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What to Know About Netflix's "Are You Still Watching?" Prompt

Friday 2022/03/11

When a service releases a new feature, it is because they believe it will help to improve their platform, and in some situations, the additions may have been requested by numerous service/platform users. The "Are You Still Watching?" message that appears during binge-watching on Netflix is a means to validate that you are still actively streaming on Netflix.

Typically, the message appears after you've binge-watched two to three episodes of a series without using any video player controls. In essence, if you didn't touch your device's screen for an extended period of time while watching Netflix, the alert would display. While this prompt is quite useful and aids in data saving, some individuals consider it to be a nuisance.

What to Know About Netflix's "Are You Still Watching?" Prompt

The prompt is intended to be beneficial. Yes, it helps to conserve bandwidth and data (if you have a capped internet plan). When the prompt appears, the currently playing movie will pause; you must accept by tapping/clicking the "Yes" option to continue streaming.

Actually, you can only get this prompt if you have "Auto Play" enabled. With auto-play enabled on your account, you can binge-watch many episodes at once. The alert appears after watching three episodes in a row or after 90 minutes of uninterrupted streaming (whichever comes first).

According to reports, some consumers become disoriented and fall asleep after the first two episodes, and because auto-play is enabled on their account, the episodes or titles in their watchlist continue to play indefinitely. You won't miss an episode if you fall asleep while watching the broadcast, thanks to this new feature.

People who did not enable auto-play will not receive this message since they will need to manually press "Play" to stream another episode at the end of the current one. To put it another way, if you don't want Netflix's "Are You Still Watching?" prompt, simply switch off "auto-play."

How to Turn Off Netflix Are You Still Watching?

Unfortunately, there is no official setting that allows you to disable this prompt. In essence, there is no way to toggle the "Are You Still Watching?" question. However, there are solutions you can use to avoid the prompt.

The first approach is completely secure because it does not require the installation of any third-party software, however the second option requires the installation of a third-party browser extension, which means that the second technique is only applicable if you are streaming Netflix on PC.

1. Disable Auto-Play.

This is the most straightforward approach to disable this prompt on your Netflix account. If Netflix does not autoplay the next episodes, the "Are You Still Watching?" prompt will not appear. You may disable auto-play on Netflix in two ways: from the "Edit Profile" page or from the account settings page.

- On the Edit Profile Page
Log in to Netflix and select the account profile icon.
Navigate to Manage Profiles.
Uncheck "Autoplay following episodes on all devices" in your main profile.
You're done when you save the settings.

- Configuration Page
Login to Netflix
Navigate to Profiles and Parental Controls on the Settings page.
Go to Playback Settings after selecting your profile.
Uncheck the "Autoplay" checkbox.

2. Making Use of Browser Add-ons

There are a couple browser add-ons you may use to disable Netflix's "Continue Watching" popup. "Never Ending Netflix" (for Chrome users) and "Netflix Pause Removal" are the add-ons (Chrome and Mozilla Firefox supported).

Steps: Search Google for any of these add-ons and install them on your browser.
After installation, open your browser and navigate to the Netflix website.
Check the Don't prompt "Are you still watching?" option under the extension you installed (in this example, Never Ending Netflix).
That's it!

How to Download Netflix Movies

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How to Get Netflix Movies and TV Shows

The first step is to download and install the BBFly Netflix Downloader software on your Windows computer. After installation, run the software and select "VIP Services." Choose Netflix from the list of supported services.

Second, go in to your Netflix account with the necessary credentials and look for the movie you want to download. When you find the movie, start viewing it; as the movie plays, a download button will appear; click on the button to set your download preference, and the movie will be added to the download queue.

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What else?

You can stop the "Are You Still Watching?" message by simply turning off the "Auto Play" setting on your Netflix account. Use BBFly Netflix Downloader to download Netflix videos without restrictions.