select the Returns & Orders option from the menu on the right side of the screen.
  • After the folder has been opened, scroll down until you find the item or items you wish to conceal, and then pick Archive Order from the menu that appears in the bottom left of the window. You can archive as many of your purchases as you wish; the limit is 100 items. On the page that displays your orders, there is a search function that you can use to locate numerous goods.

  • When you click the archive button, a box will appear asking you to confirm that you still want to archive the order. This happens as soon as you click the button. After being archived, the item will no longer be available on the page that displays your default order history.
  • If you need to review the order details of any previous orders, you may do so by going to Your Accounts after hovering your mouse pointer over the Accounts & Lists section of the menu. In the section labeled Ordering and shopping preferences on that page, look for the link labeled Archived orders.

To bring an archived order back into the view of your order history that is now active, choose the Unarchive Order option.

Cover Up Your Past Activities on the Internet.

Your surfing history also contains a trail of breadcrumbs that can provide snoops with information about the products that you may have purchased or are considering purchasing in the future. You have the option of erasing your whole browsing history as well as deleting individual things by modifying your history. You even have the option to completely block Amazon's capability to continuously trace your browser history, which is something that you may want to think about doing in the weeks coming up to the holidays.

  1. You may view your browsing history by going to the Amazon homepage and placing your mouse pointer over the option there.
  2. To view and edit the file, select those options from the pulldown menu.
  3. To conceal an item from the history page, select Remove from view from the menu. Simply click the Manage history button to gain access to the following two more options: Remove all items from view and adjust the settings for the browsing history.

Modify the Location of Your Delivery.

Nothing evokes an instant feeling of intrigue quite like the sight of a brown Amazon box being delivered to your doorstep. Ask Amazon to deliver your package to another location, such as the home of a friend or your place of employment, so that the surprise can be kept a secret.

To access Your Account on Amazon, select Accounts & Lists from the menu located at the very top of the page. Choose Your addresses from the drop-down menu in the area labeled Ordering and shopping preferences, and then select Add Address.

Utilize a locker provided by Amazon

Using an Amazon Locker is another kind of stealth delivery that's available. You will not be charged for this delivery choice, and you will have the flexibility to collect your goods whenever it is most convenient for you. The lockers are like self-service delivery kiosks, and they are placed in key locations all around your city. Your packages will be stored in a secure, password-protected locker until you come to retrieve them.

  1. Go to the Amazon locker delivery website and click the Find a locker near you button in order to locate and select an Amazon locker.
  2. You can search by address, zip code, landmark, or locker/store name to find an Amazon Locker.
  3. When you go to place an order, the Locker will show up as an option for the delivery address. If you choose the locker delivery option, Amazon will send you an email containing a special six-digit code that is required in order to access the locker. After that, you will have three calendar days to retrieve your item before it is shipped back to Amazon in order to be refunded.

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