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b9good is back! How to download erotic anime videos from b9good

Monday 2022/07/18

B9GOOD (formerly B9DM) is a video distribution site where you can watch and download a variety of domestic and international anime, live-action movies, dramas, and other TV shows for free.

This article explains how to easily download new anime videos from b9good (b9dm). It also explains how to solve the problems of not being able to connect to b9good or watch videos, whether b9good is safe, and whether b9good has any viruses.

b9dm closed?What is b9good?

B9GOOD (formerly B9DM) is a video distribution site where you can watch and download domestic and foreign anime for free. The site was originally called B9DM, but after being temporarily closed, it is now called B9GOOD.

Official website: http://b9good.com/

Since Anitube, a video site that shares amenity videos with B9DM(B9GOOD), has been closed, it seems that people who used to use Anitube are now using B9DM(B9GOOD) instead of Anitube.

When you access B9GOOD (formerly B9DM), you will see that the site is in Japanese and you can search in Japanese, but if you check, you will see that it is a Chinese site. The site uploads videos almost daily, but not that many.

Current status of B9GOOD (formerly B9DM)

The B9DM (B9GOOD) site screen is not complicated. When you access the official site, you will see categories at the top of the screen. Click on it to browse the corresponding video. In the upper right corner of the page, there is a search field so that you can search only for the videos you need.

How to play animated videos on B9GOOD

Click on the video you are looking for, and the video will play immediately. However, there may be cases where the video cannot be played due to the fact that the cyber is located overseas. In addition, there is no function to select the quality or display subtitles on the video playback screen. This is unfortunate.

Dangers of B9GOOD

(1) Highly illegal

First, copyright law permits copying and downloading videos for personal use. This personal use is limited to oneself and one's family.

B9Good has many such videos.

It is also illegal to knowingly download illegally uploaded videos. Therefore, downloading B9Good videos is at high risk of being immediately illegal and should not be done casually.

(2) Risk of virus infection.

If you download a video from a download link, you may be infected with a virus. In addition, there are cases where you may be infected with a virus before you know it, just by watching a video on the site.

Although the above damage reports are scattered, not all videos are infected with viruses. On the other hand, however, it is unknown which videos may cause virus infection, so it is best to avoid using the site itself to prevent virus infection.

(3) Possibility of becoming a victim of fraud

There is a possibility that your personal or credit card information may be extracted from another site from which you have been transferred from an advertisement in a so-called phishing scam. This is a so-called phishing scam.

In the worst case scenario, you may be charged a large amount of money based on your credit card information before you know it. To avoid such problems, it is wise to avoid using the site.

How to watch B9GOOD safely: download viewing

Download BG9Good videos on Offliberty

Offliberty" is a Web site that allows users to download videos from YouTube and other video sites. You can easily download videos from the web with no need to register as a member, install software, or launch software.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the video site you want to download. For YouTube, (1) open the page of the video you want to download and select "Share", (2) click "Copy".

Step 2: Access Offliberty's English website and paste (1) the URL of the video. Step 3.

After a short wait, a yellow icon will appear, click on it, and the video will be downloaded.

Download B9GOOD with BBFly Downloader

If you access B9GOOD with BBFly Downloader internal browser, you can download erotic anime at high speed with no visit record and no ads.

How to use:.

Here are the steps to download Openloadpro videos: 1.

Download and install BBFly Anime Downloader.

2. launch BBFly Anime Downloader and enter "http://b9good.com/" in the search field at the top.

3. Play your favorite video and click [Download Now].

4. Confirm the video you want to download in Downloading on the left side.

The download is usually completed in only about 7 minutes, depending on the Internet conditions. Very fast!