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Mangaraw has closed! A collection of alternative manga sites!

Friday 2022/07/08

Mangaraw is an illegal manga site where you can read manga for free on your PC or smartphone. The site has attracted attention for its free reading of popular manga such as "One Piece," "Blade of Oni no Kai," "Shigeki no Kyojin," "Jutsu Kaisen," and "My Hero Academia.

This article introduces the closure status of Mangaraw (Manga Row ). We have also compiled a list of safe manga sites & video streaming services where you can read manga instead.

Is Mangaraw (manga raw) permanently closed? When will it be restored?

Actually, the mangaraw site originally used was manga1001.blogspot.com. For various reasons, it was periodically closed and is no longer available. A new mangaraw URL (https://manga1000.com/とhttps://manga1001.com/) has been established. The contents of both are almost the same and can be used basically.

However, after March 2022, when accessing the Mangaraw site, the message "File not found" or "This site is inaccessible" will appear and the site will be unavailable. The reason for this is that the crackdown on illegal sites has recently been tightened in Japan, and reading manga on illegal sites is prohibited. It is also said that the servers of manga raw are located in Ukraine.

Regardless of the reason for the closure, this time manga raw has been permanently closed. From experience, it is unlikely that it can be restored.

Is manga raw (manga raw/manga raw) dangerous?

Manga raw is one of the illegal manga sites in Japan, and the URL of the site has been closed. A new URL, manga raw (manga1001, manga1000), has since appeared. To begin with, it is considered strange to read manga without buying it in order to protect the copyrights of manga characters. Therefore, it is very likely that the new manga Raw sites will be closed down.

Compared to other free manga sites, Manga Raw is relatively safe because there are no suspicious pop-up ads. However, clicking on ads on the site may lead you to malicious sites and may infect you with viruses.

If you are still concerned about your personal information being stolen when reading free manga, please install antivirus software or use another manga site.

Safe manga sites that can replace manga raw (manga raw, manga raw)

Manga Kingdom" with over 3000 free manga titles available.

A popular manga distribution service available on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It is recommended to read more than 3,000 manga for free, without the need for an app or membership registration. You can easily find your favorite manga by checking the ranking of finely categorized genres.


eBookJapan" with over 5,000 free manga

This is an e-book sales site operated by eBook Initiative Japan Inc. Anyone can read more than 5,000 manga for free without registration. The site offers not only a wide range of manga genres such as girls/women's, boys/men's, TL/lady comics, and BL, but also practical books and magazines.



U-NEXT is one of Japan's largest subscription video delivery services. It offers a broad lineup of the latest movies, anime, dramas, variety shows, documentaries, and books (magazines, manga, novels, and monographs). Manga must be purchased, but some of them can be read for free. Compared to manga sites such as Manga Kingdom, the advantage would be that you can download manga (books) and read them offline.


FOD (Fuji Television On Demand)

FOD (Fuji Television On Demand) is a video distribution service operated by Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Home Page:https://fod.fujitv.co.jp/

How to download Manga Video (Anime Video)

Manga Video (Anime Video, Manga Video) is a visualization of manga. When you cannot find a free website where you can read your favorite manga, you can find and watch manga videos on video distribution platforms.

For example, YouTube has many channels that distribute videos of popular manga.

Here, we recommend BBFly Downloader, a tool to download manga videos.

CleverGet is a professional downloader that allows you to batch download videos from YouTube and other popular sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Nico Nico Douga, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and FC2 at high speed. It can download videos from HD videos to 8K videos. Furthermore, it is designed to be easy to understand, making it the best video downloader for beginners.

How to download and save anime videos from YouTube

After launching BBFly Downloader, a screen similar to the one below will appear. [After clicking the "YouTube" icon, you can access youtube.

Find your favorite anime or manga video and play it.

The software will analyze the video and the download screen will appear. Check the videos you want to save according to resolution and format, and press the "Download" icon below.