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NBC Olympics: Where to watch the Olympic Games for free

Sunday 2022/03/20

You're probably wondering how to watch the Olympics for free. NBCUniversal is one of the networks that hold broadcasting rights. You'll be able to enjoy all the content through their cable and digital broadcast networks.

If you were aware of the 2022 Winter Olympics, surely you already know that they have ended. When will the next winter Olympics be? Well, let me tell you that the countdown has already begun.

The 2026 Winter Olympics, the most expected winter sports event in the world, will be held in Italy, specifically Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo. This great event will take place on February 6; the majestic San Siro stadium, in Milan, will be the stage for the long-awaited opening ceremony.

If you are a Winter Olympics sports fan, or you simply want to support your country's athletes, you probably wonder how to watch the Olympic games for free.

Well, don't waste more time searching for the ideal place to watch them. NBC Olympics is the perfect place to enjoy all your favorite sports disciplines. You'll be able to watch events live and enjoy special content, such as analysis and special interviews, completely for free.

Of course, if you wish to download content to watch your favorite athletes' performances over and over again, I'll show you, later on, an great tool to achieve this.

How to watch the Olympics for free through NBC Olympics.

NBCUniversal has so far become one of the main broadcast partners for the programming of the Olympic Games. Through their broadcast platform, you'll be able to enjoy all the sports content.

In case you can't watch the Olympics on television, you're probably wondering how to watch them for free. Let me tell you there's a way: through this television network's streaming platform, Peacock. Peacock has become the official place for the broadcast of the 2026 Winter Olympics

The 2026 Winter Olympics: how to watch the closing ceremony.

The opening and closing ceremonies of any Olympics are something nobody wants to miss. It's in these shows where the host country does their best to make an opening or a closing day an unforgettable one, both for the audience and the athletes.

Even though the closing ceremony is usually available only on television, in case you don't have any cable network packages, you can watch NBC US content through their live broadcast service.

How to watch the Winter Olympics free on Peacock.

If you want to enjoy the Winter Olympics and you're not subscribed to NBC through your cable operator, you can watch all the sports content by subscribing to NBCUniversal's broadcast service, Peacock.

Since the Olympic Games are broadcast by NBC, on Peacock you'll be able to access live broadcasts that will include, of course, the opening and closing ceremonies. Peacock offers a free trial version that you can easily download to your laptop, smartphone, or smart TV, so you can have access to all the content.

In case you're not subscribed to Peacock Premium, you'll still be able to enjoy the content, not only the opening and closing ceremonies, but also more than 2800 hours of NBC Winter Olympics coverage; in addition, you'll be able to watch recaps and analysis, order your favorite sports, and watch the ones that you prefer.

How to watch the Olympics for free with no access to the Internet.

If you love sports, and in this case, the Olympics, now you know how to watch them for free, and you surely want to enjoy all the Olympics content anywhere you go, even with no Internet connection. Well, there's a way to do so: the BBFly platform.

BBFly is an easy and simple way to download videos from NBC Olympics.

When we talk about tools for downloading videos in an easy, simple way, BBFly is one of them, and for good reasons. This platform has access to more than 100 websites, including streaming platforms such as Peacock.

About BBFly:

BBly is a complete tool integrated into OTT video download platforms. By using this platform, users can download their favorite videos and have access to exclusive content from each platform: movies, series, documentaries, or any kind of audiovisual content.

With this tool, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite content even without being connected to a network. You can easily and quickly download any content and save it in your phone's memory.

With BBFly you'll be able to:

- Save your desired programs or movies and choose the dubbing language of your interest.

- Download high-quality videos at a high speed.

BBFly is compatible with any smartphone or smart device.

How to download videos with BBFly

  • Before starting any Winter Olympics downloads, download the app to your device here: → BBFly

  • Once downloaded, proceed to install. This is an easy and fast process; it'll be ready in a matter of minutes.
  • When the installation is done, you'll be able to visualize all the platforms from where you can download content. In this case, you have to click on the Peacock logo.

  • Once you're inside, you can access your Peacock account, go to the sports section and locate the Winter Olympic Games.

Now you know how to watch the Olympics for free. Peacock is a platform that is growing in popularity. The best part is that it's one of the platforms that offer a free trial version. Interesting, right?

We hope this information is useful for you. If you're interested in more, you can stop by our blog. We have some articles that you might enjoy: → How to record Amazon Prime videos?