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Netflix App not working on Apple TV

Friday 2022/03/04

Netflix is without a doubt the best platform for entertainment. There are thousands of series and movies to choose from. You can switch Netflix on whenever you feel bored. What's more fun than spending an afternoon binge-watching the best Netflix series on your Apple TV? That sounds like fun! Right!

You suddenly notice an error in your Netflix app and Apple TV. Tensed? We Understand. Don't you worry! Don't worry! Keep reading this article to discover the best possible reasons and solutions to fix your problem of the Netflix App not working on Apple TV. 

Reason of Error & Fixes

Netflix may be the most popular streaming service, but it is not without its problems. These errors usually are server-related. However, you can check the list below.  to make sure they all exist.

Crosscheck Netflix Services

You should first check the status of Netflix Servers. Every online platform & app relies on its servers. There is a high chance that your problem is caused by poor Netflix Servers.

Check Netflix server locations.  

It is very simple. It's easy to check whether the servers are up or down by Entertainment giant Netflix. All that you have to do is just head to https://help.netflix.com/en/is-netflix-down, and they will tell you if Netflix is down or not. 

You can reach other apps, such as Netflix's website, to verify that it is not down. For Ex - Downdetector. 

Logout & Login back to your Netflix account

There is a chance that your account and data could be corrupted if the Netflix servers are down. It could be an indication that you have lost your passwords or data.

What can you do to fix ? 

Do you want to solve this problem?

1. Grab your Apple TV Remote. To open the Options menu on the Apple TV screen, press the Menu button.

2. From the options menu, head over to the Settings tab.  

3. There, you'll see the button that says Sign Out. To log in/sign out of your Netflix Account , click on this button.

4. After you log out, you can login to your account to check whether you can watch now. 

Sign out of All Devices - Netflix app on Apple TV still not working ? 

This could be due to too many accounts being logged into. Our passwords are often shared with family and friends. Sometimes, all the password-holders end up sharing the same password. You must be aware that Netflix allows only a limited number of accounts per user to view the Netflix content at once. This depends on which Netflix plan you select. 

What to Do?

Use this guide to sign in all your users from your account.  

Open the Profile section of the App. 

Click on the Sign Out button to sign out of all devices in your account. 

Force Close the Netflix App

Netflix is constantly updating its website. Many bugs may occur during the updating of websites and apps. This will allow you to check the issue and force close Netflix App.

Follow our step-to-step guide to Force Close the Netflix App on your AppleTV.  Switch on your Apple TV. To see the app switcher, hold down the remote button two times.

When you look at the app switcher, find Netflix in the list of apps that is currently running on the Apple TV. 

To stop Netflix from being run, swipe up on the Touch Surface with the Siri Remote.

After you're done, return to your home screen to launch the Netflix App. 

Updates can be a nightmare!

Netflix and Apple both keep updating their products to offer rich experiences to users. Make sure that both your Netflix and Apple TV have the latest.  updates

What to Do?

You can check whether your Apple TV has been updated. It's quite simple. These are the steps to follow.

1 Open the Settings app. 

2. Now, from here, you need to select the General menu. Navigate to Software Updates from General.

3 After you've reached that point, click on the Update Software option. 

4 After you've selected the Update Software Option you will need to click the Download and Install button. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your Apple TV. 

After you have finished updating your Apple TV you will need to return to Netflix and check if the app is working correctly. 

Install Netflix App Again

The most popular method to do this is to install Netflix App Again. It is necessary to install Netflix again, as it may have encountered bugs after Netflix's server was down.

What to Do?

1 Turn on your Apple TV to find the Netflix App Icon. 

2.Hold the Apple TV Remote Play/Pause key on your remote.

3 After holding down, select the delete option. Follow the Apple TV instructions to finish the removal of the app. 

4 After you've deleted the app from your Apple App Store, download Netflix again.

The problem lies with your Apple TV

Have you tried all the steps necessary to get Netflix working again? Still googling; why is Netflix not working on my Apple TV? The problem could be your app.

Your Apple TV might be the issue and your Netflix App may not. You must restart your Apple TV, not switch it off and turn it on again. To see the.  results, your Apple TV must be properly restarted.

Go to the settings on your Apple TV

In the Apple TV Settings go to the Systems Tab

To properly restart your Apple TV, you will need to select Restart from the Systems Tab.

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Commonly Asked Questions:

Q1Is the problem with my Apple Tv if Netflix keeps stopping?

Ans- Not necessarily; it might be because of new updates or some bus in the system. Log out, log in and then restart your computer.

Q2. Q2. What should I do if Netflix doesn't work after all these steps?

Answers- In case you are still having trouble resuming your Netflix subscription, check if any other apps work on your TV. If the issue is with Netflix alone, you can contact Netflix customer service.

Q3. Q3. How do I reach Netflix Help Center?

Ans- Netflix customer support is fast and reliable. They are always available to help customers 24 hours a day. You can chat or call them anytime you want. For more information, visit the help centre - https://help.netflix.com/en

Q4. Q4. Forgot your Netflix Password? Can't Log in Now?

Ans- Don't worry; you can reset your password easily. To reset your password, go to the login page and select the Need Help option.

Q5. Q5. How do I reach Apple Customer Support?

Ans- Apple takes its' marketing image very seriously and hence good customer support. You can visit its' customer support here. https://support.apple.com/en-in


Both Apple and Netflix are leaders in their fields and treat customer complaints very seriously. These are some of the most common issues that can occur when you try to watch Netflix on Apple TV. This is usually possible to resolve. Netflix is not compatible with apple TV problem. If the problem persists, you can contact Netflix customer service.