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How to safely download adult videos from TKTube

Friday 2022/06/17

Have you heard of a free adult video site called TKTube? Here is a summary of how you can download and save adult videos from this site for free.

What is TKTube?

TKTube is a free adult video, or AV, site. You can easily search within the site and find and enjoy videos and AV actresses in your favorite categories.

How to download and save TKTube videos for free

Since these are free videos, it is natural to want to save your favorite content on your computer and enjoy them over and over again. To explain briefly, there are two main ways to save AV from this site.

One is to use a download tool to download the video, and the other is to record the screen directly with recording software on your computer.

Let us introduce them in order.

How to save TKTube videos with screen recording

This one is not a download, but it is still for the purpose of viewing the video, so it is a useful method when you just can't download the video.

Windows 10 Screen Recording Capture

This is a standard feature of the Windows system, so you can easily record on your computer.

Steps :

Open the screen you wish to record. Make it the active window (foremost).

Press "Windows" + "G" on the keyboard simultaneously.

Recording will then begin.

If you want to stop recording, press the stop icon on the right.

If you close or minimize the recording window, the recording will automatically end.

If you are not familiar with the software, you may be a little confused, but you may want to try it while looking at the manual or other documentation.

How to save TKTube videos with download tools


CoCoCut is a Chrome extension for downloading videos and music from websites.

To use it.

Play the video you want to download in the Chrome browser.

Click the CoCoCut icon in the upper right corner.

Then click the download button to start downloading.

Finally, click "save" to complete the TKTube download.

Since it is an extension and not a stand-alone software, the Chrome download is required, but once installed, it is convenient and recommended.

BBFly Adult Downloader

Next, we will discuss BBFly Adult Downloader for those who prefer to use a stand-alone download tool.

BBFly Adult Downloader is a dedicated software that allows you to download adult videos in 1080p high quality from Pornhub, XNXX, XVIDEOS, xHamster, PORN.COM, YouPorn, FANZA, Redtube, EPORNER, Porntube Download tools dedicated to R18 sites such as R18.com.

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Each site supports different products, but TKTube can of course be downloaded as well, and although it is a paid software, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy videos in high quality.

How to use BBFly Adult Downloader

First, go to the general settings and click on "Show Adult Services".

Make sure this age is 18 or older, and then access the site you want to download.

Here we use Porn Hub as an example.

Play the video you want to download, and the download options will appear automatically.

Click the "Download" button to start downloading.

You can check the file from the "Downloading" link on the left.


We hope you have enjoyed our article on how to download and save adult videos from TKTube. Since there are many advertisements on adult sites, please be very careful when viewing them and be careful with your personal information. The best thing you can do is download the videos you are interested in and enjoy them in a safe environment.