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How to save the "Net also teletext" videos. It's so easy to download!

Tuesday 2022/09/20

Have you ever heard of "Netto Motelehto"? Netto Motelehto is a free video streaming site operated by TV Tokyo that allows you to watch TV Tokyo and BS Teletext programs for free for one week after they are broadcast. The service can be used without membership registration, so it is recommended for areas where TV Tokyo is not broadcasting.

I want to save the works distributed by TV Tokyo and BS Teletext on my PC, but I wonder if there is a good way to do that."

In response to your request to save your favorite works on your PC and watch them over and over again, this article introduces how to download videos from Net-Mo Teletext.

We hope you will use this article as a guide to further enjoy Netto Motelele TV's videos.

Can I download Netto mo Teletext works?

As it turns out, you can download Netto mo Teletext's works!

Netto mo Teletext is compatible with devices such as PCs and smartphones, but the service itself does not have a download function. In addition, the content distributed by Net-Mo-Teletext uses a video protection technology called M3U8, which makes it impossible to record, download, or copy videos from Net-Mo-Teletext in the usual way. However, nothing is impossible. Here, we recommend one software that can decrypt the encryption.

BBFly", which allows both the Internet and Teletext videos to be downloaded effortlessly.

As mentioned above, "Net-Mo-Teletext" movies are protected by DRM and M3U8 encryption, making them impossible to download with ordinary software.

BBFly downloader makes it easy to record even such security-protected content.

The greatest feature of BBFly Downloader is that it is able to easily record even such secured content.

  • Decryption function is implemented, so even content protected by DRM and M3U8 encryption can be easily downloaded.
  • Download videos up to 4K UHD resolution and EAC3 5.1 audio
  • Fast GPU acceleration; a single movie can be downloaded in as little as 10 minutes!

With BBFly Downloader, you can download the shows you want to watch both online and on the telecasts in advance and play them offline, making it easy to watch them anywhere and anytime.

Let's take a look at how to download Netomo Teletext movies with BBFly Downloader right away.

Steps to download Netomo Teletext videos

You can download videos from Netmo Teletext with very simple steps, so please follow the instructions below to try it out.

1. visit BBFly's official website, download BBFly for free and install it.

2. launch BBFly. Type the link for Net also Teletext (https://video.tv-tokyo.co.jp/) in the address bar and press "Enter" key.

3. Select the video you want to download.

4. After selecting the video you want to watch, please wait a moment until the following screen appears. You can choose the quality of the video and audio you wish to download. Select "Download Now.

5. Play the downloaded video on your PC player or import it to your favorite device and play it, and enjoy the TV programs on the Internet as much as possible.


This is how to download videos from Net-Mo Teletext. The BBFly downloader introduced in this article supports not only "Netomo Teletext" but also more than 1000 video distribution services. If you have any videos you want to download from Netomo Teletext, why not try using BBFly Downloader?