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How to Chromecast Amazon Prime Video

Friday 2022/05/20

This article provides instructions on how to stream content from Amazon Prime Video using a Google Chromecast.

The steps to Chromecasting Using the Amazon Prime Video mobile app

You may stream content straight to your Chromecast device by casting from the Amazon Prime Video app. Casting from any supported app is all that is required to complete the procedure.

  1. Launch the Amazon Prime Video app on the device you're using.
  2. To cast an item, tap the icon.
  3. Choose the Chromecast device that is connected to your local network that you wish to cast to.
  4. Choose a video from the options to watch. The media will start playing on the screen that is connected to your Chromecast when you do this.

How to Cast Videos from Amazon Prime Using Chromecast Using Your Personal Computer

It's easy to stream Amazon Prime Video to Chromecast using your personal computer. Install the Google Chrome web browser on your personal computer, and then cast material to your television from your computer's desktop. This strategy is compatible with both Mac and PC computers, but it works particularly well on notebooks running the Google Chrome OS because that operating system comes with the Chrome browser already installed.

Casting a video from Amazon Prime to a television consumes the processing power of the computer and can quickly deplete the battery. Connect the computer to an external power supply before beginning this approach.

Launch a new window or tab in Chrome and navigate to Amazon Prime Instant Video or Amazon Prime Video, depending on whether you subscribe to the free or subscription version of the service.

Casting content through the Chrome browser is only supported for broadcasts with a maximum resolution of 1080p. When taking into account that Amazon Prime Video content streams in 4K on compatible devices, this is a significant drawback.

  • Click on the icon that looks like three dots and is located in the upper-right hand corner of the browser, just below the tabs.

  • Select Cast.

  • Choose the device that you want to project the screen onto before continuing. Choose the TV option if you have more than one device that can stream content to your home.

Make sure that you are using the most recent version of the Chrome web browser. If a red download button appears in the upper-right hand corner of the browser, it means that there are updates that need to be installed before you can move forward with this casting method.

  • The content that is cast is shown on the television.

While casting Amazon Prime Video to a TV, you are able to browse the web using other tabs on your browser. However, you should try to minimize the number of browser windows and tabs you have open. This might cause the computer to run more slowly and can interfere with streaming and casting.

  • Simply closing the Chrome window or tab in which you were casting will end the cast. Alternately, to stop the stream, pick the icon with the three dots, then choose the device to which it is linked.

How can I stream Amazon Prime on my television using my mobile device?

Amazon Prime Video is one of the many services that may be streamed using Google Chromecast. There are now two ways to transmit videos thanks to the fact that Chromecast supports Prime Video.

Casting from within the Google Chrome browser is the most reliable option when using a desktop PC. Even if it's not as effective as doing it through an app, you can still get the job done using this method. The Amazon Prime Video app may be downloaded on mobile devices, which is the recommended method of accessing the service. Since Amazon Prime Video began supporting Chromecast, the procedure has become significantly simpler.

Where can I find the Cast Button while using Amazon Prime?

You can find the Cast button on the right side of the app screen toward the bottom of the screen regardless of whether you are using the iOS or Android version of the Amazon Prime Video app. The symbol appears to be a miniature television tuned to a Wi-Fi channel.

There are a number different scenarios that could occur if the Cast icon is missing from the Amazon Prime Video app on your device. To begin, you won't be able to see the icon unless you have a Chromecast device already connected to your television. Additionally, both your mobile device and Chromecast need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and the Amazon Prime Video mobile app on your device needs to have the most recent update installed.

When using Amazon Prime Video on a computer, you will need to be using the Chrome web browser in order to locate the Cast button. Choose Customize and Control Google Chrome by clicking on the icon that looks like three vertical dots, then choose Cast from the menu that appears. Choose your Chromecast from the list of sources using the drop-down menu, then navigate to the Cast tab.

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